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Graphic Design Courses After 12th: Admission, List, Fee, Eligibility & Scope

17 February,2024  |  By Brainwonders

Graphic Design Courses After 12th

Graphic Design Courses After 12th: 

Graphic design has gained immense popularity as a promising career option. Individuals who possess creativity, artistic skills, and a desire to bring their imagination to life for the public will find graphic design to be an appealing profession. Graphic design is recognized as an interdisciplinary field within fine arts.

Various graphic design course are available after completing the 12th grade that aims to teach the fundamentals and essential concepts through practical classes, enabling students to acquire the necessary skills. In this article, we will cover several programs, including some well-known ones:

  • BA 3D Design Hons
  • BA Graphic Design
  • Diploma in Graphic Design
  • BA Graphic Communication

What is the duration of Graphic Design Courses After 12th? Can students from all streams pursue these courses? What are the career prospects in graphic design? Students need to read this article attentively to find answers to all these questions and more, as it provides detailed explanations and essential information about graphic design courses.

  • Aspiring students must have completed a minimum of 12th grade or 10+2 in Arts, Commerce, or Science streams from a recognized board.
  • The Fess of the graphic design course or program is typically from INR 5000 to INR 25,000.

Highlights of Graphic Design Courses After 12th:

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic design is a creative and intellectual pursuit that involves creating visuals and objects to convey specific information to targeted audiences. Its design philosophy revolves around the idea that "form follows function." Graphic designers act as information processors or translators in the communication process. They focus on understanding, organizing, and presenting graphic data.

The detailed design can be based on a user's verbal or non-verbal instructions, with design efforts transforming language communication into visual representations. Graphic design is a profession that requires the practical application of various skills centred around visual communication.

What Does a Graphic Designing Course Include?

Graphic designing is a skill that aids in creating visual representations using text and creative design effects. Students in this course are taught tools that assist in graphic design practice. It revolves around computer-based design creation and transforming it into an effective visualization for viewers. The demand for this course is continuously increasing, with new concepts and modifications being added.

Students who want to move away from traditional theory-based learning and join skill-based courses can explore graphic design. Professional training helps students secure effective job profiles after completing the course.

What are the Requirements for Graphic Design Courses After 12th? To pursue a graphic design course, candidates must possess certain skills and meet the requirements set by the institution. Here are some key points:

  • Candidates must have passed their intermediate final examination with a good score for undergraduate graphic design courses.
  • As graphic design revolves around effective communication, possessing strong communication skills is a fundamental requirement for anyone aspiring to become a graphic designer.
  • Creative skills are necessary for generating unique and innovative ideas, as graphic designers are constantly tasked with developing designs.
  • Problem-solving skills are crucial for addressing challenges that may arise during graphic design projects.
  • Having proficient time management skills is crucial since it ensures that tasks are completed according to the set schedule.

Graphic Design Courses Duration After 12th

Graphic design courses are available at various levels, including diplomas, certificates, undergraduate degrees, and postgraduate degrees. Each level has different course durations. Postgraduate programmes typically take two years, whereas undergraduate programmes often take three years. Diploma and certificate programmes might last anything from six months to two years.

Graphic Design Courses After 12th

There are numerous graphic design courses available for students interested in the field.

In India, Many universities and colleges provide students with different types of undergraduate and graduate programs.

For students unable to pursue degree programs, diploma, certificate, and postgraduate diploma programs are available.

Once you complete your 3-Years undergraduate program, you can apply for a 1-Year Diploma or a 6-Months certificate program. Below is a list of 

Graphic Design Courses After 12th:

Courses Name Tiime Duration
BA Graphic Design and Visual Communication 3 Year
BSc Graphic Design 3 Year
BA (Hons) Graphic Communication Design 3 Year
BA Graphic Design 3 Year
BDes Graphic Design 3 Year
BA (Hons) Graphic Design: Advertising and Branding 3 Year
BA (Hons) Graphic Design 3 Year
Diploma in Graphic Design 1 Year
Certificate Courses in Graphic Design 6 Months

BA in Graphic Design and Visual Communication

Students who have completed their 12th grade and are seeking admission in a graphic design course should consider applying for the BA in Graphic Design and Visual Communication. To ensure these students are prepared with the skills they need to succeed in their professional ambitions, the course curriculum is periodically changed to show the changing demands of the company.

