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During a visit to Pune in the late 1950s, India's first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was taken aback by Pune's vast range of excellent educational facilities and he coined In the east, Pune is called the "Oxford."

The cultural capital of the Maharashtra state, Pune has a long list of reputed educational institutions. The institutes given below are the landmarks of Pune.

  1. SIBM Pune
  2. Fergusson College 
  3. IIIT 
  4. College of Engineering Pune,
  5. ILS Law College,
  6. Symbiosis International University,
  7. Bhartiya Vidyapeeth,
  8. SavitriBai Phule Pune University,
  9. BMCC 

...and others are among the colleges and universities in Pune.

The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, the National Institute of Virology, and the National Chemical Laboratory are among the major research institutes in Pune.  The National Defence Academy and the Film and Television Institute of India, both of which are also important institutions in Pune.

Brainwonders is the finest platform for career counselling in Pune. Our career counsellors in Pune are highly skilled, experienced, and trained. Over 1 lac career counselling sessions have been conducted by our career counsellors in Pune, all with good ratings. We don't just provide career counselling in Pune, we also provide each candidate with a comprehensive execution plan to assist them to thrive in their profession with our excellent career guidance in Pune. 


People considering a career path might choose from a variety of options. The Options abound. Career counselling in Pune is a tried-and-true method for students and working professionals. This helps people to make better decisions for their careers. Our lives are dependent on our careers, therefore making the appropriate and educated career selections is critical. Making the wrong career decisions can lead to professional failure and dissatisfaction. Our career counselling in Pune is genuine and precise, and it will assist you in making the best professional decisions possible. Career guidance in Pune is about more than just determining the greatest career route or selecting the right subjects; it's about creating a holistic career plan that leads to a successful life. 

Counselling is a wide field that targets assisting individuals and furnishing them and helping with their emotional well-being and prosperity. 

Counselling for marriage and family, rehabilitation counselling, mental health counselling, substance abuse counselling, and guidance and career counselling are examples of different counselling types that deal with different aspects of a person's life.

Career counselling is an area that focuses on assisting people in determining the best direction for their careers. The process of career counselling focuses on preparing the individual for the world of work. Career counselling is the perfect solution for professionals who want to know what career path suits them best, or get expert advice on how to get out of their current employment situation. Individuals gain career guidance in Pune from our professional career counsellors who use specially crafted evaluation tools to provide expert advice on their capabilities, aptitudes, motivations, abilities, and deficiencies. These approaches are subjective as well as objective. Career counsellors give career guidance in Pune defining their career objectives, after carefully analysing their interests and aptitudes.


Our career counsellors in Pune follow an organized and structured approach with their clients. They identify a person's abilities, shortcomings, cognitive tendencies, as well as preferences. To recognize these attributes it is crucial to fully understand the individual. Hence, in order to do so and to gain a better understanding of individuals techniques such as fingerprint testing, aptitude testing, IQ testing, and interest testing are applied. Following that, our highly trained career counsellors in Pune work with the individual to discover a potential career choice based on the reports of the mentioned tests. Career counsellors in Pune help people map out their entire path to their desired goal, from choosing the right board, course, and school to finding the right job with the most appropriate career. 


In today’s information age, there are several career choices available. With the growing number of career alternatives, career counselling has become an important component of people's lives. Students in 10th, are the most frequently puzzled about future career options. Their confusion can be a result of a lot of factors. These factors can include Social pressure, inadequate parental supervision, a variety of career prospects, a lack of awareness of one's own potential, and so on. These issues need to be addressed and our career counsellors in Pune work on handling these concerns effectively. Career counselling is beneficial to people of all age groups regardless of their current employment status. However, it is particularly advantageous to teenagers. In addition to students, career counselling is available to employees who have already selected a career but are unhappy with it. These people are redirected toward their objectives and are provided with information about their career plans. Career counsellors act as a connecting link between the students and the professionals who serve as models. They help students connect with these experts in order to motivate students and positively reinforce them. Career counselling is highly valued as a result of many factors. Life satisfaction, self-efficacy, happiness, and other factors are all linked to career satisfaction. Hence, career counselling is given a great deal of significance.


Frequently, it has been seen that students select a course without the exact knowledge of the course. Sometimes, the student is motivated to take the course because of their fancy names, peer influences, and popularity of the course. The significance of career counselling is quite well-known now. Many parents understand the importance of career counselling. However, there are some parents who force their children to pursue traditional and primarily money-making careers. There are many disciplines like engineering, psychology, commerce, humanities, science, and other professional courses that require distinct skills and abilities. These skills and abilities are the basic requirements for being considered for the course. 

For example, 

Any individual that is interested in pursuing a career as an engineer should possess the skills listed below to be considered for the position. 

  1. A mathematical aptitude 
  2. Analytical Skills
  3. Problem-Solving Capabilities
  4. Knowledge of science and computing

As a result, the career counsellor is responsible to assist students in selecting the appropriate course that matches their skills and abilities in order to achieve maximum fulfilment and performance.


