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BA History: Scope, Colleges, Syllabus & Job Prospects

20 January,2024  |  By Brainwonders

BA History: Scope, Colleges, Syllabus & Job Prospects

Are you curious about the past and how it is related to our present? Would you like to pursue a career centred around your love for History? The world of history encompasses an astonishingly diverse collection of events from India's ancient tales, the struggle for independence, the Indian National Movement, Nelson Mandela's fight to abolish Apartheid, the French Revolution, Hitler's ideology and the Nazi practice, the rich history of Indian art and many more. Among these, a BA in History enables you to delve into this captivating array of narratives and their contextual circumstances. Let us take a closer look at this field of study and the professional opportunities it opens up.

Course Name  BA History
Full-Form  Bachelor of Arts in History 
Level of Course  Undergraduate (UG)
Duration  3 years 
Eligibility  10+2 qualified students with at least 50% aggregate marks
Admission Process  Merit + Entrance based
Examination Type  Semester Exams 
Average Course Fee  INR 15,000 to INR 3 lakhs in India (and more if planning to pursue the course abroad)
Starting Average Salary INR 3 – 7 lakhs per annum 

What is BA History?

The Bachelor of Arts degree in History provides an opportunity to study the development and progression of humanity from ancient times up to modernity. Spanning a course length of three to four years, this degree delves into extensive research regarding significant historical events which occurred both domestically and internationally.

Why Pursue BA History? 

As a Bachelor of Arts student in History, you have the opportunity to explore how nations and societies became what they are today. Delve into the past to learn about the heroes and moments that shaped our current reality. Study transformation and gain an understanding of the forces driving change and how it impacts us now. By examining our history, we can appreciate the differences between Indian and western culture and gain a more holistic view of the world around us.

Basic Fields of Study in BA History

Gaining insight and familiarity with national and global historical facets is possible through the Bachelor of Arts in History program. However, since the field includes many distinct topics, the syllabus may differ between regions.

Eligibility Criteria

  • In order to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in History, you must have successfully passed your 10+2 equivalent examination with a focus on Arts subjects from an accredited school. 
  • Moreover, if you intend to study abroad, such as in the United States or Canada, you will need to sit for examinations like SAT or ACT. 
  • Additionally, you may need to pass English proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE in order to gain admission to the program. 
  • Furthermore, some universities may mandate passing a language test in their native language in order to enrol.

Subjects in BA History

When it comes to the topics taught in this program, there is a variation from one nation to the next. For instance, in India, the main points of emphasis are Indian history and significant global political and economic circumstances. 

However, when you choose to study abroad, there is a shift. Not only will you become acquainted with the history of the country you will be studying in, but you'll also acquire knowledge about the histories of other regions such as Asia, Africa, Europe, etc. The following are some of the common subjects included in an undergraduate degree in History:

  • Ancient Indian History
  • Medieval India
  • Transformation from Modern to Present India
  • Ancient World History
  • Political Theory
  • Pre and Post Colonisation
  • USA and USSR History
  • European Integration and Transformation
  • History of Latin America
  • African History
  • World Politics

BA History Syllabus

The list of subjects that are taught in BA in History courses are tabulated below:

