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"DMIT from Brainwonders certainly did correlate with my skills and behavior while helping me strategize ways to overcome the areas I had to work on.I am absolutely satisfied on the report and counselling that Brainwonders provided thus helping us gain insight into our children's life during this crucial juncture.I would certainly recommend Schools to implement DMIT from Brainwonders for students. It would positively help their parents and educationists to empower them by throwing light on otherwise untapped talents."
"I genuinely appreciated the quality and the accuracy of my DMIT report. Brainwonders assistance was very helpful and detailed. I would recommend DMIT conducted by Brainwonders to all the children as it is scientific and precise, which would help children to enrich their careers and innate potentials. We look forward in initiating these services provided by Brainwonders to enlighten our students to take the right decision towards their future."
Veer Bhagat School
''It will give them an idea about their personality their learning styles and their strenght and weakness. I believe that everyone should incorporate this to maximise he benefits for the child's classroom learning.''
Vibgyor High - Borivali Mumbai
'It was indeed fascinating to know how the report and counselling both would help modify parenting strategies to benefit a child in multi-folds..''
Don Bosco - Matunga Mumbai
''At a very short interval of testing, one arrives at a fairly good picture of oneself (ability, style of work, strengths and weakness)- a wonderful way of self-understanding.''
Christ Church School
''At a very short interval of testing, one arrives at a fairly good picture of oneself (ability, style of work, strengths and weakness)- wonderful way of self-understanding.''
Jamnabai Narsee School
''The Dmit gives clarity of one's strengths and weaknesses, learning styles and strategies to overcome your weakness.''
Billabong- Santacruz Mumbai
''Its important for parents, teachers and children need to learn/ know about their strengths and challenges, multiple intelligence.''
I Play I learn pre-school
''Very authenticate and the team behind brain wonders is amazing, my experience with the team is wonderful.''
Gyanshree School- Delhi
''It can work as a guide for parents to know their children's strengths and weaknesses and direct them accordingly.''
Sacred Heart - Kalyan Mumbai
''DMIT gives a clear picture of personality and learning methods of an individual. This will help to guide and support students in many ways.''
Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishna School - Borivali Mumbai
''It will help students & parents to work on the child's strengths and challenges in order to have a better all-round development.''
Grads international School
''It would help parents identify the strengths of the children and work on their weaknesses and not over expect from the children.''
MET Rishikul vidhyalaya
''The test and he analysis cover a few of the most important areas of individual strengths, potentials and improvement.''
Thakur international school
''Accuracy in identifying strengths and areas of improvement- Excellent counselling in a non-judgemental way.''
Kothari International School
''It would help to work upon the lower percentage areas of the reports, by making them aware of the same.''
Serra International- Colaba Mumbai
''The parents will mould themselves holistically and then thus children transforming the society for the 21st century.''
St. John's universal School
''Because it is very scientific and gives a clear picture of different aspects of one's personality and career options.''
Scottish High International School
''Accuracy, a concept unique, counselling and derivation of report well explained, personalized service.''
Manga high
''It is useful for parents, schools and children to understands individual strengths & weaknesses.''
Vagad Pace Global School
''To make the parents understand their kid's inner abilities and baits for the holistic development.''
Swami Vivekanand International School
''Even teachers will be able to benefit from this wonderful tool. As educators, it is important to understand our strengths and style to teach with the best results for the children.''
St. Mary's School
''The counsellor was very patient and knowledgeable. All the aspects of the report was explained to me in details and with lots of good suggestions.''
MET Rishikul Vidyalaya
''Every child is born to succeed- this report scientifically showed me how to help them do that in a smart way.''
Arwachin Int. School
''Great platform for parents and children to choose their strength and weaknesses and work on it.''
Don Bosco Borivali
''This is a very helpful tool to understand their strengths and weaknesses and make the right career choice. In fact, one should get this analysis done as early as possible, and then move forward to shape their career in a favourable direction.''
Veer Bhagat School
''I would suggest this for students to enable them to know their strengths and weakness and work upon their weaknesses. It is important to learn and grow- this gives a holistic mould for that.''
