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The motto of the Corporation of Chennai's Education Department is "Education is Wealth." Chennai is rapidly advancing in the realm of education, with goals such as 100 percent literacy, zero dropouts, and high-quality education. Secondary Education in Chennai. Chennai has both public and private schools.

Government Schools: These schools are government-funded and provide instruction in both English and Tamil. They are associated with the Tamil Nadu State Board of Tamil Nadu Matriculation Board, and students must pass board exams in classes 10 and 12 to be eligible for college. Both English and Hindi medium instruction is available at the Kendriya Vidyalayas.

Private Schools: The Tamil Nadu State Board of Tamil Nadu Matriculation Board is associated with the majority of private schools. National boards such as CBSE, ICSE, and NIOS have only a few schools connected with them. The Anglo Indian Board, Montessori method of education, American systems, and International Baccalaureate are also available in some private schools.

There are a few important aspects of Chennai's educational system:

  1. The government has implemented a policy of merging books to lessen the burden of transporting books; there is only one book until class 6, then two volumes for classes 7 and 8.
  2. There are also book banks in Chennai, where a student can borrow textbooks for the semester for a little charge and return them at the end of the semester. Students gain from not needing to spend as much money on textbooks.


Madras University is linked with almost all of Chennai's colleges (1857). In Tamil Nadu, Anna University is also well-known. Liberal arts, medicine, science, arts, and commerce are among the subjects offered by colleges in Chennai.

The SRM, Asian College of Journalism, Ethiraj College for Women, Stella Matutina College of Education, National Institute of Fashion Technology, and Madras School of Social Work are among the autonomous universities.

List of Colleges in Chennai

B Ed Colleges

MCA Colleges

Commerce Colleges

MBA Colleges

BBA Colleges

Medical Colleges

Engineering Colleges

Polytechnic Colleges

BCA Colleges

Arts colleges

Law Colleges

Science Colleges

Hotel Management Colleges

B Pharma Colleges

Mass Communication Colleges

Nursing Colleges

The most excellent platform for career counselling in Chennai is Brainwonders. Career counsellors in Chennai are highly qualified, knowledgeable, and well-trained counsellors. Our empanelled counsellors have completed over 1 lac career counselling in Chennai sessions are all with excellent ratings. Our career counselling services are not limited to career counselling; we also give each candidate with a complete execution plan to help them succeed in their career.


Individuals selecting a career route have a range of possibilities to choose from. The benefits of career counselling in Chennai have been proven to help both working professionals and students make better career decisions. Because our livelihoods are so intertwined with our personal lives, making informed career choices is crucial. Making the wrong job choices can lead to failure, frustration, and agony in the workplace. Our career counselling in Chennai is genuine and precise, and it will assist you in making the best professional decisions possible. Career counselling in Chennai entails more than just determining the finest career path or selecting the appropriate subjects; it also entails developing a full career strategy that leads to a successful life. Our career counselling sessions are led by the greatest career counsellor in Chennai, who will give you the best career advice and planning in your chosen field.


As more professional possibilities become available, career counselling has become an important aspect of people's life. After finishing their tenth, many understudies are undecided about what to do. It could be due to prevailing hardships, a lack of parental supervision, a plethora of job options, a lack of awareness of one's potential, and so on. These factors are taken into account during career counselling. Even while career planning is crucial for everyone, young people can benefit the most from it. Aside from understudy, career counselling is for professionals who have selected a vocation but are dissatisfied with it. We guide these individuals to achieve their goals and help them discover their areas of competence. In addition, career guides connect students with experts who may act as role models and enthusiastically assist them. Career counselling is extremely important because characteristics such as life fulfilment, self-adequacy, and joy are all dependent on work fulfilment.

Individuals seeking assistance with their mental well-being and financial security can benefit from counselling, a broad field that focuses on assisting individuals. Career Counselling in Chennai can be organised for a variety of scenarios in a person's life, including marriage and family counselling, rehabilitation counselling, mental health counselling, substance abuse counselling, and guidance and career counselling.

Professional guidance is a sort of career counselling that focuses on assisting people in determining the best career path for them. People are guided by expert instructors during career counselling, who provide master advice on the possibilities, abilities, inspirations, abilities, and deficiencies for each individual using meticulously established measurement techniques. Subjective and objective assessment devices are the two categories of evaluation apparatuses. A career counsellor’s mission is to assist people in determining their career goals after thoroughly assessing their interests and aptitudes.


Career counsellors work with their clients methodically. They evaluate a person's strengths, weaknesses, learning styles, and passions. Differential mark testing, aptitude testing, IQ testing, and interest testing are the most common methods of understanding someone. Following the reports, the career counsellor in Chennai collaborates with the individual to identify a possible career path. A career counsellor in Chennai assists prospective students in determining the best board, school, and job to help them achieve their goals.


The great majority of students enrol in courses without knowing what they will get from them. Expensive names, peer pressure, and ubiquity drive the understudy to choose a course. Despite the fact that many parents stress the importance of career counselling, some parents nevertheless compel their children to pursue boring and meaningless occupations. Students can take classes targeted to their abilities in subjects such as humanities, science, trade, brain research, and design.