Subject Particulars 
History of India (from Ancient up to 600 AD)
  • Religious Development
  • Aspects of Society
  • Age of the Guptas
  • Mauryan and Post Mauryan Era
  • Vedic Corpus and Transition to Janapadas and Mahajanapadas
  • Harappan Civilization
  • Pre – Historic Hunter-Gatherers
  • Reconstructing Ancient Indian History
History of India (from 600 AD to 1500 AD)
  • Institutional Structure (Varna System)
  • Cave Architecture Polity
  • Sanskrit Literature Temple
  • Indian & Oceanic Trade
  • Urban Centres
  • Agricultural Expansion
  • Ghaznavi & Ghori’s Invasion of India
  • The Emergence of Major Political Centres – Peninsular India Arab, Bengal and Kannauj
History of India (1500 AD to 1800 AD)
  • Society, Religion and Culture in Mughal India
  • The Mughal Empire
  • Economy In Mughal India
  • Crisis of the Mughal EmpireIdeology and State in Mughal India
History of India (1800 AD to Modern times)
  • Partition of India
  • Communal Politics
  • Post War Upsurges
  • Pre-War Political Developments
  • New Trends in National Movements
  • The Gandhian Era
  • Indian Nationalism
  • Colonial Intervention and Growth of Modern Education
  • Revolt of 1857
  • Early Resistance to Colonial Rule
  • Rural Economy & Society
  • Socio-Religious Movements in India
  • East India Company – Theory of Rent
Ancient World History
  • Political, Sociological and Cultural History of Rome
  • Macedonia Expansion
  • Political History of Greece
  • Major Centres of Ancient Mediterranean World – Persia Egypt and Mesopotamia
  • Polis in Ancient Greece
  • Slave Society in Ancient Greece
  • Nomadic groups in Ancient and Central Asia
  • Bronze Age Civilization
  • Paleolithic & Mesolithic Cultures
Transformation of Europe
  • English Civil war of the 17th Century
  • Europe Scientific Revolution
  • Renaissance Humanism Economy of 17th Century
  • Proto Industrialization Renaissance
  • Economic Expansion of Europe in the 16th Century
  • The economy in the 15th Century
  • Development of the National Monarchy
  • Fall of Constantinople
  • Economic Crisis of the 14th Century
  • Crisis of Feudalism
  • Nature of Feudal Society
European History
  • Anglo – German Antagonism
  • Age of Imperialism
  • The Third Republic, German Reich and Paris Commune
  • Rise of Working Class Movement and Socialist through Arts and Culture, Religion and Science of 18th Century Europe
  • Industrialization of Europe
  • France Under the IInd Empire
  • Russian Modernization
  • Unification of Italy and Germany
  • The Emergence of Non-Nation States in Central Europe
  • The Vienna Congress
  • French Revolution of Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Understanding the 18th Century Europe, Social Economic and Political Background to French Revolution
World Politics 
  • Truman Doctrine
  • Cold War
  • United Nations Organization
  • US Foreign Policy
  • The Great Depression
  • Reunification of Germany
  • Indo-Pakistan Relations
  • The League of Nations
History of E ast Asia
  • The emergence of Japan as an Imperial Power
  • Economic Modernization
  • Popular and Democratic Movements
  • Meiji Restoration
  • Japan – Pre-Restoration Period
  • Nationalism and Communism in China
  • Colonial Penetration in China
  • China and Pre Colonial China
History of the United States of America
  • Making of the Republic
  • Religious, Cultural and Intellectual Trends
  • Women’s Movement
  • Afro-American Movements
  • US Imperialism
  • Civil War and Industrial America
  • Early Capitalism
  • Evolution of American Democracy
History of Latin America 
  • Economic Transformations
  • Assertion of the US Hegemony Bolivar’s Vision
  • Conquest of America and its Repercussions

Top Entrance Exams

Colleges and universities offer admission to Bachelor of Arts in History courses based on the results from taking the entrance exam. 

  • JNUE22: The Jawaharlal Nehru University administers the JNUEE for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. 
  • IPU CET 22: The Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University conducts the IPU CET online for university-level applicants. 
  • DSAT 2022: The Dayananda Sagar Admission Test (DSAT) is managed by the Dayananda Sagar University.

Admission Process

The process of enrolling in BA History starts after the release of Class 12th examination results. 

  1. To gain admission, applicants need to fill out application forms from universities and colleges. 
  2. Then, those institutes will provide a cut off percentage for prospective students. 
  3. If your class 12th scores match the required cutoff or are within that range, you will be accepted. 
  4. Some schools may also have an entrance exam and candidates will be granted admission depending on their results.

Top Universities Abroad for BA History

Apart from academic institutions like Harvard University, University of Chicago, LSE, Yale University, University of Cambridge, etc, which have etched their name in global rankings, here is a list of some of the top universities offering BA History and various specializations.

Universities Location Course
Michigan State University USA BA Global History
University of Toronto Canada  BA [Hons] History
University of New South Wales Australia Bachelor of Arts and Business in History
Humboldt University of Berlin Germany BA Historical Sciences
Trinity College Dublin UK BA in Classical CivilisationBA in Classics, Ancient History, and Archaeology
Australian National University Australia BA Ancient History
University of Bristol UK BA [Hons] Ancient History
University of California, Los Angeles USA BA History
National University of Singapore Singapore  BA/BA [Hons] History
Johns Hopkins University USA BA-MA Accelerated Program

Top Colleges in India

Various colleges in India offer BA History. They are tabulated below.

