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Career Options After 12th Arts: What To Do After 12th Arts? 2023

09 May,2023  |  By Brainwonders

Career Options After 12th Arts

Every year, millions of students complete their higher secondary examination (class 12) in the arts stream and need help deciding what to pursue next. Understanding the best career options after 12th Arts is paramount for these students. 

At this crucial juncture, students need to understand that their qualified education in arts opens up a wide range of possibilities for them. From journalism to psychology, economics to the law and IT-enabled services, there are multiple options for an art student to make a successful career.

For instance, those interested in history can consider pursuing archaeology or museology. Similarly, those interested in social sciences can look into careers in teaching, research, counselling and other related fields. Those passionate about language and literature can explore careers in media, publishing houses or advertising. Those good at problem-solving or looking at situations differently can start working in HR fields. 

In addition to traditional routes, one could also consider job-oriented professional courses such as chartered accountancy, company secretaryship, etc.

Overall, with an understanding of the best career options after 12th Arts, students can make informed decisions that can help shape their future trajectories. Let's look at this in more detail.

Top 10 Career Options After 12th Arts

  1. BA LLB (Bachelor of Arts- Bachelor of Legislative Law)
  2. BCA Computer Science
  3. BA (Bachelor of Arts)
  4. BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)
  5. BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication)
  6. BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)
  7. BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media)
  8. B.Des (Bachelor of Design)
  9. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  10. BSW (Bachelor of Social Work)

In recent years, the answer to the question of what to do after 12th Arts has become more varied. With a greater range of courses to choose from and a wealth of information available, students can now make an informed decision when selecting their higher education path. 

To help guide your exploration, we have compiled a comprehensive list of post-12th Arts courses along with detailed descriptions of the course structure and scope, as well as the career opportunities each one presents. By consulting this list and researching further, you have the power to select the ideal course for you and set yourself on the path to success.

Discuss some of the top popular courses after 12th Arts.

A student who wishes to pursue a career in Arts should study the following subjects:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Law
  • Political Science
  • Mass Communication

You should now be familiar with the subjects you will be studying in the Arts field. Let's take a look at some of the top Arts-related career options.

  1. BA LLB (Bachelor of Arts- Bachelor of Legislative Law)

Course Name Bachelor of Arts- Bachelor of Legislative Law
Duration 5 years
Eligibility At least 55% in class 12th in any stream
Top Colleges Entrance Exam Either by merit or by entrance exams
Specialisation Civil Law, Corporate Law, Tax Law, Labour Law, Criminal Law, Patent Law, Constitution Law, International Law, etc
Salary 4.3 lakhs per annum
Future Prospects Legal Advisor, Lawyer, Company Secretary, Attorney, Law Officer, Advocate, Legal Associate, etc


The BA in Legislative Law course is mainly pursued by students interested in making a career in Law. BA LLB is a 5-year integrated degree that you can pursue after 12th Arts or any other stream. The profession of lawyer/ attorney/ advocate is one of the respected professions in the country. Students who have a genuine interest in the legal field mainly pursue this integrated course. This course will help students understand several laws, thereby learning through case studies.

  1. BCA Computer Science

Course Name Bachelor of Computer Application in Computer Science
Duration 3 years
Eligibility Minimum 55% in 12th (Science/Commerce) with English as a compulsory subject
Entrance Exam Either by merit or by entrance exams
Specialisation  Database Management System, Computer Graphics, Web Technologies, Programming Languages, Management Information Systems, etc. 
Salary 5-10 lakhs per annum
Future Prospects Software Developer, Programmer, Technical Analyst, System Administrator, etc 


With the advancement in information technology, various IT and software companies have started establishing in India. Thus, they need computer experts who have thorough knowledge in the technology field. 

Most students who are interested in computer applications go for BCA courses. In this course, you will learn both about computers and how they work. You will learn how to make computer applications, web applications, Android apps, and software. Along with that, you'll learn about database management and software systems. You'll also learn about web technology and the most recent technology trends.

  1. BA (Bachelor of Arts)

Course Name Bachelor of Arts
Duration 3 years
Eligibility  Minimum of 60% in class 12th in any stream with English
Entrance Exams Either by merit or by entrance exams
Specialisations  BA History, BA Sociology, BA Psychology, BA English, etc
Salary 4-6 lakhs per annum
Future Prospects Psychiatrist, Writer, Teacher, Author, Historian, Sociologist, etc


Bachelor of Arts is one among the top pursued courses after 12th Arts. BA course is pursued by those students who aspire to do the social science courses. There are a lot of disciplines available in the BA field. Pursuing the BA degree helps you to get employment in government areas. With the help of this course, you can improve your interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, and emotional intelligence. To get admission into top institutes that provide the BA degree, there are several entrances that those institutes organise. Some institutes take admissions directly as per the eligibility criteria.

