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Liked our services? Refer a friend and earn an instant cash reward!

Earn an unlimited amount in cash rewards by referring friends or family through the Brainwonders Refer and Earn program.


On Every
Successful Referral!

Earn even more by introducing your friends to Brainwonders!

Brainwonders Wallet amount can be used only to pay up to 40% of any Brainwonders services.
**You will be contacted on your registered details to register your preferred digital payment mode (UPI/ Bank Transfer).

Give more referrals. Earn more rewards!

Refer 1 = Earn ₹500*

Refer 5 = Earn ₹2,500*

Refer 10 = Earn ₹5,000*

Refer 20 = Earn ₹10,000*

How to avail the reward ?

Sign up to register
Generate your personal referral code
Voila! Just share.


1. The referral discount will be given only on the successful purchase made by the guest (friend).
2. The person receiving the referral code should fill out the DMIT Test in-take form on the app/website to get the discount.
3. Existing customers get the discount coupon only after the new user registers successfully for DMIT.
4. Amount in Brainwonders wallet will carry an expiry of 6 months from the date of credit.
5. Any amount in the Brainwonders wallet cannot neither be exchanged for any cash benefit nor will be applicable on no-Brainwonders services.
6. Referral coupon code discount for the new customer will be valid till 30 days from the date of receipt.
7. The coupon code can be redeemed only once during the offer period by the referred (new customer).
8. Coupon code cannot be clubbed with other offers and discounts.
9. Brainwonders holds the final verdict regarding the usage of the coupon code.

Brainwonders Refer and Earn Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate in the Brainwonders Referral Program?

Simply sign up or log in to your Brainwonders account, generate your unique referral code, and share it with your friends and family.

What rewards can I earn by referring friends?

You can earn ₹50 for every 5 successful sign-ups (credited to your Brainwonders Wallet) and ₹500 for each successful purchase (credited to your bank account) made using your referral code. Plus, your referred friends get ₹500 off on their tests.

Where can I see my earned rewards for having my friend sign-up?

Your rewards will be credited to your Brainwonders wallet. You can check your wallet balance and transaction history in your account dashboard. This can be used on any of the Brainwonders services to pay for upto 40% of the product value.

How do I use a referral code?

When you sign up for Brainwonders, simply enter the referral code provided by your friend in the designated field. You will receive a ₹500 discount on any DMIT analysis.

What benefits do I get by using a referral code?

By using a referral code, you get a ₹500 discount on any Brainwonders DMIT analysis, and your friend earns rewards too.

What is the Brainwonders Referral Program?

The Brainwonders Referral Program is a way for us to give back to our cherished clients. It allows you to earn rewards by referring friends and family to Brainwonders services.

How does the referral program work?

Share your unique referral code with friends. You earn ₹50 for every 5 sign-ups and ₹500 for each purchase made using your code. Your friends also get ₹500 off on their tests.

What is the difference between the sign-up reward and the purchase reward?

The sign-up reward is ₹50 credited to your Brainwonders wallet for every 5 successful sign-ups. The purchase reward is ₹500 for each successful purchase made using your referral code.

How do I generate my referral code?

to your Brainwonders account, go to the referral section, and click on 'Generate Referral Code.' Share this code with your friends and family.

Can I use my rewards for any Brainwonders services?

Yes, the amount in your Brainwonders wallet can be used to pay up to 40% of any Brainwonders service.

Are there any terms and conditions for using the referral code?

Yes, the coupon code is valid for 30 days from the date of receipt, can be redeemed only once during the offer period, and cannot be clubbed with other offers and discounts. Brainwonders holds the final verdict regarding the usage of the coupon code.

How do I contact Brainwonders for more information about the referral program?

You can contact us through our website or reach out to our customer support team at for any queries or assistance.

Can I refer multiple friends?

Yes, you can refer as many friends as you like. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make, and you can earn rewards for each successful referral.

How long does it take for my rewards to be credited?

Rewards for sign-ups are credited to your Brainwonders wallet once your referred friends complete the sign-up process. Purchase rewards are credited within 1 working day after the purchase is made using your referral code.

Can I combine my referral rewards with other promotions or discounts?

No, referral rewards and the associated coupon codes cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions or discounts.

What happens if my friend forgets to use my referral code?

Unfortunately, the referral reward can only be granted if your friend uses your unique referral code at the time of sign-up or purchase. Ensure they enter the code correctly to receive the benefits. However, if you feel that your friend will still like to avail the discount, connect our team on for any queries or assistance.

Do my referral rewards expire?

The referral rewards in your Brainwonders wallet do not expire and can be used anytime to pay up to 40% of any Brainwonders service. However, the coupon code your friend receives is valid for 30 days from the date of receipt.

Is there any way to track the status of my referrals?

Yes, you can track the status of your referrals in your Brainwonders account dashboard. It will show you the number of sign-ups and purchases made using your referral code and the rewards earned.

What if my referred friend cancels their purchase?

If a referred friend cancels their purchase, the reward for that purchase will not be credited to your account. Only completed purchases qualify for the referral reward.

Can I participate in the referral program if I am not a Brainwonders customer?

No, the referral program is only open to existing Brainwonders customers. You need to have an account with Brainwonders to generate and share your referral code. However, you may connect our team on for any special assistance on this issue.

Can I transfer my referral rewards to someone else?

No, referral rewards are non-transferable and can only be used by the account holder to whom they were credited.

What happens if there's an issue with my referral rewards?

If you encounter any issues with your referral rewards, please contact our customer support team at , and we will assist you in resolving the matter.

Are there any limitations on the referral rewards I can earn?

There is no cap on the total amount you can earn through the referral program. You can continue earning rewards for each successful referral. We are happy to share the joy!

Can businesses or organizations participate in the referral program?

Currently, the referral program is intended for individual customers. If you are a business or organization interested in partnering with Brainwonders, please contact us at

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