The word Psychometric is actually a combination of two words: Psyche (mind) and Metric (related to measurement). Thus, a psychometric assessment refers to a range of psychological tests which are used to evaluate human thought and behaviour. Any psychometric assessment will always be created and used to measure behaviour, thoughts, skills, potential, traits, and many more characteristics of the person. It is important to note that while there are many benefits of psychometric tests, different psychometric test questions measure, analyse, and report different aspects of the human mind.

These tests are often used to measure cognitive functions like aptitude, behavioural traits like personality, developmental progress like intelligence or social constructs like interest. It can also be used to profile mental health status, though it is widespread in its application for tapping and shaping personal, academic and professional growth of a person. Due to the sheer range of topics that psychometric testing covers, people are often confused about what is a psychometric test and which one is suitable for them. One can easily explore and find the best tool for their requirements here itself.

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Aptitude Test

This test purports to asses the skills, talents and abilities of an individual across several domains.

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Personality Test

Personality based test to explore and understand the individual's socioemotional characteristics.

psychometric assessment

I.Q. Test

IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is an assessment of cognitive development with respect to the developement age.

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Interest Test

Interest Inventory analyses the aspects and fields that provide long term satisfaction to the person.



Benefits of psychometric test are numerous, if one pauses to think about it. There are various advantages one can avail via a Psychometric Test, primary ones being:

  •   Subject Selection: Choose the right topics and courses
  •   Career Guidance: Opt and prepare for the dream job
  •   Progress Report: Track growth in the chosen field
  •   Intervention Planning: SWOT analysis and development
  •   Relationship Management: Learn how the people around you work
  •   Professional Grooming: Get ready to put the best forward




Children and Students

It is well known that, the earlier one starts, the better it is. One can build their future smartly by taking the apt psychometric test online.

Schools and Colleges

Knowing the traits and trajectory of students and faculty is important to plan the visions and resources- so a psychological profiling helps.

Working Professionals

A psychometric assessment is useful in selecting the right field and getting success in it while balancing the personal life becomes easier.

Corporate Firms

Recruiting right and managing mindfully is what every office can benefit from, and the right psychometric assessment will cover that beautifully.



The psychometric tests can be taken in four simple steps

Take the Test

Get the Report

Speak to an Expert



One can take the test in any of the two ways


On the phone, laptop or computer - all one needs is a decent internet connection.


Walk in or schedule an appointment at any Brainwonders centre near to you.



The BRAINWONDERS online psychometric assessment series have been researched, designed & constructed to address this need and supports students, parents, teachers, principal and management to enable the students to accurately identify and to make the best of their skills.

  •   Online Mode: Not only does this save paper, it also rules out disadvantages like maintenance of the responses, time and energy-consuming correction process and its vulnerability to get ruined.
  •   Accessibility: The online mode requires only a login ID and password and thus can be easily administered from the comforts of home or conducted by the school as per their convenience.
  •   Saves Time: The test has a time limit. The student can complete a single level of test in just two hours. Most tests take almost 4 hours just to complete one set of a long series of tests.
  •   Electronic Report: The analysis can be immediately accessed after completion of the test-complete with results, graphical representations and recommendations. Also, the automatic generation by the software ensures that there are no human errors in compiling the report.
  •   Reduces Anxiety: The interactive structure makes it a lot less stressful unlike other assessments taken under exam-like conditions. This ensures that the anxiety to perform well does not confound the accuracy of the performance.
  •   Easy Administration: The whole series of psychometric tests are easy to administer and easy to appear for. The demonstration and precise instructions at every point ensures that the assessee is clear about the whole process and puts their best foot forward.

Thus, the online test series aims to comprehensively address the issues faced by students when it comes to their career selection, subject selection, understanding their skills and behaviour and prepare for a professional organisational life.


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What exactly are psychometric tests?

Psychometric tests are used to assess a person's mental abilities and behavior. They are intended to demonstrate your overall suitability for a specific role based on how you perform. They reveal your personality traits as well as your aptitude/cognitive ability.

