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Psychometric tests: how to prepare

15 February,2024  |  By Brainwonders

Psychometric tests

Psychometric tests are frequently incorporated into the recruitment process by numerous employers. This practice is widespread in the context of graduate positions, work placements, and internships.

Types of psychometric tests

You might undergo testing early in the recruitment process, either as an initial online screening or during the interview phase. These assessments serve the following purposes for employers:

  1. Identify individuals most suitable for a specific job.
  2. Evaluate your alignment with their company culture.
  3. Screen a large pool of applicants efficiently, reducing the necessity for interviewing every candidate.

Some employers are innovating with tests conducted through online games or apps. These tests are standardized and often involve timed components, requiring a balance of speed and accuracy for optimal performance.

Tests used in application screening generally measure the following:

  • Ability – your knowledge and skills
  • Aptitude – your natural ability to do something
  • Personality – things like your typical thinking, motivations, interests, values and beliefs.

You can encounter assessments in areas such as:

  1. Verbal reasoning: evaluating your comprehension of written information.
  2. Numerical reasoning: assessing your numerical thinking abilities.
  3. Abstract or spatial reasoning: gauging your capacity to discern patterns, logical rules, or work with shapes.
  4. Personality: featuring questions about your behaviour to predict potential actions in a work scenario (with no right or wrong answers).
  5. Situational judgement tests: presenting a scenario and inquiring about your response.

Psychometric testing for disabled people

In case you have a disability that could impact your test performance, you have the option to request reasonable adjustments to ensure a fair testing process. These adjustments may encompass:

  1. Permission to use screen reading software.
  2. Extension of the allotted time for completing the test.

Contact the employer promptly upon receiving the test request to ensure the implementation of these adjustments.

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Prepare for a psychometric test.

There's no obligation to review before a psychometric test, but engaging in some practice can be beneficial. These allow you to:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the types of questions employers might pose.
  2. Alleviate nervousness.
  3. Gauge the time allotted for each question, aiding in effective pacing.
  4. Acquire helpful tips to optimize your performance.

You may be able to find more specific practice materials on careers sites aimed at sectors like:

  • law
  • medicine
  • finance

Learn from your mistakes.

Review your responses to identify areas of weakness. Enhance your skills by focusing on the types of questions that pose the most significant challenge for you. Utilize feedback provided by websites to pinpoint specific areas for improvement.

For numerical reasoning tests, consider honing your math proficiency in areas such as:

  1. Fractions
  2. Percentages
  3. Ratios

Why do employers use psychometric tests?

There exists a robust correlation between psychometric test scores and job performance. A high score on a psychometric test often indicates a higher likelihood of performing well in the corresponding job role. This predictive quality makes psychometric tests highly appealing to employers seeking reliable indicators of candidates' potential success in the workplace.

Let's delve further into the notable advantages that psychometric tests bring to the recruitment process:

Objectivity: Relying solely on interviews and reviewing CVs may result in instinct-based decisions. Psychometric testing eliminates this subjective decision-making aspect, promoting fairness without discrimination and bias, as all candidates undergo the same standardized test.

Accuracy: Through psychometric testing, a hiring company can evaluate a candidate's capacity to analyze information, solve problems, make informed judgments, and assess behavioural tendencies. Access to this comprehensive data on all applicants enables the hiring company to swiftly and scientifically compare candidates, identifying the most suitable candidate for the role.

Speed: Smaller firms often contend with hundreds to thousands of applicants for open positions, making thoroughly reviewing each application time-consuming. Psychometric testing enables companies to significantly reduce the size of applicant pools to a manageable level, streamlining the selection process for the organization.

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Tips for taking psychometric tests

  • Choose a quiet, distraction-free environment and aim to stay calm.
  • Ensure you have a pen, paper, and calculator readily available.
  • Conduct the tests on a laptop or PC, and consider using headphones if accessible.
  • Confirm a reliable internet connection before beginning.
  • Log in well in advance, close all other windows, and maximize the test window.
  • Review the timings, noting that some tests provide specific durations for each question, while others may require calculation.
  • Carefully read and follow the instructions, completing practice questions before starting.
  • Avoid using the browser's back button to prevent unintended test termination without saving answers.
  • If faced with a challenging question, don't linger—make an informed guess and proceed.
  • If you finish a question with spare time before the next, take the opportunity to calm yourself with a couple of deep breaths.

The pathway to your dream career is what will shape your skills and knowledge

Are you aware which subjects and courses will bring you closer to your dream career?

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