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Dental Courses After 12th: List, Admission, Eligibility, Fee & Scope

09 January,2024  |  By Brainwonders

Dental Courses After 12th

Dental Course After 12th:

Dental Courses are designed to ping some scientific study such as anatomy, human physiology, disease, and their relation to the mouth. The education in the dental stream includes discussions of jaw, mouth, pathology, tooth anatomy, treatment, and much more. Dental courses are primarily taught through practical study. However, the method is taught theoretically in great detail.

The dentistry course can be applied to degree, diploma, and integrated degree course following the 12th grade. We have chosen a few of the best programmes for those interested in the dental discipline. The enticing programmes are listed below.

  • BSc Dental Technology
  • Diploma in Dental Hygiene
  • Diploma in Dental Assistant
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

The courses mentioned above are well-evolved for learning and developing skills. Being professional courses, such programs help candidates find a prosperous career. Admission to dental classes in many universities opens at the beginning of the year and lasts till December. 

  • Aspirants must study science stream or related subjects in the 12th grade before applying to the program.
  • For admission to the BDS programme, the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) is administered by NTA.
  • After the 12th, dentistry courses typically cost between INR 11,000 and INR 30,000 each year.

Dental courses after 12th, how many years? 

The program consists of four years of academic instruction and one year of clinical training under senior doctors. You can pursue an MDS degree or enrol in short-term certification courses to become a certified dentist if you want to develop your specialisation in this field.

Students can benefit from the study done on the syllabus, course, eligibility, scope, and job alternatives by reading the entire article, which has all the necessary information.

What is a Dental Course?

Dental courses are meticulously designed to impart knowledge about oral health, making it a crucial branch of medical science. These courses cover various aspects of the mouth, primarily focusing on teeth, gums, and related organs. Essentially, a dental course equips students with the skills to maintain dental health, protect teeth, and provide effective treatments for patients experiencing toothache problems.

Within the study curriculum, students learn essential procedures, such as installing new teeth, cleaning and extracting teeth, and offering guidance to patients on proper oral care practices. The course encompasses theoretical and practical components, where students practice dental models, allowing them to gain hands-on experience and competence.

In India, dental courses utilise advanced technologies that facilitate seamless learning, enabling students to provide compassionate and flexible care to their patients.

How to become a dentist after 12th?

Aspiring students can pursue a career in dentistry after 12th grade by enrolling in a dental course. There are various pathways to becoming a dentist, including options like BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery), BSc in Dental Science, BSc in Dentistry, and Diploma in Dentistry, among others.

Essential Requirement for Dental Courses After 12th:

To be eligible for admission into dental courses after 12th grade, students must meet specific academic criteria outlined by the respective institutes. In addition to academic qualifications, specific skill sets are essential for success in these courses. Here are the key requirements:

1. Academic Qualification: Students must have completed their 12th-standard education focusing on the following subjects: physics, chemistry, biology, or mathematics. These subjects are prerequisites for applying to dental courses. Moreover, candidates are expected to have obtained above-average marks (approximately 55%) in their last qualifying exam.

2. Responsibility and Adaptability: The medical and dental fields often face hospital emergencies, requiring students to be responsible and capable of handling such scenarios with readiness and composure.

3. Effective Communication and Teamwork: As professional dentists, students will interact with patients in hospital settings. Therefore, they must possess good communication skills, particularly in dealing with patients gently and empathetically. Additionally, students must work effectively in a team environment, collaborating with other healthcare professionals.

4. Leadership Skills: In certain situations, beginners in the dental field may be entrusted with leading treatment operations. Therefore, having quality leadership skills and a solid understanding of the subject matter is crucial.

Meeting these requirements not only ensures eligibility for dental courses but also lays the foundation for a successful and fulfilling career in dentistry.

Admission to Dental Courses After 12th - 2023

The admission process for Dental Courses is typically conducted by most institutions based on the rank achieved by candidates in either a national-level or institutional-level entrance examination. Students aspiring to join Dental Courses after completing the 12th grade should visit the university's official website and fill out the application form. The minimum eligibility requirement for admission to these courses is that the applicant must have scored at least 55% in their 10+2 class, with biology being one of their main subjects.

Dental Courses After 12th

In India, Dental courses are offered at various levels, including undergraduate (UG) degrees, diploma, and certificate programs, all available after completing class 12th. Students have the option to choose from short-term dental courses like certificate and diploma programs, as well as long-term courses like UG degree programs in dental science. The duration of the courses varies based on their level and complexity.

Students must invest around 5 years of study for UG degree course after 12th standard. On the other hand, diploma courses generally span from 1 to 3 years. As long as candidates fulfil the requirements for each program, they are eligible to enrol in their desired Dental Courses After 12th.

