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BTTM (Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management) - Full Form, Course, Admission, Syllabus, Salary, Scope

06 February,2024  |  By Brainwonders


What is B.T.T.M. ?

The full form of BTTM is Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management, also known as The Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management (B.T.T.M.) is an undergraduate degree program designed to provide aspiring students with the essential knowledge, skills, and experience needed to advance in the travel and tourism industry. With an emphasis on modern trends and practices, BTTM course is tailored to give students a competitive advantage in the field. 

Additionally, this degree provides international exposure through internship and student exchange opportunities both domestically and abroad. Students who complete their B.T.T.M. qualifications are equipped with the necessary managerial skills to succeed in any industry-related job and can take advantage of attractive campus placement opportunities. This is all achieved through rigorous academic training that prepares graduates for a dynamic and ever-changing field.

This programme has been crafted to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to launch successful careers within the global tourism and travel sector. Students will gain experience in key areas such as human resources and management, marketing, research, information technology, finance and strategy.

Additionally, the programme equips trainees with the skills and techniques required to start and manage a business; they learn how to assess financial risks, evaluate and manage human resources, and successfully assimilation of sustainable tourism methods to reduce the detrimental impacts of travelling on the environment. 

Upon completion of the Masters in Tourism and Travel Management programme, graduates are well-positioned to work in diverse sectors of the industry, including resorts, cruise ships, hotels and other related businesses.

B.T.T.M. Highlights

Course Level Undergraduate
Duration 3 years/4 years
Eligibility Criteria 10+2 or equivalent from a recognised board
Admission Process Entrance Test
Total Fees Rs. 1.8 lakhs - Rs. 6 lakhs

Advantages of B.T.T.M. (Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management)

A Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management degree programme offers an array of benefits for those seeking to embark on a career in the tourism industry. With this program, students can explore various job opportunities, such as travel guide, travel agent, travel coordinator, tour operator, travel counsellor and tour operator. 

All of these roles are essential to the industry, with each requiring its own set of skills and knowledge. In addition, BTTM courses provide the opportunity to develop key management and communication abilities that are necessary for success in any tourism-related role. With this degree, you will have the qualifications necessary to kick-start your career and make your mark in the ever-evolving world of tourism.

More About B.T.T.M. (Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management)?

The Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management (BTTM) is an undergraduate degree program offered by universities and colleges. This program typically lasts for three years but may extend to four in some cases. Upon graduating with a BTTM, individuals have the broad potential to pursue many different career opportunities across the travel and tourism industry. Depending on their chosen sector, graduates can find a fulfilling and prosperous career path.

B.T.T.M. (Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management) Eligibility

  • Applicants who have successfully passed a 10+2 or an equivalent examination in any other stream conducted by a recognized Board/University/Council are eligible to apply for the Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management (B.T.T.M.) Program. 
  • Final year students awaiting results may also apply. 
  • To be accepted into the program, applicants must achieve at least 45% aggregate marks in their class 10+2. Reserved categories such as SC/ST shall be provided a relaxation in this requirement up to 5%. 
  • There is no age restriction for applicants, allowing individuals of all ages to apply for the B.T.T.M. Program.

B.T.T.M. (Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management) Admissions

Candidates wishing to pursue Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management (B.T.T.M.) from institutes in India must complete certain procedures for admission. 

Generally, two methods are available: admission through entrance exams or direct admission. For the former method, institutes offering this degree program will administer a relevant entrance exam for enrollment. Admission is based on the performance in said exam. Many renowned Indian institutes opt for this approach. The other process is direct admission, which is regulated primarily by private universities. In this case, qualification of an applicant's academic history is used to assess suitability and admit them accordingly.

Top Careers options after completing BTTM

Careers Average Salary
Travel Agent ₹15,000-60,000
Travel Guide ₹10,000-20,000
Tour Planner ₹25,000-45,000

Top B.T.T.M. Exams

The entrance exams conducted by top institutes are designed to identify and shortlist the best potential candidates for admission. Examples of such tests include the IELTS and ITM Entrance Tests, which are renowned as leading competitive entrance exams in India. These exams are organised by various institutional bodies and offer a comprehensive assessment of each candidate's ability and potential. 

Alternatively, some institutions may choose to assess potential students through a direct admissions process. Through this approach, colleges evaluate a student's academic qualifications and other relevant attributes, in order to determine whether they are suitable for admission. This method has become increasingly popular among higher educational institutions due to its effectiveness and convenience.

Aspirants have to submit the following documents after passing the entrance test.