Tools of assessment differ according to the counselling centres. Various career counselling centres employ a variety of standardised assessment tools. Suitable psychometric tests are used to analyse the client's interests, aptitude, and personality. These tests depend on the client’s requirements. In India, there are a variety of assessment tools available. These tools include 16PF, Big 5, DBDA, Bhatia, DAT, Wechsler Intelligence Scale. There are other tools that are also commonly used for these tests. There are many reputable online platforms that also provide online career counselling and evaluation. These platforms help you to connect you with skilled career counsellors who offer online career counselling.



Career counselling in Pune is gaining popularity. As the importance of career counselling has become more widely recognised among parents, an increasing number of parents are enrolling their children in career counselling in Pune on their own initiative. Nowadays colleges encourage students to seek career counselling in Pune. There are many efforts by the government for focusing on compulsory career counselling in Pune. This emphasis is mainly on the students at the school level for helping them mapping a correct career path and making appropriate choices.  Career counselling centres are popular nationwide. Majorly, the cities with the most career counselling centres include Mumbai, Banglore, Delhi, and Pune.


Brainownders -  The only U.S Patented DMIT organization that assists with transformation through brain mapping. The newest and most common method of brain mapping is the DMIT ( Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test). A DMIT report includes detailed information on the client's personality, skills, shortcomings, and aptitude. This report is prepared with the scans of clients' fingerprints. According to the research, this method is 85 percent accurate which is thought to be more useful than any psychometric test. Counselling based on fingerprint reports provides kids with a clearer view of career alternatives based on their strengths and skillsets. Considering India,  Brainwonders is India's largest DMIT and career counselling in Pune, with 108 locations nationwide.


Individuals are provided career guidance in Pune to help them understand their talents, skills, and prospects, which is crucial for picking the correct career track. In a student's life, career counselling plays a very important part in the 10th and 12th standards. because these years are significant turning points in a student’s life. 

Our professional career counsellors provide career counselling and career guidance in Pune to students who are uncertain about their chosen path. At Brainwonders, the career counsellors have experienced career guides that help students understand their intrinsic abilities and skills by administering various career guidance tests such as aptitude and interest tests, as well as supporting students in choosing the right career route.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of career counselling?

Career counselling, often known as career guidance, is advice designed to assist a person in selecting a career. This is also available for individuals willing to shift their careers. A person's work is one of the most important aspects of one's life, and with so many alternatives to pick from, it's easy to become confused. Individuals who receive career counselling develop a greater understanding of their interests and abilities. As a result that, they are able to select the best career choice for them. 

What is the role of a career counsellor?

A career counsellor is a therapist or life mentor. They are trained in career counselling, addressing career objectives, developing appropriate career plans for clients, and evaluating aptitude and ability testing. As there are many career options available people have multiple concerts related to career. Career counsellors assist people to help in the inquiries about them. A career counsellor assists individuals in determining which career path is ideal for them. Along with that, they also help in planning long- and short-term career plans. Career counsellors use aptitude and interest tests to determine an individual's skills and abilities. Based on that, they provide career counselling for assisting them in picking the ideal career for them. 

What is the significance of career counselling?

Career counselling is provided by career counsellors who assist individuals in determining the best career for them. This counselling is given based on their interests, skills, and abilities. The primary goal of career counselling is to assist students in selecting a field that best suits their strengths and expertise. As a result, career guidance/counselling is essential. This eventually leads students to select from a variety of career options and select the career path that is ideal for them, allowing them to thrive and live a better life.

What is the amount charged by the career counsellors in India?

Career counsellors are experts who help those who are unsure about the career path to follow. The charge for receiving expert career counselling by certified career counsellors is between Rs1500 and Rs5000. 

What is the definition of career guidance?

Individuals receive career guidance to help them acquire an understanding of their own talents and abilities which is critical in identifying career alternatives and assisting them in making a decision. Career counsellors provide individuals with proper career guidance to assist them in selecting the best career path from among the many options available. With so many job alternatives to select from, it can be difficult to know which one is best for you.  Career guidance can help you understand your aptitudes and interests and help you choose the proper career path.

What is the meaning of career assessment?

A majority of organizations are using career assessment tests to find the best candidate to fill vacant positions. A wide range of career evaluation tools that are available is used to provide career counselling. To analyse an individual's abilities and capabilities, career counsellors use numerous career evaluation instruments such as aptitude tests, interest tests, and personality tests. Following that, career counsellors conduct career counselling, using these career evaluation tools to assist individuals in choosing the proper career path.

Why should you choose Brainwonders career counselling?

At Brainwonders career counselling centre, students can take a certified aptitude test, interest test, personality test, or DMIT exam.  Career counsellors utilise these exams to assess students' intrinsic capabilities, aptitude, and potential, giving them a clearer sense of which career path is ideal for them. Then, the professional counsellor will assist students in understanding their skills, shortcomings, capabilities, talents, and aptitude. In this method, the career counsellor can assist students in selecting the appropriate career route.

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