List of Dental Diploma Courses in India

Various dental diploma courses are available in India after completing the 10th and 12th. Some of these courses:

  1. Diploma in Dentistry
  2. Diploma in Dental Care
  3. Diploma in Dental Assistant
  4. Diploma in Dental Hygiene
  5. Diploma in Dental Technology
  6. Diploma in Dental Mechanics
  7. Diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry
  8. Diploma in Laser Dentistry
  9. Diploma in Dental Materials

Diploma in Dental Technology

Dental Technology is a professional course that requires a minimum of 3 years for completion. This program focuses on providing dental healthcare services, including teeth polishing and assisting patients in maintaining oral health. It is a medical course available after the 10th and 12th grades.

Dental Technician Course After 12th

Dental Technician is a 2-year duration course that candidates can enrol in after completing the 12th grade. The program teaches students about oral hygiene and preventative dentistry. Upon completing the Dental Technician program, students become trained oral health experts capable of examining, diagnosing, and treating dental health problems like gum or tooth infections, mouth injuries, and other dental conditions.

Diploma in Dental Care

The dental care diploma program takes two years to complete. It is one of the medical courses available after the 12th grade that does not require NEET. This diploma program can be pursued at various public and private universities nationwide at an affordable fee. Students participating in this course must intern to earn the degree.

Diploma in Dental Mechanics

Students who have yet to attempt any entrance exams like AIIMS Entrance Test or NEET can take admission to the Diploma in Dental Mechanics. It is a branch of dental course where students learn about dentures, their structure, and how to fix them.

Diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry

A diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry is a rising course in Dental courses after 12th in India. In this short-term course, students learn various aspects of aesthetic dentistry, including tooth preparation, restoration, and polishing composites. Medical students who have chosen science can apply for Diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry at any medical college.

Dental Courses After 12th Fees

The fee for pursuing Dental Courses After 12th can vary based on the level of the course and the facilities provided by the institution. The costs for various dental courses after the 12th are listed below:

Course Duration Course Type Fees
Bachelor Of Dental Surgery [BDS] (Oral Medicine & Radiology) 5 Years Graduation 57,000 to 12,8000
Bachelor Of Dental Surgery [BDS] (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery) 5 Years Graduation 63,000 to 24,0000
Bachelor Of Dental Surgery [BDS] 5 Years Graduation 50,000 to 2,00,000
Bachelor Of Dental Surgery [BDS] (Orthodontics) 5 Years Graduation 58,000 to 2,60,000
Bachelor Of Dental Surgery [BDS] (General Surgery) 5 Years Graduation 55,000 to 2,10,000
Bachelor Of Dental Surgery [BDS] (Prosthodontics) 4 Years Graduation 60,000 to 1,78,000

Eligibility Criteria for Dental Courses After 12th

To be eligible for Dental Courses after the 12th grade, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. Educational Qualification: Candidates should have successfully passed Class 12th from a recognised board with English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as their subjects.
  2. Minimum Marks: A minimum of 50% marks is required for enrollment into the dental course.
  3. Age Requirement: Students must have completed the minimum age of 17 at admission.
  4. Physical and Mental Fitness: Applicants must be physically and mentally healthy to pursue the dental course effectively.
  5. Admission Process: Some institutes admit students based on their marks in the qualifying examination, while others conduct entrance exams for admission.

BDS [Bachelor of Dental Surgery]

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) is a highly sought-after dental course in India and abroad. The course duration is 5 years and is open to students who have passed the 12th class from the science stream. The BDS program curriculum includes one year of practical training in the dental field. Students studying BDS will delve into public health dentistry, oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery, and more, to acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills in dentistry.

Course Name Bachelor of Dental Surgery
Eligibility 10+2 in science background
Duration 5 Years
Level UG
Average Fee Rs 40,152 to Rs 89,455 per year
BDS Salary in India INR 7.2 LPA to INR 18.7 LPA

B.Sc Dental Technology (BDT)

B.Sc Dental Technology (BDT) is a medical course that does not require a NEET UG score for admission. Students who have chosen biology in their senior secondary class can apply for this program. BDT students are exposed to the latest technologies used in dental restorations and are equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Diploma in Dental Assistant After 12th

A diploma in Dental Assistant is an excellent option for students after completing the 12th grade, seeking to pursue a rewarding career in dental care. This program equips students with all the necessary skills to assist professional dentists in their practice. Typically, the program duration in India ranges from one to two years. It is open to students studying science subjects in grades 10th or 12th.

Course Name Diploma in Dental Assistant
Eligibility Class 10th or 12th
Duration 1 to 2 Years
Level Diploma
Average Fee Rs 20,152 to Rs 39,455 per year
BDS Salary in India INR 5.2 LPA to INR 9.1 LPA

Dental Courses After 12th in India

In India, numerous universities offer Dental Courses After the 12th, and to be eligible for admission, students must meet specific criteria. These courses are open to students who have completed their 12th-class education. However, the eligibility criteria may vary depending on the course level.

Students who pursue dental courses in India are presented with a wide range of job opportunities in the healthcare sector. Hospitals and clinics are among the places where dental professionals can work.

