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Kothari International School- Brainwonders Regional Centre

30 September,2020  |  By Brainwonders

Kothari International School

Kothari International School as the Top CBSE school in Uttar Pradesh

  1. What sets your school apart from other schools?

Kothari International School is a school that never loses focus on the individuality of the child. It is an environment where there are many blends: a blend of the pursuit of excellence with a broadening of the mind; a blend for the fulfilment of succeeding as an individual with the pleasure of working as part of a team; and a blend between the investments in self-discovery along with an awareness of others.

Responsibilities and a strong value system are inculcated in the students from the beginning and they are motivated to take them forward throughout their lives. In short, we feed a natural curiosity for learning to equip our children with a solid foundation on which they can build their future dreams.

  1. Your school has been very involved with the psychological well-being of your students. What motivates you to be involved in the same?

It’s a need of the hour that we need to equip our students to be better prepared for the future. It is important to let them make more informed & planned choices regarding careers.

In today’s fast-paced world, having only academic competence is not enough. One must be aware of their emotional intelligence which can help them in dealing with others appropriately. Understanding their personality and being more self-aware will help them in putting their best foot forward and be more prepared for the outside world.

  1.  You have taken BRAINWONDERS DMIT for your students (and teachers).

What has pushed you to incorporate it into your school curriculum?

We took the test ourselves first to be sure before introducing it to our students and were very impressed by the results ourselves. The counselling sessions followed after the test was a cherry on the cake and told us so much about our strengths, areas we need to work upon as well as our overall personality. Without any second thought we were sure that we need to float the same for our students, as the juncture they are at right now, they need to know their strengths and be more self-aware so that they can use them productively and fly high in future.

  1.  Why do you feel that DMIT is the need of the hour for students (and teachers)?

It’s Quick, Accurate and seems most Reliable. Social desirability error seemed least as is the case of other Psychometric Tools. The counselling sessions give a more detailed understanding of the self.

  1.  Congratulations on Kothari International School becoming the BRAINWONDERS Regional DMIT Centre, what are the facilities that you will be providing to your current and future students?
  • Physical Facilities.
  • Regular Guidance and Counselling to our students.
  • Workshop by experts.
  1.  The parents have been extremely satisfied with your Kothari International School’s academic, personal development and extracurricular programs. What has been the reason behind the same?
  • KIS is a place where every student is known well, cared for, and respected, where each student is a member of a “family.”
  • A place where every student is challenged and supported to achieve ambitious goals.
  • The uniqueness of each child is embraced and they are supported for all domains.
  • A place where Teachers & Students work as a team, where they work hard to make sure that the students stretch themselves to push the extra mile and outgrow themselves in all areas.
  1.  Any final statements with regards to your vision for the future?

We are looking forward to a fruitful long term association with the Brainwonders Team in the urge of a better future for our students.

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