The program lasts 3 years, during which students receive comprehensive knowledge and preparation for their professional journey.

B.Des in Graphic Design

The Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design is a three-year undergraduate program that focuses on digital tools and techniques in the design field. Students learn various design aspects, including creating logos, animated videos, and iterative templates. Many organisations rely on the expertise of graphic designers to develop visual content for their brands. The duration of the B.Des in Graphic Design program is 3 years.

BA (Hons) in Graphic Communication Design

The BA (Hons) in Graphic Communication Design is an undergraduate program for 3 years. This program allows students to learn and communicate design messages through diverse media to evolving audiences. Students have the exciting chance to explore various career paths, encompassing disciplines such as art animation, web design, video editing, and numerous other fascinating fields.

BSc in Graphic, Advertising & Digital Design

The BSc in Graphic, Advertising & Digital Design program focuses on visual communication through various artistic mediums. Students learn to convey messages using elements such as photography and typography effectively. This professional course caters to the increasing demand for skilled graphic designers in various industries. To obtain a BSc degree in Graphics, Advertising & Digital Design, students must complete six semesters within a six-year timeframe.

Graphic Design Courses After 12th Commerce

Even students from a commerce background can pursue graphic design courses after completing their 12th grade. These courses are designed to accommodate students from diverse streams based on their interests. Graphic design is an ever-expanding domain that holds significant importance within media and advertising, experiencing rapid growth as the industry evolves. Upon completion of the course, individuals can pursue careers as graphic designers within organisations or freelancers.

Graphic Design Courses After 12th Arts

Students who have completed 12th grade from the Arts stream can also pursue graphic design courses. The study of graphic design is open to students from all backgrounds. Admission to various universities and institutions considers previous examinations' performance. Graphic design offers a promising career path that can be pursued by anyone with a passion for creativity and visual communication.

Top Graphic Design Courses After 12th

Courses Eligibility Fee Duration
B.Des in Graphic Design 10+2 with 50% marks in any stream Rs 29,459 to Rs 31,999 4 Year
BSc in Graphic Design 12th grade from the Science stream Rs 21,999 to Rs 32,459 3 Year
BA in Graphic Design 10+2 from any stream Rs 20,849 to Rs 27,111 3 3 Year
Diploma in Graphic Designing 10th or 12th grade Rs 12,999 to Rs 18,459 1 to 3 Year
Certificate in Graphic & 3D Designing 10th or 12th grade Rs 21,888 6 Months to 1 Year

Eligibility Requirements for Graphic Design Courses After 12th

Admission to undergraduate, certificate, or diploma courses in graphic design is based on both entrance exams and merit criteria. For merit-based admissions, students must have a minimum passing score of 50% in their 10+2 qualification.

However, for entrance-based admissions, students must appear in exams such as NID, IIAD, MIT, SID, UCEED, CEED, AIEED, etc.

Graphic Design Courses After 12th in India

Studying graphic design courses in India focuses on various visual development and graphic production aspects. The field of graphic design combines text and images to create impactful designs. Students who possess a fundamental understanding of graphic design courses after the 12th have a great opportunity to enrol successfully in graphic design courses in India.

After completing their intermediate studies, students interested in pursuing graphic design courses in India can apply. Computer-based training is often considered skill-based learning, focusing on one course without any alternative subjects or courses being taught.

Diploma in Graphic Designing After 12th

For admission to a diploma in graphic designing course, candidates must have completed 10+2 from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% marks. The diploma course in graphic design ranges from 6 months to 1 year. Many institutes and universities in India provide diploma courses in graphics design and opportunities to learn animation and graphics design. 