They're becoming more common as part of the interview process, and they're almost always used for graduate schemes.

What is the purpose of psychometric tests?

Psychometric tests are never used in isolation; rather, they are used in conjunction with other tools by businesses to select the best candidates to work for them. Psychometric tests are used for a variety of reasons. These are some examples:

They are objective - because they are completely unbiased, they can compare candidates without introducing unconscious bias.

They can test a variety of things- for example; psychometric testing can assess motivation, critical thinking, intelligence, and your personality profile.

Value for money - they are a low-cost method of increasing the efficiency of the recruitment process, often by screening a large number of candidates.

They are effective - there is a large body of evidence demonstrating that psychometric tests are a good predictor of future job performance.

What do psychometric tests look for?

There are numerous types of psychometric tests, each with a specific purpose. The following are some examples of the most common types of psychometric tests and the information they will reveal to potential employers about you:

Verbal and numerical reasoning tests - these tests assess your ability to process verbal and numerical information in a set amount of time.

Learn new skills- employers can use these psychometric tests to determine how quickly you can learn a new skill.

Personality tests - in these, you will be evaluated based on your behaviour and approach to your work.

Psychometric testing types

Personality tests and aptitude tests are the two main types.

Personality tests delve into your interests, values, and motivations, examining how your personality fits into the role and organisation. In a variety of situations, they examine your emotions, behaviours, and relationships.

Aptitude tests assess your reasoning or cognitive ability, determining whether you have the necessary skillset for a given role. When given under exam conditions, you will frequently be given one minute to answer each multiple choice question. Your intelligence levels are compared to a standard, which means you must achieve a certain score in order to pass. Typical tests include:

    Reasoning using diagrams
  • checking for errors
  • logical reasoning
  • reasoning about space
  • reasoning verbally
Reasoning with numbers

These tests examine your ability to interpret charts, graphs, data, or statistics, as well as your ability to deal with numbers quickly and accurately. Numerical reasoning tests may also put your understanding of rates, trends, ratios, percentages, and currency conversions to the test.

Reasoning with words

Your comprehension of written information, evaluation of arguments, and communication of concepts are all put to the test here. Before answering questions about your comprehension, you must read short passages of text. Verbal psychometric tests put your ability to think constructively and use written information to draw accurate conclusions to the test. Some tests will also evaluate your spelling and grammar.

Reasoning in the abstract

This is your opportunity to demonstrate your ability to quickly learn new things. Abstract reasoning tests assess your ability to recognise a set of rules and apply them to a new situation, as well as how well you follow information or spot patterns. Questions are frequently comprised of a series of slightly different images. These aptitude tests are especially common for positions in IT, science, and engineering.

Situational judgment

You will be presented with a hypothetical work-related situation and asked to select your preferred course of action from a list of options. You may be asked to select the most and least effective response, rate the responses in order of effectiveness, or select only the most effective course of action, so carefully read the instructions.

Checking for errors

Data checking tests assess your ability to detect errors quickly and accurately. They're common for clerical and data entry positions. Meanwhile, fault-diagnosis tests assess your ability to approach problems logically. This psychometric assessment method is frequently used to recruit for technical roles such as discovering and repairing faults in electronic and mechanical systems.

Career Test Online

A psychometric career assessment test is a diagnostic tool used to identify and explore a candidate's strengths in order to determine the best career path for them. It assists students and professionals in better understanding their personality, interests, and aptitude.

Students, graduates, and professionals use psychometric career assessment tests to make informed career decisions.

Many students and professionals are indecisive about their career path. Psychometric career assessment tests can be extremely helpful to them. It can assist individuals in understanding their skills and talents and guiding them in the right direction.

When you are unsure of what to do with your career, it is time to take a career assessment test. When you are unsure and concerned about your career, it is time to take a career assessment test.

The career assessment test will assist you in identifying your strengths and interests.

It will provide you with sure-fire strategies for shaping your future. A career assessment test is used in many schools to determine what is best for the student.

Many companies use psychometric tests to determine whether a candidate is qualified for a specific role.

