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How to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

01 December,2021  |  By Brainwonders

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Who is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

Aircraft maintenance engineers or mechanics are in charge of inspecting the systems aboard planes and helicopters between flights to assure the aircraft's safety. Specific qualifications and certification are required to work in aeroplane repair.

Aircraft maintenance engineers are trained and licenced to maintain aircraft to industry standards, much as pilots are.

Maintenance is classified into two types:
  • Pre-flight inspections, refuelling, and minor avionics, electrical, and mechanical operations are examples of line responsibilities.
  • When doing more stringent checks, fault diagnosis, and repairs in an aeroplane hangar.

Working in mechanics includes servicing the fuselage, engines, landing gear, and airframe systems, as well as any electrics linked with those systems. If you concentrate on avionics, you would examine the electrical and electronic systems that are used for navigation, communications, and flight control. You would need to inspect the parts and systems, identify any flaws, and determine whether or not they can be repaired. You would then plan or carry out the repairs. It's a responsibility profession; you'd need to thoroughly inspect the aircraft and be meticulous with your repairs. You may work on commercial or private planes or military planes for the Army.

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME), sometimes known as a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME or L-AME), is a certified individual who performs and certifies aircraft maintenance. The licence is widely used throughout the world and is recognised by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The American FAA recognises the qualification in other nations, although it is referred to as Aviation Maintenance Engineer rather than "Aircraft" by the American FAA.

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Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and much of Asia are among the countries that issue or recognise AME licences internally.

An AME is in charge of aircraft and component maintenance. It is necessary to keep the aircraft's licence current. In the aviation industry, the licence is equivalent to a degree. The licence is valid both in India and abroad. AMEs with a licence might find work in the private and public sectors in India and abroad. The DGCA, Government of India, issues the AME licence.

Getting an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licences:


Obtaining a licence is critical for becoming an AME. The AME License is required to maintain and certify the aircraft. The licence must be held by AME. The licence is valid worldwide and is recognised by international authorities that deal with safety and security laws and regulations for civil aviation around the world.

To obtain an AME licence, the individual must first pass the AME Entrance Exam and then enrol at an AME Institute. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course lasts four years. These four years will be divided into two academic years and two years of on-the-job training. The DGCA will be in charge of some modules. The licence is awarded to the candidate by the DGCA Govt of India after passing the modules and completing two years of practical training. The AME License is a prerequisite for becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer everywhere in the globe.

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 Criteria for Eligibility for AME 


Engineering students who want to pursue the AME programme must meet the following qualifying requirements:

  • At the time of admission, candidates must have passed the 10+2 board exam with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) or an equivalent AICTE approved 3-year engineering diploma in any stream or any higher qualification in science with Physics and Mathematics.
  • The candidate must have received a minimum of 45% in 10+2 PCM or equivalent.
  • Candidates who are qualified for admission to B.Tech courses are also qualified for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course.
  • At the time of admission, candidates must be between the ages of 16 and 28.
  • Candidates must not be colourblind or suffer from any physical limitations.
Courses for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers:

A Two-Year Program - Students will go through one year of academic training followed by a year of practical training in airlines, MRO organisations, and other organisations. Students will be able to receive a stipend while in training. After completing the course, students can apply for the licence, which will be awarded by the DGCA. The licence will be issued to an engineer who can maintain, repair, and troubleshoot a simple aircraft fault.

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B Program (4 Years) - Students will spend two years in academics and two years in practicals. Airlines, MRO organisations, and other organisations will receive live instruction. Students can get a stipend while undergoing training. Licensed AMEs will be able to operate in both the public and private sectors in India and abroad. The DGCA will issue the licence. The mechanical stream in aeroplanes will be covered under the B1 licence. The mechanical stream is concerned with components such as the fuselage, landing gear, and wings, among others. Meanwhile, a B2 licence will be for aircraft avionics. The electronics system is linked to the avionics stream.

AME Admissions Procedure

Entrance tests are required as part of the admissions procedure. After passing the entrance exam, students will be admitted to one of the DGCA-approved institutes based on their ranks and the counselling process. 

For students who have passed the 10+2 board exam, the admission tests consist of three to four sections: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, General Awareness, and English. 

The portions of the AME entrance test for applicants with a three-year Diploma in Engineering/BTech/Higher qualification in Science with PCM will be English, General Awareness, and Aptitude Test.

Now that you know the how what and why of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer you could explore it as a career option. If you want to know about how this field would be for you, you could consult with a career counsellor at Brainwonders, and lead a successful career. 

Are you aware which subjects and courses will bring you closer to your dream career?

Worry not, because the Brainwonders test and guidance will not only help you know it, but also follow it!


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