Here's an illustration:

If you want to work as a technologist, you should have the following abilities. Educational counsellors assist students in selecting courses that are appropriate for their skill sets in order to maximize satisfaction and performance.


For evaluating their clients, various guiding centres use various standardised ways. Depending on the customer's needs, we select psychometric tests based on the customer's interests, aptitudes, and personality. In India, the 16PF, Big 5, DBDA, Bhatia, DAT, and Wechsler Intelligence Scale are the most commonly utilised instruments. There are a variety of legitimate internet entryways in addition to online direction and evaluation. You may also be able to connect with expert educators and receive online professional advice from them.


There are 108 career counselling centres in Mumbai and India, as well as five global centres

In India, the career counselling market is gaining pace. As parents become more aware of the need for career counselling, there has been an increase in guardians requesting career counselling for their children. Furthermore, schools, universities, and academic institutions emphasise the value of career counselling. The government emphasises career advising in addition to required career counselling. Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Pune have the most career counselling centres.


U.S. Patented DMIT organization, BrainWonders, assists in changing lives through brain mapping. The most advanced method, the DMIT, can be used to plan an individual's thinking (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test). A DMIT software uses a scanner to capture the customer's fingerprints, and a report is generated based on this information that details the client's character, characteristics, flaws, and potential. The accuracy of this methodology has been determined to be 85 percent. It outperforms any psychometric test. Identifying job options based on individual grades help understudies figure out which option is best for them. There are 108 Brainwonders outlets across India, making it the country's largest DMIT and career consulting organization.


As career counsellor in Chennai, we assist clients in identifying their strengths, competencies, and potentials, all of which are important factors in choosing the proper career route. After the 10th and 12th grades, understudies' careers are formed, as these are formative years in their lives. Career guidance instructors provide career guidance in Chennai and advice to understudies who are undecided about the route their career should take. Brainwonders career instructors offer expert career guides to help students discover their natural abilities through various career advice tests, such as aptitude tests and interest tests, in addition to supporting understudies with choosing the suitable career route.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is career counselling?

Career counselling, often known as career guidance in Chennai, is a type of counselling that helps people make decisions about their careers. A person's work is one of the most important aspects of their life, and there are many various career alternatives to choose from, making it difficult for people to know which one is appropriate for them. Professional counselling, which helps people discover their interests and talents, can aid in the development of a career strategy. Individuals can develop themselves by talking to a career counsellor about their natural strengths and job alternatives.

What is the role of a career counsellor in Chennai?

Counsellors are qualified to provide career counselling, career planning, and interpretation of aptitude and ability tests, as well as discuss and advise clients on their professional aspirations. Career Counselling assist people in making career selections by providing answers to their inquiries. These specialists provide career counselling and career guidance in Chennai to individuals who are deciding which career route to pursue. They also assist people in setting long- and short-term career goals. Career counsellors assist people in determining the best career path for them based on their interests. Counsellors employ aptitude and interest tests to identify a person's capabilities, skills, and interests and then provide career counselling to help them find the proper career for them.

Can you explain why career counselling is so important?

Career counselling entails vocation counsellors supporting a person in selecting a career that matches their interests, aptitude, and skills. The primary goal of career counselling is to assist students in choosing a field that best suits their abilities and skills. As a result, career counselling may assist students in selecting from a wide range of professional alternatives and determining the best career route for them, allowing them to be more successful and build a better life for themselves.

What is the fee for a career counsellor in Chennai?

Career counsellors help people who are unsure about the career path to take. For a price ranging from Rs1500 to Rs5000, a career counselling centre provides professional career guidance in Chennai are licenced career counsellors.

Why do we require career counselling?

The goal of career counselling is to assist people in identifying what talents and qualities they have that are critical in identifying job alternatives and deciding on a professional path. Career counsellors give individuals proper career counselling in order to assist them to make an informed decision about their future occupations, despite the multitude of options available to them. Individuals can become perplexed by the variety of employment alternatives available, and a lack of guidance can make it difficult for them to identify their talents and interests and choose the best professional route for them.

The purpose of a career assessment and how do they work?

Many companies use career assessment tools to assist them to find the best candidate to fill open positions. These programmes use a range of exams to decide what occupation or career would be best for someone. Several career evaluation tools are available that can be used to provide career counselling in Chennai. Career counsellors utilise a number of career assessment instruments, such as aptitude tests, interest tests, and personality tests, to assess an individual's abilities and skills. Career counsellors use career assessment tools to assist individuals in choosing the best career path based on the results of the career assessment.

Why should you go with Brainwonders for career counselling in Chennai?

Students can take a recognised aptitude test, interest test, personality test, and DMIT exam at Brainwonders career counselling centre. Career counsellors can use these exams to analyse a student's intrinsic abilities, skills, and potential, providing them with an advantage when deciding which career path is best for them. During career counselling at Brainwonders, students will be supported by a professional counsellor in determining their strengths, weaknesses, abilities, skills, and aptitudes. As a result, the career counsellor will make it easier for students to choose the best career path for them.


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