The psychometric test is massive in scope. Psychometric tests, in conjunction with the assistance of a career counsellor, have the potential to change the fortunes of any student or professional.

The significance of psychometric tests in career counselling

Assessing your skills is unquestionably an important part of your professional development. Before you begin your career, you should know what your strengths are, what you are good at, and what you are interested in. These are a few of the questions that keep circling in our heads.

As you are aware, many students are undecided about their career path, and many professionals are stressed about their jobs.

Career counselling with the assistance of a seasoned expert can assist you in resolving all of your career-related issues. A career assessment test is used for career counselling.

Online psychometric tests can reveal important information about your personality and interests. The psychometric test is specifically designed to address and resolve your career-related issues.

The value of psychometric tests in career counselling is enormous.

Psychometric tests are used by career counsellors all over the world to provide career advice to students and professionals. Psychometric tests, in conjunction with the assistance of a career counsellor, have the potential to change the fortunes of any student or professional.

What would you do if you were unsure about your future career?

What would you do if you had no idea where your life was going?

What would you do if you couldn't decide between Science, Commerce, and the Arts?

The most certain and best solution is to seek career guidance and counselling from a career counsellor.

Why are student psychometric tests important?

Career planning is especially important for students in the tenth and eleventh grades. Peers and other career resources will influence approximately 80% of career planning. A student will not get a clear direction on what to choose from these resources. This is where psychometric tests come into play. The following are the reasons why psychometric tests are important:

  • Psychometric tests will be beneficial to students in grades 8 through 12. This is the stage at which children form new perspectives and attitudes toward the material they are studying.
  • It is ideal for students who are undecided about their Class 11 or 12 stream.
  • For students in Class 12 who are unsure about which stream to pursue for their master's degree. During this time, psychometric tests for students will assist them in gaining a clear understanding.

How can a psychometric test for students assist them in deciding on a career?

This test primarily assesses a student's mental, psychological, and emotional abilities in a specific area. Tests can be taken either online or offline. Academic career counsellors will analyse the answers provided by the students and recommend the best course for them based on their findings. As a result, parents will be able to determine which career path is best for their children. Candidates will gain an understanding of their interests, aptitude, and personality after taking the psychometric test for students, allowing them to make the best decisions.

For students in Class 12 who are unsure about which stream to pursue for their master's degree. During this time, psychometric tests for students will assist them in gaining a clear understanding.

Why Are Psychometric Tests Necessary for Students?

As a young student, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of career options available to you. This may make deciding on a career path for yourself difficult. If you're stumped when it comes to making a career decision and can't assess your abilities, it might be time to take a psychometric test. One of the reasons that psychometric tests for students were developed was to assist them in finding the best-suited career.

How Do Psychometric Tests Help Students?

Parents frequently advise their children to pursue careers solely because the child excels in a particular subject. Experts in psychometric testing, on the other hand, have a different perspective.

A student's suitability for any career is determined by a variety of factors. Other characteristics must be assessed in addition to their Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and interest in a particular field. One of the most important of these is a student's Emotional Quotient (EQ). While some jobs necessitate strong communication skills, others may necessitate more introspection. Stepping into a field that does not match your skill set could have a negative impact on you, causing distress and regret.

Knowing about all of these abilities allows a student to make more informed career decisions. Students will be in a better position to respond to situations if they get to know themselves better. In the long run, this can help them make more satisfying career decisions.

Much can be said about a student's stress-management abilities based on their EQ. It can be used to determine the type of work environment that will best suit a student. Furthermore, one can gain a better understanding of their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.

How Do Psychometric Tests Work?

Psychometric tests assist students in better understanding their own strengths and weaknesses. Psychometric tests attempt to understand an individual's capabilities through a series of simple questions or queries. These questions are intended to elicit information about the student's physical and mental health.

Psychometric tests differ from other types of tests in that they assess a student's emotional and cognitive capacity. When making important life decisions, the results of a psychometric test can be useful. Taking a psychometric test can also assist a student in determining how well a particular subject or career fits their personality.