  1. BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

Course Name Bachelor of Fine Arts
Duration 3 years
Eligibility Class 12th exam with 60% aggregate marks
Entrance Exam Either by merit or by entrance exams
Specialisation BFA Painting, BFA Animation, BFA Applied Arts, BFA Photography, BFA Pottery & Ceramics
Salary 4-7 lakhs per annum
Future Prospects Fine Artist, Cartoonist, Animator, Painter, Art Teacher, Graph Teacher, etc


The Bachelor of Fine Arts undergraduate program deals with the creative courses designed for students who love to discover the innovative art field, which gives them a chance to pursue a particular course in BFA. The course provides impeccable opportunities in graphic designing, animation industry, film industry, media industry, etc. Thus, BFA is a diversified course as it offers many courses after 12th Arts. After gaining a few years of work experience, you work as a freelancer and become a freelance writer, artist, teacher or animator.  

  1. BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication)

Course Name Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication
Duration 3 years
Eligibility At least 60% aggregate marks in class 12th
Entrance Exam Either by merit or by entrance exams
Specialisation  Electronic Media, Print Media, Film Making, Sound Editing, etc.
Salary 4.2 lakhs per annum
Future Prospects Journalist, Reporter, Copywriter, Anchor, Radio Jockey, Correspondent, Editor, etc.

Students who are attentive and inquisitive about the various events happening around the world are the perfect fit for BJMC (Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication). BJMC course is best suitable for those who have a passionate interest in media, journalism and mass communication. In this course, you will study media laws, ethics, media management, design, writing, designing, socio-economic and political aspects of India, etc. You can choose the discipline and enroute the journey in a specific BJMC course. 

  1. BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management)

Course Name Bachelor of Hotel Management
Duration 4 years
Eligibility 12th from any recognised Board with at least 60% marks
Entrance Exam Either by merit or by entrance exams
Salary 6-13 lakhs per annum
Future Prospects Hotel Front Desk Agent, Chef, Executive Housekeeper, Front Office Manager, Sales Manager, Convenience Service Manager, etc


As we all know, the hospitality industry has been emerging in the last few years. There has been a tremendous increase in the industry because of the increasing hotel industry in India as well as in foreign countries. One can start a fruitful career in the hospitality industry by pursuing a Bachelor of Hotel Management. In the BHM course, aspirants are taught housekeeping operations, front office operations, food & beverage preparation, accommodation, marketing, finance, business communication, public relations, etc. You can choose the desired specialisation as per your interest area. With the increase in the tourism industry, you can also specialise in the hospitality and tourism sector. During this course, a student can get a lot of job opportunities to improve their communication, interpersonal, and other skills for different jobs.

  1. BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media)

Course Name Bachelor of Mass Media
Duration 3 years
Eligibility  Pass 12th with 60% and above
Entrance Exam Either by merit or by entrance exams
Salary 4-7 lakhs per annum
Future Prospects Screenwriter, Sound Engineer, Public Relation Manager, Radio Jockey, Photojournalist, etc


Bachelor of Mass Media course explains and teaches more about mass communication, principles of management, economics, public relations, advertising, copywriting, editing, press laws & ethics, mass media research and many other essential concepts which are related to mass media. Thus, the BMM course includes studying several means of communication such as newspapers, social media platforms, radio and television. Additionally, students will also be imbibing skills like problem-solving, analytical, networking, communication, interpersonal, observation and research skills. If you love exploring the media field, you should pursue the course. In recent times lucrative employment opportunities are readily available in the Mass media sector.

  1. B.Des (Bachelor of Design)

Course Name Bachelor of Design
Duration 5 years
Eligibility Class 12th in any stream with at least 55% aggregate marks
Entrance Exam Either by merit or by entrance exams
Specialisation Industrial Design, Product Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design, Interior Design, Fashion Communication, etc
Salary 5.8 lakhs per annum
Future Prospects Design Director, Textile & Surface Developer, Fashion Designer, Graphic Designer, Apparel Designer, etc


A Bachelor of Design is a professional undergraduate degree pursued by students who want to build a profitable and rewarding career in the field of design. In the course, you will be accumulating knowledge in essential aspects of designing. Thereby will also be provided training in whichever specialisation you are selecting. For instance, if a student wants to work in the architecture field, then he or she should take up an interior designing course.

  1. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Course Name Bachelor of Business Administration
Duration 3 years
Eligibility Class 12th with at least 60% marks
Entrance Exam Either by merit or by entrance exams
Specialisation  BBA Marketing, BBA Finance, BBA Supply Chain Management, BBA Tourism, BBA Operations, etc.
Salary 4.4 lakhs per annum
Future Prospects Business Development Executive, Marketing Executive, Executive Assistant, etc


A Bachelor of Business Administration is an undergraduate degree that prepares students for a robust future in commercial and business management. If you love management and want to inculcate all the essential managerial and entrepreneurial skills, you should take the BBA course. The BBA curriculum covers cost accounting, financial accounting, business law, management accounting, customer relationship management, etc. After completing the BBA degree, you can start your own business or can become an entrepreneur. A BBA degree is beneficial for students thinking of entering the market or business sector. You can pursue this degree in full time or part-time mode. 

