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Agneepath Scheme 2022 (Agnipath)- All Details You Need to Know

06 January,2024  |  By Brainwonders

Agneepath Scheme 2022

The Union Cabinet has made a historic decision by approving a captivating recruitment scheme for Indian youth to serve in the Armed Forces. This scheme, known as Agneepath (Agnipath), offers a unique opportunity for selected youth to be designated as Agniveers. These individuals can serve their nation for four years by joining the Agneepath scheme. If you aspire to become an Agniveer in the Indian Armed Forces, it is essential to understand the Agneepath Scheme 2022, the role of Agniveers, and other pertinent details. This article provides comprehensive information about the Agneepath scheme, including the age limit and educational requirements for aspiring Agniveers, the recruitment process, salary details, and more. 

What is Agneepath Scheme?

The Agneepath/ Agnipath Scheme, launched by the central government, aims to recruit selected candidates as Agniveers in the Indian Armed Forces for four years. This year, the Armed Forces plan to recruit over 46,000 Agniveers through the Agnipath/Agneepath scheme. After their four-year tenure, Agniveers will transition into society as disciplined, dynamic, motivated, and skilled individuals capable of pursuing their desired careers in various sectors.

The Agneepath Scheme targets the recruitment of over 46,000 Agniveers in the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. Initially, the entry through the Agneepath Scheme 2022 will last four years. Throughout this duration, recruits will receive training from the armed forces to acquire the necessary skills. The Agnipath recruitment scheme is a transformative initiative that aims to bring a youthful profile to the armed forces.

In a significant development, Navy Chief Admiral R Hari Kumar has announced that women will also be inducted into the armed forces under the new scheme. However, the recruitment of women will depend on the specific requirements of the respective services, as confirmed by officials.

Agneepath/ Agnipath Scheme Details

The Agnipath or Agneepath scheme offers an opportunity for young individuals in India who aspire to join the Armed Forces. This recruitment scheme aims to select candidates below the officer rank, to deploy physically fit and younger personnel on the front lines. Many of these recruits will serve on four-year contracts. The Agnipath scheme is a transformative initiative that will contribute to the Armed Forces projecting a youthful and dynamic image, benefitting the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force.

Agnipath Scheme Details- Latest Updates 

The official websites of the Indian Air Force and Indian Army have published comprehensive recruitment notifications for the Agneepath/Agnipath scheme, providing detailed information for interested individuals.

According to the Department of Military Affairs, the intake of 'Agniveers' is expected to increase significantly, reaching up to 1.25 lakhs. This demonstrates the substantial opportunities available within the scheme.

MoS Defence Ajay Bhatt has expressed his positive views on the Agnipath scheme, describing it as a beneficial initiative. Despite some misunderstandings, he emphasises the importance of not dwelling on demands and urges the youth to seize this golden opportunity. He assures them that there will be no issues in the future.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has announced that 10% of vacancies in the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) and Assam Rifles will be explicitly reserved for recruiting Agniveers. This decision highlights the recognition and support given to Agniveers in their pursuit of joining these organisations.

Incentives- The home affairs and Defence ministries have announced concessions and incentives to support Agniveers in their future employment endeavours. Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has mentioned explicitly that public sector undertakings (PSUs) under his housing and petroleum ministries are actively recruiting 'Agniveers' after their four-year service in the armed forces. This signifies the commitment to provide employment opportunities and facilitate a smooth transition for Agniveers into the civilian workforce.

Revised Age Limit- The maximum age limit for Agniveers has been adjusted to 23 years, allowing individuals up to this age to participate in the Agniveer program.


The government has introduced a reservation of 10% for 'Agniveers' in central police forces and Assam Rifles, along with upper-age relaxation. The Defence Ministry has also implemented a 10% quota that encompasses the Coast Guard, civilian defence posts, and 16 defence public sector undertakings (PSUs), including prominent ones like Hindustan Aeronautics and Bharat Electronics, as well as four shipyards and 41 ordnance factories.

Regarding training, the Army Chief, General Manoj Pande, has announced that the training for the first Agniveers will commence in December 2022 at designated training centres.

In addition, the Ministry of Shipping has unveiled six appealing service opportunities for Agniveers from the Indian Navy, facilitating a seamless transition into the Merchant Navy.

What is Agniveer?

Candidates who are selected through the Agneepath scheme will be designated as Agniveers. After completing four years of service, Agniveers can apply for permanent enrolment in the Armed Forces. This scheme is open to young individuals between 17.5 years and the revised upper age limit of 23 years.

The Agneepath scheme seeks candidates with qualities such as patriotism, teamwork, a commitment to physical fitness, deep loyalty to the country, and a readiness to contribute to national security during external threats, internal threats, and natural disasters. These individuals can apply through the Agneepath Yojna to become Agniveers and serve their nation.

Agneepath/ Agnipath Scheme Details- Broad Objectives

The broad objectives of the Agnipath/Agneepath Scheme are-

  • The aim is to bolster the youthful composition of the Armed Forces, ensuring they maintain their peak combat readiness and exhibit a heightened willingness to take risks when required. 
  • The objective is to instil in the youth the core values of the Armed Forces, including courage, commitment, and teamwork. 
  • The aim is to equip the youth with essential qualities such as discipline, motivation, dynamism, and work skills, ensuring they remain valuable assets. 
  • The objective is to offer an opportunity to the youth who desire to serve the nation in uniform for a limited duration.
  • The aim is to attract talented youth from society and effectively harness their potential in adapting and utilising emerging modern technologies, leveraging the technical institutions of the country and raising the intake standards in terms of technical proficiency. 

