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How to choose B.SC After 12th: What is B.Sc? A Comprehensive Guide [2022]

04 July,2022  |  By Brainwonders

What is B.Sc?

Table of Content

  • What is the full form of B.Sc?
  • B.Sc Program Key Highlights
  • B.Sc Course Quick Highlights
  • Why should one pursue B.Sc?
  • Types of B.Sc Program
  • Eligibility Criteria of B.Sc
  • Who should pursue B.Sc?
  • B.Sc Specialisation Courses 
  • Does the B.Sc. degree require any work experience? 
  • Does it require any entrance exam for B.Sc?
  • What is the fee of a B.Sc program?
  • Can I get a Scholarship for B.Sc admission?
  • What are the Top B.Sc Colleges?
  • Employment Areas for B.Sc Graduates
  • Courses to pursue after B.Sc 

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What is the full form of B.Sc?


B.Sc stands for Bachelors of Science, a three-year undergraduate course in Science and Technology. The B.Sc course is pursued by the students who have passed their 12th exam from the science stream. 

B.Sc is available in both regular as well as in distance mode. Thus, the B.Sc course is popular among students. Distance B.Sc course is one of the most common courses among the recent graduates who are pursuing the B.Sc course because of working. Working individuals prefer to opt for distance B.Sc courses. Because of various advantages such as flexibility, efficiency, and affordability, distance B.Sc has increased over the recent years.

By providing two programs: B.Sc General and B.Sc Honours, the B.Sc course offers students a basic understanding of subjects as well as students who want to pursue thorough research and technical courses. 

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B.Sc Program Key Highlights

  • B.Sc course is available in both regular and distance learning modes. 
  • The B.Sc courses are available with various specialisations like Computer Science, Agriculture, Fashion Designing, IT, Nursing, etc. 
  • The main reason behind opting for a B.Sc course is that it provides an in-depth knowledge of science and technology.
  • B.Sc provides admission to students who have completed 12th science with a minimum percentile.

B.Sc Course Quick Highlights

B.Sc full form Bachelor of Science
Duration 3 years
Mode of learning Regular & Distance
Eligibility 12th Science with at least 50% marks
Admission Entrance or merit based
Fees  INR 20,000 to 2,00,000
Salary INR 3 to 5 LPA

Scientist, Lab Chemist, Statistician, Research Associate, Professor,

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Why should one pursue B.Sc?

The B.Sc course helps the students in various ways and gets them through subjects like mathematics, statistics, chemistry, etc. Distance B.Sc is one of the most suitable courses for working individuals who are willing to get a degree in B.Sc. Here are the reasons why should one pursue B.Sc:

  • Students can pursue multidisciplinary courses after the B.Sc course
  • The course imparts theoretical, practical, and research skills to science students
  • Students with a good grasp of science and maths will be a good fit for the course.

Types of B.Sc Programme

Regular B.Sc

Full-time learning programs are regular B.Sc programs that provide face-to-face learning experiences. In order to get the perfect learning, one needs to go to the college administration for proper studying procedures. Hence, it is a traditional learning method that requires time to complete the degree.

Distance/Part-time B.Sc

Part-time or Distance learning programs are for students who are already engaged in a job or other courses. Part-time programs are designed for people who have full-time jobs and a personal life yet want to further their education. 

Online B.Sc

The online learning method is entirely technologically based. In this type of B.Sc program, online classes are held, and the learning method is completed online. Those who cannot afford face-to-face sessions and struggle with regular learning would benefit from online B.Sc.

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Eligibility Criteria of B.Sc

The eligibility criteria in regular B.Sc and online B.Sc differ because the entrance exam is required for B.Sc programs. Moreover, most distance universities offer direct admission in Distance B.Sc.

Even though the essential requirement to be eligible remains the same for regular, Distance, or online B.Sc programs. The following eligibility criteria are the same for all types of learning:

  • The applicant must have completed 12th Science from a recognised Board 
  • The applicant must have to score at least 45% in 12th 

Who should pursue B.Sc?