  1. BSW (Bachelor of Social Work)

Course Name Bachelor of Social Work
Duration 3 years
Eligibility Class 12th with at least 60% marks
Entrance Exam Either by merit or by entrance exams
Specialisation Child Welfare, Indigenous Child Welfare, etc
Salary 4-6 lakhs per annum
Future Prospects Social Worker, Project Coordinator, Social Educator, etc

A Bachelor of Social Work is for those who love to help people and indulge in social activities. In the course, you will be studying sociology, human growth & behaviour, contemporary developmental studies, human rights, fieldwork, computer application, and many more essential concepts in social work. Some popular topics that you study in a Bachelor of Social Work programme are Introduction to Social Work, Social Problems in India, Social Work Research & Statistics, and Social Work Administration. You will also integrate skills like persuasion, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and other skills. After completing the BSW course, aspirants can either go for higher studies or pursue a job in social work.

So, you must have a brief understanding of all courses available after 12th Arts. Thus, you can select one of the best courses after 12th Arts depending on your interest area. If you are still confused about which courses you should pursue after 12th Arts, visit Brainwonders for career counselling. We at Brainwonders will help you select the right course or career as per your interest area. Most of you still do not have any idea about your interest. You don't have to worry; we will assign you an aptitude test, and based on that, we will analyse your interest area. Based on your interest area, our career counsellor will guide and help you choose the right course for you. So get in touch with us; we are ready to assist you!

Frequently asked questions about Career Options After 12th Arts

Q1. What are the career options after 12th Arts?

Ans: After completing 12th Arts, there are a variety of career options available to students, depending on their interests and aptitude. Some of the most popular options include becoming a journalist, an artist, a language specialist, a teacher, an event manager, a marketer, and more. 

Q2. How do I determine which career path is right for me?

Ans: Choosing the right career path for you can be a challenge, but it is important to take the time to research your options and think about what skills and passions you have that could be put to use in your chosen field. Talk to people who have experience in the industry you are interested in, and consider taking some courses or internships to gain practical experience.

Q3. Are there any resources available to help me choose a career path? 

Ans: Yes! There are a variety of online resources available to help you decide on a career path. You can explore industry websites and job search platforms to learn more about specific careers, as well as government and professional organisation websites that provide job profiles and other helpful information. Additionally, you can also opt for career counselling to get more clarity about which career will be better for you.

Q.4 What all questions are asked in the entrance exams for a BFA degree?

Ans:A BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts) degree program is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become professionals in visual art. The curriculum includes theoretical and practical learning components that enable students to gain an understanding of art fundamentals, history, and culture as well as hone their creative and technical skills such as perspective, light, and shade. Most private and government institutions have their own entrance examinations for admission into a BFA degree program, but usually, the core curriculum remains the same. Successfully completing a BFA degree will give graduates the confidence and qualifications to pursue a career in the field of their choice.

Q.5 How are the 5 years of B.A, L.L.B?

Ans: Completing a Bachelor of Arts in Law degree requires students to invest a significant amount of time and commitment to be successful. Whether a student is passionate about the field or just interested, every course must be taken seriously as it is necessary to understand the material fully. Additionally, internships are mandatory for the completion of the degree and require full-time dedication. Diligent studying and focus on all components of the curriculum is required for the completion of this degree. 

Q.6 What will I learn in Hotel Management?

Ans: A Bachelor’s in Hotel Management degree provides students with essential knowledge and skills for a successful career in the hotel industry. The curriculum covers a range of topics, including management, marketing, and food-related courses. In addition, students learn about travel and tourism management, hospitality marketing and advertising, kitchen operations, food and beverages, and human resource management. Each institution may provide different subject options and specializations, so it is important to research each program carefully. 

Q.7 What are the benefits of taking up a BA + LLB program, and when is it advisable to opt for it?

Ans: The BA + LLB program is an excellent educational opportunity for those interested in pursuing a career in law. This dual degree 5-year program saves students one year of study, compared to completing a 3-year BA and a 3-year LLB degree separately. Aspiring legal professionals will be taught the theories, applications, and critical skills they need to excel in their field, such as logic, analysis, and communication. Additionally, having a dual degree opens up more job opportunities than either alone, including roles in media, academia, and journalism. Companies highly value graduates with a BA + LLB degree, making it an competitive and advantageous choice for anyone looking to break into the field of law.

Confused about which Course to choose after 12th?

Take Brainwonders Career Test and make the right decisions for your college and course ahead


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