Scope of Graphic Design Courses After 12th

Experienced graphic designers can earn an annual salary of approximately INR 4 to 5 lakhs after working for a company for around six years, given that they have gained substantial experience in the field. The growth of freelance design has been significant since the rise of the internet, allowing designers to work for multiple clients while being associated with one company.

There is currently a high demand for various graphic design courses that offer promising career opportunities, including:

  • User interface graphic design.
  • Art and illustration.
  • Packaging graphic design.
  • Environmental graphic design.
  • Visual identity graphic design.
  • Marketing and advertising graphic design.
Job Profile  Average Salary
Film/video editor INR 2.8-5.8 Lakhs per annum
Motion Graphic Designer INR 2.5-4 Lakhs per annum
Product/Industrial Designer INR 3.5-5 Lakhs per annum
Multimedia Artist INR 2.1-3.6 Lakhs per annum
Layout Designer INR 3-4.5 Lakhs per annum
Art Director INR 2-4 Lakhs per annum
Graphic Designer INR 2-3.5 Lakhs per annum

Recruitment Areas for Graphic Designing Courses After 12th

Both government and private organizations frequently hire graphic designers to work on various projects for different clients simultaneously. Freelance work is also a common option in this field. Some of the job profiles in graphic design include:

  1. Web Designer
  2. Multimedia Designer
  3. Editorial Designer
  4. Graphic Designer
  5. Flash Animator
  6. Layout Designer
  7. UI Designer
  8. Communication Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I learn graphic design after 12th?

Ans: Yes, students can enrol in graphic design courses at the undergraduate, certificate, and diploma levels after completing their 12th class.

Q2: Which courses are best for graphic design?

Ans: Students can choose courses like BA in Graphic Design and Visual Communication, B.Des Graphic Design, Diploma in Graphic Design, etc., based on their interests.

Q3: How do I start my career in graphic design?

Ans: Students can start their careers in graphic design after completing their courses. They can begin with internships and, after that, move into full-time jobs.

Q4: What are the categories or branches of Graphic Designing?

Ans: Graphic design encompasses various types, each catering to distinct purposes and industries. The categories of graphic designing include:vVisual identity graphic design, User interface graphic design, Motion graphic design, Publication graphic design, Packaging graphic design, Marketing & advertising graphic design, Environmental graphic design Art and illustration.

Q5: Is proficiency in drawing a prerequisite for pursuing a career as a graphic designer?

Ans: Yes, having proficiency in drawing can be a significant advantage for students pursuing graphic design. However, it's important to note that being good at drawing is not mandatory for all aspects of the graphic design field. While traditional drawing skills may be beneficial in certain areas, much of graphic design work is done digitally using design software.

In some cases, entrance examinations for graphic design courses may assess candidates' drawing and sketching abilities. However, the emphasis on drawing skills can vary, and many graphic designers excel without extensive hand-drawing skills. The focus is often on creativity, design principles, and proficiency in using graphic design software.

Q6: What skills are essential for a career as a Graphic Designer?

Ans: Technical Competence: Proficiency in using design software such as Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign), CorelDRAW, and other relevant tools.
Communication Skills: The ability to comprehend client requirements, effectively communicate design ideas, and collaborate with others in the design process.
Attention to Detail: Being meticulous and paying attention to small details to ensure design accuracy and quality.
Time Management: Efficiently managing time to meet deadlines and handle multiple projects simultaneously.
Adaptability: The capability to adapt to evolving design trends, tools, and client preferences.
Problem-Solving: A knack for identifying design challenges and devising creative solutions to address them.
Understanding of Design Principles: A strong grasp of design principles such as balance, hierarchy, contrast, and proximity.
Portfolio Development: Building a diverse portfolio showcasing a range of design projects and demonstrating growth and proficiency over time.
Continuous Learning: A commitment to staying updated on industry trends, software advancements, and design techniques through continuous learning.

By possessing these skills, individuals can enhance their prospects of becoming successful graphic designers.

Confused about which Course to choose after 12th?

Take Brainwonders Career Test and make the right decisions for your college and course ahead


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