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BPA (Bachelor of Performing Arts)

20 January,2024  |  By Brainwonders

BPA (Bachelor of Performing Arts)

The Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) is an undergraduate degree program that prepares individuals for a career in entertainment and its related practices. This comprehensive course spans three to four years and is offered at numerous universities and colleges throughout India.

The BPA curriculum focuses on developing expertise in three distinct areas of the performance industry: music, dance, and drama. From this, students are able to choose their own specialisation and hone their aptitude in any one of these disciplines. The program facilitates students to refine their skills, enabling them to achieve success as performers in theatre, dance, or music.

For those seeking a career in the entertainment industry, the Bachelor of Performance Arts (BPA) provides a comprehensive education in all facets of production. This program not only equips students with the necessary capabilities to excel in the field but also prepares them for the real world challenges they may face. 

To learn more about BPA course requirements, curriculum, and job prospects, read below.

Eligibility Criteria for BPA Course 

In order to be eligible for admission to a Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) course, candidates must meet the following requirements: 

  1. Have completed their 12th grade level from an accredited educational institution
  2. Achieved a minimum aggregate score between 50-60%
  3. Demonstrate prior experience in performing arts (which is advantageous).

Entrance Exams for BPA

Common Entrance Tests for admission to BPA courses are:

  • Symbiosis Entrance Test
  • Central Universities Common Entrance Test
  • National School of Drama Entrance Exam
  • Calcutta University Entrance Exam
  • Banaras Hindu University Undergraduate Entrance Test
  • Delhi University Entrance Test
  • Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test
  • Jamia Millia Islamia Entrance Exam
  • Aligarh Muslim University Entrance Exam

Required Skillset for BPA Candidates

Professionals seeking to pursue a career in entertainment, who are artistically inclined, should consider the program. Necessary skills and character traits that can be beneficial include:

Skillset Required for BPA
Confidence Teamwork
Time management skills Organisation skills
Self-presentation Commitment to the entertainment industry
Hardwork Innovative
Passionate Observant
Ability to express Patience
Visualisation skills Creative

Course curriculum for BPA

The range of topics covered in a Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) program depends on the candidate's chosen area of specialisation. Here is an overview of some of the courses offered in the three most popular BPA fields: music, dance, and theatre.

BPA Course Curriculum
Raga Studies Tala Studies
Fundamental Study of Hindustani Music Fundamental Study of Tala
Western Music Elementary study of Hindustani Music
Elementary Study of Tala Analytical Study of Indian Classical Music
Analytical Study of Tala and Shastra Intensive Study of Raga
Intensive Study of Tala Folk Music
Rabindra Sangeet World Music
BPA Course Curriculum
History of Dance Technique of Dance
Choreography Movement Techniques
New Media & Performance Practice Dance on Camera
Indian Culture -
BPA Course Curriculum
Acting Basic Computer Skills
Basics of Vocal Practice Body Movement and Dance
Communication Skills Introduction to Indian Theatre
Yoga History of Indian Theatre
Practical Knowledge Of Basic Ragas Stage Craft and Design
Environmental Studies Folk Theatre Forms of India
Direction History of Western Theatre
Indian Culture and Art Basic Concepts of Film Making
Event Management Mixed Martial Arts
Theory of Direction and Stage Craft Basics of Camera Light and Sound
Script Writing Theatre Production
Basics of TV Production Project on Short Film
Sound Editing Sound Recording
TV Production Lab Film Theories
Project on Commercial Advertisement TV Production

BPA Job Profiles 

Career opportunities for graduates with a performing arts degree are abundant. A wide range of entertainment companies are on the lookout for gifted professionals to join their industry. The following notable job roles await those who possess a Bachelor of Performing Arts:

  • Actor: Actors are experienced professionals who take on a range of distinct characters in film, television, theatre and other performing arts platforms. As their experience deepens, they become more eligible for higher paying roles.
  • Community Arts Worker: Serving as a Community Arts Worker, one is tasked with delivering arts- and art-adjacent activities to a particular community. These positions are often found in Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) focused on improving the welfare of a local environment.
  • Choreographer: A Choreographer is responsible for crafting and directing unique pieces of movement for dance performances. This can involve creating entirely new choreography, or rearranging existing pieces to create an impactful effect. With a professional tone and style, they strive to make each performance truly memorable.
  • Music Therapist: A music therapist is a professional dedicated to using music as an integral part of a complete therapeutic plan for patients of any age. Careful assessment of mental and physical conditions precedes the commencement of treatment, allowing the therapist to tailor a highly personalised approach to the patient’s needs.
  • Theatre Director: A theatre director has the task of both practically and creatively interpreting a dramatic script. They collaborate closely with all actors, artistic personnel, and production teams in order to produce a captivating performance that resonates with the viewers.
  • Dance Teacher: A dance instructor is an experienced professional who provides instruction and guidance to individual or group students. The instructor imparts their knowledge of different dancing techniques, and assists their students in refining their dancing abilities for optimal performance.
  • Art Administrator: A dance teacher is a professional who specialises in providing instruction to individuals or groups in the art and skill of dancing. With expertise in their area of instruction, they equip their students with the necessary techniques to improve and refine their dancing abilities.
  • Broadcast Presenter: A broadcast presenter serves as the face or voice of an array of programs broadcasted over television, radio, and the internet. They provide a critical leadership role in leading the show's direction.
  • Broadcast Engineer: A Broadcast Engineer is accountable for the setup, upkeep, and running of all broadcast-related equipment. They ensure its optimal performance for the highest quality experience.
  • Screenwriter: A professional screenwriter crafts the dialogue, characters, and narrative arc of a film script. Skilled in their craft, these individuals meticulously construct scripts that are both engaging and enthralling.

BPA Top Recruiters

Some of the top recruiters for BPA graduates include:

Top Recruiters for BPA Graduates
Saregama India Universal Arts
HT Media Iris Mediaworks
Balaji Telefilms -

If you're unsure if a Bachelor of Performing Arts is the right choice for you, let our team of expert counsellors at Brainwonders help you find the perfect career path. We understand that making such an important decision can be confusing, which is why we offer comprehensive assessments and personalised advice to ensure we provide you with the best possible direction and opportunity. With our assistance, you'll gain clarity on your future prospects and unlock the potential to achieve your long-term ambitions.

FAQs on BPA (Bachelor of Performing Arts)

1. What is the Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) program? 

Answer: The Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA) is an undergraduate degree program in India that focuses on the practical, theoretical and creative aspects of performing arts including theatre, dance, music, and other related fields. The program emphasises experiential learning opportunities and provides students with the skills and experience needed for careers in the performing arts industry. 

2. How long does a BPA degree take to complete? 

Answer: A Bachelor of Performing Arts typically takes three years to complete. The program consists of six semesters, each spanning four months, which cover the various performance-related areas of study.

3. What are the eligibility requirements for admission into a BPA program?

Answer: Most schools require aspiring BPA students to have at least 50% in their 10+2 level examinations in any stream with English as one of the subjects. 

4. What kind of career opportunities do BPA graduates have? 

Answer: Graduates of a BPA program often pursue careers in theatre, film, television, radio and various other media outlets. They can also seek employment in the production industry and in public relations firms. Additionally, many opt to continue their studies by pursuing an MFA or PhD degree in order to develop specialised skills for particular roles within the performing arts industry.

Are you aware which subjects and courses will bring you closer to your dream career?

Are you aware which subjects and courses will bring you closer to your dream career?


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