Agneepath/Agnipath Scheme Notification

The notification for the Agneepath/ Agnipath Scheme for Indian Army Recruitment 2022 has been released, allowing candidates to join the Indian Army. Numerous recruitment rallies are planned to be conducted across the country. The Indian Navy is also preparing to release the Indian Navy Agneepath Notification soon. The Indian Air Force Agneepath Recruitment 2022 notification is available in PDF format. You can refer to the provided links for detailed information regarding each department.

Agneepath Scheme Pros & Cons

The introduction of the new Agneepath/ Agnipath Scheme has sparked discussions on its advantages and disadvantages, which are outlined below-  

Pros Cons
  1. A significant transformation in the recruitment practices of the military.
  2. An exceptional opportunity for young individuals to serve the nation and contribute to its development.
  3. The armed forces benefit from the inclusion of young and energetic personnel.
  4. Agniveers are provided with attractive financial incentives.
  5. Agniveers can receive training from prestigious universities, enhancing their skills and qualifications.
  6. Agniveers are offered a lucrative monthly package explicitly designed for them, along with Risk and Hardship allowances per the three services' requirements.
  7. At the end of their four-year engagement, Agniveers receive a one-time "Seva Nidhi" package, which includes their contribution, accumulated interest, and a matching contribution.
  1. There needs to be a pilot scheme implemented to assess the effectiveness of the plan.
  2. Concerns about the potential impact on military culture, professionalism, and combat morale are raised.
  3. It typically takes 7-8 years to train a soldier for combat adequately.
  4. Agniveers may face challenges in balancing their military commitments with the need for additional employment.
  5. There is a possibility that this scheme could lead to the militarisation of society and potentially leave a significant number of young individuals with war experience unemployed each year.

Agneepath Scheme Vacancy 2022

The Agneepath Scheme aims to recruit approximately 46,000 personnel for the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. The Indian Army will soon release the specific distribution of vacancies with more details. The inclusion of women in the recruitment process under the Agneepath scheme will be determined based on the requirements of each service.

Agneepath/ Agnipath Yojana Qualification

Below is a tabulated summary of the educational qualifications required for each department: 

Department Education Qualification
Soldier General Duty SSLC/Matric with 45% marks in aggregate.No%required if higher qualification.
Soldier Technical 10+2/Intermediate exam Non-Matricpassed in Science with Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English. Now eight age for higher qualification.
SoldierClerk / StoreKeeper Technical 10+2/Intermediate exam passed in any stream(Arts, Commerce, Science)with 50% marks in aggregate and min40% in each subject. Weight age for higher qualification.
Soldier Nursing Assistant 10+2/Intermediate exam passed in Science with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English with min 50% mark sin aggregate and min40% in each subject. Now eight age for higher qualification.
Soldier Tradesman
(i) GeneralDuties Non-Matric
(ii) Specified Duties Non-Matric


Agneepath/ Agnipath Scheme Age Limit Details

Candidates falling within the age bracket of 17.5 years to 23 years (revised) are eligible to avail of the benefits of the Agneepath Scheme for joining the Agniveer batch in the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy.

Agneepath Yojna Agniveer Salary

The annual salary for Agniveers will start at approximately Rs. 4.76 lakh in the first year and progressively increase to Rs. 6.92 lakh in the final year. Detailed information regarding the monthly package, in-hand salary, contributions to the Agniveer Corpus Fund, and the corpus fund by the Government of India can be found in the table below. It's important to note that the 'Seva Nidhi' will be exempt from Income Tax.

Please refer to the table below for specific details:

Agneepath Scheme Salary - All figures in Rs (Monthly Contribution)
Year  Customised Package (Monthly)

In Hand


Contribution to Agniveer Corpus Fund 


Contribution to corpus 

fund by GoI

1st Year Rs. 30000 Rs. 21000 Rs. 9000 Rs. 9000
2nd Year Rs. 33000 Rs. 23100 Rs. 9900 Rs. 9900
3rd Year Rs. 36500 Rs. 25580 Rs. 10950 Rs. 10950
4th Year Rs. 40000 Rs. 28000 Rs. 12000 Rs. 12000
Total contribution to Agniveer Corpus Fund after four years- Rs 5.02 Lakh

Exit After 4 years- Rs 11.71 Lakh as Seva Nidhi Package (Including, interest accumulated on the above amount as per the applicable interest rates would also be paid)

Agneepath/ Agnipath Scheme 2022: FAQs

Q1.What is Agnipath scheme?

Ans. Agneepath is a nationwide recruitment scheme to enlist young individuals for short-term service in the armed forces. These recruits, called Agniveers, will serve in diverse environments, including deserts, mountains, land, sea, and air.

Q2. What is the Agneepath Scheme Indian Army Age Limit?

Ans. Candidates aged 17.5 to 23 years are eligible to apply for recruitment under the Agneepath Scheme.

Q3. What is the service tenure granted under Agneepath scheme?

Ans. As part of the Agneepath scheme, Agniveers will serve a four-year tenure.

Q4. Are women eligible for Agneepath Scheme?

Ans. The inclusion of women in the Agneepath scheme will be based on the specific requirements of the respective services.

Q5. What would be the salary of Agniveers selected through Agneepath scheme?

Ans.  In the initial year of the Agneepath scheme, Agniveers can expect a salary of approximately Rs 4.76 lakh per annum.

Q6. How many vacancies will be recruited through Agneepath Scheme?

Ans. This year, the Agneepath Scheme will fill 46,000 vacancies in the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force.

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