  • Students who have an interest in learning interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary science concepts.
  • Students who find doing research projects, including experimenting, researching, and carrying out the research, can pursue B.Sc with a particular specialisation.
  • Those who are willing to study mathematics, science, and technology concepts and looking forward to making a career in the same can pursue B.Sc courses.

B.Sc Specialisation Courses 

Numerous specialisations are available in the course for students as per their interests. After completion of the 12th Science, there are B.Sc courses available for both PCB (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) & PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Maths) combination of subjects.

List of B.Sc courses after 12th Science PCB

List of Courses after 12th Science PCM

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Does the B.Sc. degree require any work experience? 

No, previous work experience is not required in order to be accepted into the Bachelor of Science program here. The students' previous credentials and scores are considered when making admission decisions. 

Does it require any entrance exam for B.Sc?

Students must tackle the entrance examination if they are planning or targeting the top B.Sc colleges. Various top B.Sc colleges conduct the entrance exam to provide admission to students. The admission from B.Sc to M.Sc is made based on entrance exams.

Furthermore, distance B.Sc helps students avoid the rigorous entrance procedure as students can be admitted to numerous universities in the distance B.Sc course without any entrance.

What is the fee of a B.Sc program?

 If you are considering taking admission in any particular specialisation and wondering how to figure out the cost of the course. Then let me simplify this for you, the average cost which you will incur to take admission to any B.Sc course is between INR 10,000 to 1,00,000 lakh annually. Moreover, the price varies as per the university and mode of learning.

Can I get a Scholarship for B.Sc admission?

Certain universities offer scholarships to students who meet the following criteria. 

  • Scholarships are provided based on merit.
  • Scholarships are available for members of the reserved categories, including SC, ST, and OBC.
  • The B.Sc course Scholarships are provided based on household income. 

What are the Top B.Sc Colleges?

  • University of Delhi
  • Chandigarh University
  • Jaipur National University
  • Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University
  • University of Mumbai
  • University of Madras

Employment Areas for B.Sc Graduates

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Technical consultancy firms
  • Schools and colleges
  • Research labs
  • Banking and finance companies
  • Industrial Laboratories
  • Agriculture Industry
  • Geological Survey Departments
  • Biotechnology Firms
  • Oil Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Research Firms
  • Environmental Management & Conservation
  • Biotechnology Industry
  • Forest Services
  • Space Research Institutes
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Educational Institutes
  • Wildlife and Fishery Departments
  • Zoo and Wildlife Care
  • Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Genetic Research

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Courses to pursue after B.Sc 

M.Sc Program

M.Sc is a full-time postgraduate degree of 2 years and is pursued mainly by students who want scalable career opportunities. After completing the B.Sc course, one can opt for M.Sc. The students are advised to continue their M.Sc practice in the same specialisation they completed B.Sc as this will help them be specialised in one field.

Medical Courses

You can opt for medical courses after completing your B.Sc program like M.Sc Psychology, M.Sc Physiology, etc. If you have a B.Sc degree in the same or related specialisation, then pursuing the master's courses will add more value to your career.

Paramedical Courses

After completing your B.Sc, you can pursue paramedical courses such as M.Sc Nursing, M.Sc Paediatric Critical care, M.Sc in Hospital Management, etc. If you hold a Bachelor of Science in the same or a similar field, getting a master's degree will enhance your employment prospects. 

MBA Program

MBA is one of the most pursued programs because of its job-oriented course. Those who want to explore their career in the management field and follow the MBA program. In order to get into a top MBA college, one has to crack entrance examinations conducted by the colleges and also needs to possess managerial skills.

Master of Computer Application

Master of Computer Applications is a program that allows you to investigate various aspects of a computer program and its applications. This training will assist you in entering many IT domains. MCA provides specialty systems management, Programming Languages, Networking, and Systems.

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