Name Of The College/ University Admission Procedure Average Annual Fees (In INR)
St. Xaviers College, Mumbai  Merit-Based INR 5,537
Nizam College, Hyderabad Merit-Based INR 4,600
Madras Christian College, Chennai  Merit-Based INR 7,500
Jai Hind College, Mumbai  Merit-Based INR 5,635
Lady Brabourne College, Kolkata  Merit-Based INR 8,325
Fergusson College, Pune Merit-Based INR 9,245
Hansraj College, New Delhi  Merit-Based INR 18,895
Christ University, Bangalore  Merit-Based INR 25,000
Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore Merit-Based INR 53,000

BA History Colleges in Delhi 

  1. Lady Shri Ram College for Women
  2. Miranda House
  3. St. Stephens College
  4. Hansraj College
  5. Vivekananda College

BA History Colleges in Mumbai

  1. Sophia College for Women
  2. SK Somaiya Degree College for Arts Commerce and Science
  3. St Xaviers College
  4. Jaihind College
  5. Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College

BA History Colleges in Pune

  1. Fergusson College
  2. St. Mira’s College for Girls
  3. Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce
  4. Abeda Inamdar Senior College
  5. Poona College of Arts Science and Commerce

BA History Colleges in Kolkata 

  1. Presidency University
  2. St Xavier’s College
  3. Jadavpur University
  4. Bethune College
  5. Loreto College

BA History Colleges in Bangalore

  1. Christ University
  2. Kristu Jayanti College
  3. Universal Group of Institutions
  4. Jyoti Nivas College
  5. MES College of Arts Commerce and Science

Distance Education

Certain universities provide the course BA History to students who cannot get admission in regular courses. They are tabulated below. 

Name Of University  Location Average Fees
Osmania University  Hyderabad INR 10,200
Annamalai University  Annamalai  INR 7,350
IGNOU  New Delhi  INR 7,200
Tamil Nadu Open University Chennai  INR 6,600
The University Of Mumbai, Institute Of Distance And Open Learning Mumbai  INR 10,835

Scope of BA History

Exploring the history of humankind is a fascinating journey that can lead to increased insight into our ever-changing world. If you are curious about uncovering the big picture of human development, you may want to consider pursuing a graduate program in history and specialised research. Here are some degree programs designed to help you gain deeper knowledge in this field:

  • Master of Arts or MA History
  • Master in History (Global History and International Relations)
  • Master of Philosophy or M.Phil in History
  • Doctor of Philosophy in History or Ph.D. in History
  • Diploma in History
  • Diploma in Archaeology
  • Diploma in Epigraphy
  • Diploma in Museology
  • Diploma in Museum Administration, Museum Modeling
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Archaeology, Ancient Culture, and History
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Archaeology, Museology
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Archives Keeping

Job Opportunities after BA History

Studying history offers exciting career prospects. With a BA in the subject, you can explore a range of job options. Here is a list of potential opportunities available to you.

Salary Trends after BA History

The below table provides an overview of the job titles, along with their average base salaries, to give you an indication of the profession's future potential.

Job Profile Average Base Salary in INR
Archaeologists 6 lakhs to 8 lakhs
Historians 3.8 lakhs to 6.2 lakhs
Teachers 3.8 lakhs to 6.2 lakhs 
Auctioneers 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs
Archivist 5.5 lakhs to 8 lakhs 

Are you uncertain whether a BA History degree is the right course of study for you? Our team of experienced counsellors at Brainwonders can support you in making an informed decision about your future career path. With personalised guidance, we will work together to help you identify a program of study that best suits your interests, goals, and aspirations. 

FAQs on  BA History in India

Q1: What is the history of BA education in India?

Ans: The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree has a long and rich history in India, dating back to the 19th century when institutions were established to offer higher education based on this curriculum. The BA degree is now offered by many universities, colleges and professional bodies throughout the country. 

Q2: What are the different pathways to obtaining a BA degree in India?

Ans: Students can pursue a BA degree at undergraduate level or at postgraduate level in India. Depending on their chosen field of study, they may pursue either a 3 year BA program, an MA program with an integrated BA component, or an interdisciplinary program combining different disciplines. 

Q3: What are the main fields of study included in a BA curriculum in India?

Ans: The core subjects typically studied within the BA framework include English and language studies, humanities, social sciences, and fine arts. Specialised branches of these areas such as economics and history may also be available depending on the institution. For instance, at some institutions, students can choose to major in linguistics or political science. 

Q4: How do I know if I am eligible to pursue a BA degree in India?

Ans: Each institution offering BA degrees in India has its own set of entrance criteria. Generally, admission requirements include having completed 12th grade or equivalent from a recognized Board, achieving a satisfactory score in the entrance examination conducted by the institution, and meeting any other criteria specified by the institution for the particular program.  

Q5: What are the career opportunities after completing a BA in India?

Ans: After graduating with a BA in India, students can pursue further education such as an MA/MSc/MPhil program, or seek professional employment in various fields such as media, banking, government services, education, research, arts and culture etc. Additionally, graduates may pursue specialised qualifications such as legal or accountancy qualifications to enhance their career prospects

The pathway to your dream career is what will shape your skills and knowledgeAre you aware which subjects and courses will bring you closer to your dream career?

Worry not, because the Brainwonders test and guidance will not only help you know it, but also follow it!

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