Dental Courses After 12th in Delhi

Delhi/NCR also offers Dental courses for students who have completed their intermediate education with minimum marks. Many Institutes & Colleges in Delhi/NCR provide BDS, a popular dental course after the 12th. Completing this course allows students to obtain the dentist tag and start their career journey.

B.Sc Dental Technology (BDT) is a medical course that does not require a NEET UG score for admission. In Delhi, many hospitals require trained and professional dentists, offering decent salary packages. Upon completing the course, students are advised to work under an experienced dentist for a certain period before starting dentistry.

How to Become a Dentist in India After 12th

To become a dentist in India, students should opt for dental courses after the 12th. Completing a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from a reputable dental institute in India is essential. Any professional UG dental degree will pave the way for a successful career in dentistry, with starting salary packages ranging from Rs 4.5 LPA to Rs 7.1 LPA for freshers.

How to Find the Best Dental Courses After 12th?

Students who have completed their 12th class and wish to enrol in a dental course may need help to choose the best one. IMTS Institute assists in finding the best dental courses after the 12th through the following process:

  1. Fill out the registration form on the official website of IMTS Institute -
  2. Select the discipline you are interested in for admission.
  3. IMTS counsellors will contact you and provide solutions to your queries.
  4. Counsellors will guide you regarding the best dental courses available after the 12th.

Dental Courses After 12th scope

Dental surgeons have a promising future, similar to other medical professions. Those passionate about their career can start their dental clinics if they have the drive to do so. The demand for dental care is growing, and people are eager to maintain their natural teeth's beauty, ensuring a bright career outlook for dental professionals.

Required Documents for Dental Courses After 12th

The necessary documents for dental courses after the 12th include 10th Class Marksheet, 10th Class Certificate, 12th Class Marksheet, 12th Class Certificate, Address Certificate, Passport-size Photograph, Income Certificate, and Score Card Certificate.

Benefits of Dental Courses After 12th

Candidates pursuing dental courses can apply for positions in government or private hospitals or open their dental clinics to serve society. A career in dental science is not only a service to humanity but also a lucrative option in the present time. Dental graduates are entitled to use the prefix "Dr" before their name after completing the course.

Dental Courses After 12th Without NEET

While most medical courses require clearing the NEET exam, there are dental courses after the 12th that do not necessitate it. Some dental courses that can be pursued without NEET include Diploma in Dental Assistant, Diploma in Dental Hygiene, Bachelor's in Dental Surgery, Integrated Dental Photography Certificate Course, and BSc in Dental Technology.

Some Specialization Fields of Dental Courses After 12th

Dental courses offer various specialisation fields, such as Orthodontics (dealing with straightening and aligning teeth and jaws), Prosthetics (care of gums and related diseases), Oral Pathology (diagnosing conditions affecting the mouth), Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (operations on the mouth and jaw), Periodontics (techniques for artificial teeth), Operative Dentistry or Endodontics (root canal jobs, fillings, and cosmetic surgery), and Pediatric Dentistry (treating children with mouth problems).

Employment Areas

Dental graduates can find employment in dental clinics, hospitals, private practice, research institutes, educational institutes, dental equipment manufacturers, dental products manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies.

Job Types

Some job opportunities for dental graduates include Consultant, Dental Assistant, Oral Pathologist, Professor, Dental Lab Technician/Ceramist, Public Health Specialist, Medical Representative/Sales Representative, and Private Practitioner.

In Conclusion

Dental courses offer various UG degree and diploma programs that provide bright career prospects after the 12th. It is indeed a promising career option for those interested in dental courses after completing their 12th-grade education.If you're unsure if a Bachelor of Performing Arts is the right choice for you, let our team of expert counsellors at Brainwonders help you find the perfect career path.Brainwonders' Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) helps students gain valuable insights into their multiple intelligence areas, personality traits, and learning styles. By aligning their career choices with their innate talents, students can embark on a path that leads to personal satisfaction and professional growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Dental Courses After 12th

1. How can I become a dentist in India after 12th?

Answer: To pursue a dental career in India, you can complete the BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) course after the 12th grade.

2. Is it necessary to take the NEET exam for dental courses?

Answer: For admission into the BDS course, appearing for the NEET exam is mandatory.

3. What is the average salary of BDS graduates in India?

Answer: BDS graduates earn around Rs 85,000 to Rs 1.25 Lakhs monthly.

4. What is the minimum NEET score required for admission into a dental course after 12th?

Answer: To secure admission into the dental course (BDS), a minimum of 451 marks is required in the NEET exam.

5. What are the responsibilities of a dental mechanic?

Answer: Dental technicians are vital in improving teeth and replacing missing ones. Based on the dentist's prescription, they create braces, bridges, crowns, and dentures.

Confused about which Course to choose after 12th?

Take Brainwonders Career Test and make the right decisions for your college and course ahead


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