Veer Bhagat School
''It will help students to work on their weakness. Even more than that- it allows the students to foster their strengths for better results- expanding their options.''
Chatrabhuj Narsee School
"Teachers should encourage children to use this in order to help leverage their strengths and guide them in the right direction. very importantly- one could be guided to take their dreams and build it into a successful career.''
K.G.S School -Malad -Mumbai
''I am left highly impressed by the session and it made my belief stronger. Even as a principal, I felt that I could use the report for my further growth."
Belvedere Spring School
''Extremely useful to guide them through life. Knowing your strengths and weakness is always a good idea, and this analysis does that.''
Vibgyor High - Airoli- Mumbai
''It helps to understand the strengths and personality with clear specifications, inputs and detailed profile. A must for everyone.''
St. Lawrence High School- Borivali
"I wish to recommend Brainwonders patented DMIT to both children and teachers to identify and recognize their strenghts and weaknesses. Something like this should be compulsorily corporated in all schools.''
Mainadevi Bajaj International School
"I found the anaysis be very authentic and systematically explained.The key point for me was that analysis matched my experiences so far and helped with with future recommendations. Would defenitely recommend it to people who truely want to discover themselves."
Vibgyor High School - Goregaon
"The brain mapping technique is simply excellent.The Personality Analysis too seems pretty logical and realistic. Definitely a requisite for shaping the education of tomorrow."
St. Peter School - Panchgini
''This test gives students great opportunity to work on there weaker areas and use their strengths to the fullest. Undeniably an amazing tool of assesment."
Kimmins High School- Panchgini
"The DMIT test i feel is a great way of empowering students towards a bright future and an ideal career choice. A true Career Builder ."
St Mary's High School
"I personally found the DMIT Test Results to be completely accurate. Amazed by how precisely the report describes my personality. Surely would love to endorse it to others."
Kangaroo kids Pre-schools
''I propose DMIT to everyone because I believe in scientific reasoning as propounded by the DMIT test. The accuracy of the test is unquestionable!''
Bunts Sangha
''The test gave me a clear insight into my inherent qualities of mind and character. There's a lot the test tells you about, a must for school students I'd say.''
St Xaviers High School- Thane
''Early intervention is important for the future development of the child, hence it is best to take a test and analyse your child. Interventions and recommendations based on the findings will surely be most productive when based on a proper finding.''
Garodiya International School
''I undoubtedly endorse DMIT because I know this test is capable of changing the lives of children. Would also strongly motivate parents to take this along with their children. in the end, It's all about collective progress.''
Safari Kids - Bandra
''Students have to be guided during important milestones. The counsellors at Brainwonders are completely dedicated to their work. Their counselling sessions are very fruitful and allow students to introspect on their talents.''
Lotus Valley International School
''DMIT helps students to identify their strengths as well as areas of improvement and work on them. School's must encourage their students to take this assessment before choosing their subjects.''
Anjuman-I-Islam Badruddin urdu High School
''This test along with the counselling sessions will prove to be helpful for students especially those on their career thresholds to do better in life and work according to their potentialities.''
Hansraj Morarji Public School - Andheri
''I recommend DMIT to be administered to the staff of the school. Encouraging our teachers to understand their personality and will develop a proactive environment towards their self growth as well as that of their students.''
Don Bosco International school
''Absolutely genuine report addressed in detail by the counsellor. Not only do they unravel our true strengths, the counsellors also provide suggestions to improve on our weaker attributes.''
St Francis School
''Which is the most ideal career for me? am i an introvert or an extrovert? leader or follower? visual or an auditory learner? one solution to all questions - Brainwonders DMIT.''
Heritage School Jammu
''The test incorporates inherent information of a person and the feedback generated is completely reliable. The counselling session too, is enriching. This test should be administered compulsorily in preschools to promote early development.''
Scottish High International School Gurgaon
''I trust the test to be 100% unique and 100% effective. Would encourage teenagers from our school to take up this assessment. Adolescence is a fragile phase, guidance given during this time is of utmost importance.''

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