  • 10th and 12th standard Passing certificates
  • 10th and 12th standard Mark sheets 
  • Passport size photographs
  • Character certificate

Top B.T.T.M. (Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management) Exams

Entrance exams are a vital part of gaining admission into Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management (B.T.T.M.) programmes across India. To secure a spot at a prestigious institute, it is essential for candidates to be fully prepared and commit to understanding the pertinent information about these examinations. Below is a summary of the important details pertaining to B.T.T.M. entrance exams that applicants must be aware of.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

IELTS is an internationally recognised English language assessment that tests the proficiency of non-native English speakers. The exam is jointly administered by the British Council and IDP and is designed to evaluate a candidate's ability to use the English language effectively. With successful completion of this examination, individuals will be able to demonstrate their aptitude in understanding and using English in both everyday situations and professional contexts.

IELTS Highlights

Exam mechanism Offline/Online
Exam level University level
Duration of Time 2 hours 45 minutes
Number of questions 40 Questions
Types of question

Multiple choice questions (MCQs)

  • Matching
  • Form, note, table, flow-chart, summary completion
  • Sentence Completion
  • Short-answer questions
Eligibility criteria for B.T.T.M 12th with minimum 50 percent aggregate in any stream
Languages English
Total marks 40 Marks
Marking scheme For 1 correct answer: +1 marks

ITM Entrance Test

ITM University, Gwalior hosts a national entrance and scholarship test for admission to their undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD courses. With an exhaustive range of courses, including Engineering, Science, Pharmacy, IT, Business and Management Studies, Hotel Management, Nursing, Agriculture and Veterinary Science, Design, Teaching and Education, Arts, Law and Humanities and Social Science, applicants are sure to find a course that suits their interests. 

The competitive exam is designed to identify the best and brightest candidates who have the potential to succeed at ITM University, Gwalior and make a positive contribution to their chosen field of study.

ITM Entrance Test Highlights

Exam mechanism Offline/Online
Exam level National level
Duration of Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Number of questions 100 Questions
Types of question Objective type questions
Eligibility criteria for B.T.T.M 12th with minimum 50 per cent aggregate in any stream
Languages English
Total marks 100 Marks
Marking scheme For 1 correct answer: +1 marks

B.T.T.M. (Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management) Courses

The BBA in Tourism and Travel Management is a three-year undergraduate programme designed to prepare students for the business side of Travel and Tourism. It provides a comprehensive education in tourism policy and law, travel agency training, and HR management as well as sound instruction in strategic decision making and leadership. With its well-rounded curriculum, the BBA in Tourism and Travel Management equips graduates with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in the exciting arena of international travel and commerce.

The B.Com in Tourism and Travel Management provides students with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of working within the travel and tourism industry. Through lectures, hands-on activities, and case studies, students will learn how to make strategic business decisions, understand the importance of leadership in the workplace, and develop their critical thought process. They will gain an understanding of the various markets, trends, customer needs, and technology components involved in the industry. 

B.T.T.M. (Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management) Specializations

Graduates of B.T.T.M. (Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management) can take advantage of various specialisations to enhance their career prospects. Detailed below are the available options for them to choose from.

B.T.T.M. Specialisations

Tourism Management Airline Management
Airline Ticketing Travel Administration
Hospitality Accounting Human Resource Management

Top Online Hospitality Courses and Certifications

  • Online Hospitality Courses
  • Online Hospitality Management Courses
  • Online Hospital Administration Courses

B.T.T.M. (Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management) Syllabus

The syllabus of BTTM courses may vary from college to college. Given below are the syllabus for the B.T.T.M. (Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management).

B.T.T.M. Syllabus for 1st Year

Semester 1 Semester 2
Foreign Language Foreign Language
Indian Geography World Geography of Tourism
Religious Tourism I Tourism Organisations
Environmental Studies I Environmental Studies
Field Work Project I Field Work Project I
Cultural Tourism of India Religious Tourism
Application of Computers Historical Tourism Products of India
Basics of Tourism of India Travel Agency Tour Operator
Natural Tourism Products International Tourism Business
Application of Computers Lab Fundamentals of Accounting I

B.T.T.M. Syllabus for 2nd Year

Semester 3 Semester 4
Hospitality Management in Tourism Principles of Management
Automotive in Travels and Tourism Industrial Training Project
Effective Listening Tourism Planning
Tourism Trends in India Airline Operations Management Economics of Tourism
Travel Documentation Cargo Management
Fundamentals of Accounting II Management Information System
Transport Management Coping strategies
Tour Packaging Management Group Dynamics

B.T.T.M. Syllabus for 3rd Year

Semester 5 Semester 6
Industrial Training Project Eco Tourism
Sociology of Tourism
Tourist Behaviour
Corporate Communication
Managerial Accounting
Interpersonal Communication

B.T.T.M. Syllabus for 4th Year

Semester 7 Semester 8
Mice Management Basics of Revenue Management
HR Management Workplace Communication
Employability Skills Research Methodology
Destination Management Tourism Technology
Entrepreneurship Development Relationship Management
Tourism Environmental Law Research Project

B.T.T.M. (Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management) Salary trends

The salary for each job role varies based on individual capabilities. The following list details some job profiles with associated salaries as a reference. 

Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management Salary

Job Profiles Salary (Annually)
Tourism Manager Rs. 4.8 lakhs p.a. (approx)
Transport Administrator Rs. 14 lakhs p.a. (approx)
Travel Consultant Rs. 4 lakhs p.a. (approx)
Events Manager Rs. 5.2 lakhs p.a. (approx)
Recreation Manager Rs. 4.3 lakhs p.a. (approx)
Travel Agent Rs. 3.5 lakhs p.a. (approx)
Customer Service Manager Rs. 7 lakhs p.a. (approx)
Tourism Promoter Rs. 3.5 lakhs p.a. (approx)
Tour Guide Rs. 3.8 lakhs p.a. (approx)

Scope of B.T.T.M. (Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management)

Upon obtaining a B.T.T.M. diploma, applicants are presented with vast job prospects. Listed below are some of the most frequently chosen roles for graduates of this program:

The Tourism industry is an incredibly diverse and rewarding sector, offering a range of exciting job opportunities. From Tourism Managers to Event Managers, Transport Administrators to Travel Consultants, those looking for work in the field are sure to find something to suit them. 

Tourism Managers oversee tourism promotion activities in their area, organising campaigns and events to drive awareness, as well as providing assistance to tourists. 

Transport Administrators create efficient procedures and systems for travel providers, from timetables and routes to freight services.

Travel Consultants help their customers choose the ideal travel package based on their requirements, furnishing all necessary information along the way. 

Event Managers organise and manage parties, conferences and other events, taking care of all details from the venue to catering arrangements. 

Travel Agents plan and sell transportations, accommodations, insurance and other travel services, working with clients to determine their needs and recommend appropriate destinations. 

Customer Service Managers also have a part to play in the tourism industry, supervising customer service teams and providing training to staff in order to ensure a high standard of service. 

Careers Opportunities after B.T.T.M. (Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management)

The Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management program brings together a variety of disciplines to provide students with a comprehensive education in the field of travel and tourism. As the industry continues to grow and expand, there is an increasingly high demand for qualified professionals to meet this need. This degree provides students with the opportunity to gain comprehensive insight into the industry from its various aspects, including cultural, economic, and legal perspectives. Furthermore, graduates can utilise their acquired knowledge when starting a career as a travel agent, writer, or business executive in the tourism sector. With up-to-date information on market trends and cultural differences, graduates of BTTM are well-suited to tackle the challenges of this ever-evolving field.

The travel and tourism industry is growing rapidly, creating a need for skilled professionals to fill roles in this field. Completion of a university degree, such as an MBA in Tourism and Travel or other related courses, provides graduates with the knowledge and qualifications necessary for success. The Indian government has recognized the importance of tourism and invested in its development. As such, those wishing to pursue a career in the industry must be prepared to work hard and demonstrate a passion for their craft. With the right education and dedication, they will have numerous opportunities open to them.

Are you uncertain about whether a Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management is the right course for you? Our BrainWonders Counselling team can assist you in determining your ideal educational pathway. Our experienced advisors will work with you to gain an understanding of your career goals and interests, providing tailored guidance to ensure you find the perfect course to suit your needs.

FAQs on BTTM course

Q.1: What is the average fee for BTTM?

Ans: The average fee for BTTM courses ranges from 2 lakhs and 6 lakhs. However, the fees for this course changes from college to college.

Q.2: What particular specialisation one could do in BTTM?

Ans: 1) Tourism Management

        2) Airline Management

        3) Airline Ticketing

        4) Hospitality Accounting

Q.3: Can a student from Science Stream pursue BTTM?

Ans: Individuals from science stream or any other division of study can pursue the B.T.T.M. (Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management) program, thus enabling them to build a vocation in travel and tourism.

Q.4: What is the average salary we can expect after completing BTTM?

Ans: Graduates who complete a degree in BTTM can expect to receive lucrative salaries. Depending on their individual capabilities and skills, remuneration may differ between job profiles. The most highly compensated roles in this field are Transport Administrator at approximately Rs. 14 lakh per annum, and Customer Service Manager with an average salary of Rs. 7 lakh per year.

Q.5: What is the salary of tourism manager in India? 

Ans: On average, a tourism manager in India could earn anywhere from ₹3,00,000 to ₹8,00,000 or more per annum.

Confused about which Course to choose after 12th?

Take Brainwonders Career Test and make the right decisions for your college and course ahead


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