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Psychology Students from Diverse Corners of India Flourish with Brainwonders

05 January,2024  |  By Brainwonders

Psychology Students

In India's vast and varied landscape, four psychology students from different corners embarked on a transformative journey through a unique online training program- the Counsellor Empowerment Program (CEP) offered by Brainwonders, India's largest counselling company. These students, hailing from Southern niches of India, Kashmir, and the Northeast, pursued various psychology degrees, each carving their path to success.

1. Ananya Nair - The Beacon of Wisdom from Tamil Nadu (Bachelor of Arts in Psychology)

Ananya, a cheerful young woman from a quaint village in Tamil Nadu, held a burning passion for understanding the intricacies of the human mind. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Counseling, Ananya enrolled in Brainwonders' six-week online CEP. Focused on psychometric tests, counselling methods, and psychoeducation, she emerged as a passionate psychologist with a sharp intellect.

Securing a coveted position as a school counsellor in a prestigious chain of schools, Ananya's empathetic approach and proficiency in psychometric testing earned her an annual salary of 8 lakhs. She now navigates the complex world of adolescence, guiding students toward a brighter future.

2. Arjun Katragada- A Research Enthusiast from Karnataka (Masters in Clinical Psychology)

Hailing from a remote village in Karnataka, Arjun was keenly interested in delving into the depths of clinical psychology. In the final year of his Master's in Clinical Psychology from a local college near his village, Arjun undertook Brainwonders' online training to augment his skills. The CEP covered the U.S. Patented DMIT, research methodologies, and advanced counselling approaches.

Arjun's dedication bore fruit as he secured a position with a renowned psychometric testing and research institute. His expertise in conducting psychological assessments and research methodologies led to an impressive annual salary of 9.8 lakhs. Arjun's contributions now shape the landscape of psychological research in his chosen field.

3. Faisal Ali- A Cultural Bridge from Kashmir (Masters in Counseling - Distance Education)

Faisal, a determined individual from the scenic valleys of Kashmir, pursued his Master's in Counseling through distance education. Yearning to bridge the gap between mental health awareness and the unique needs of his community, Faisal opted for Brainwonders' training via CEP, focusing on counselling methods and designing workshops.

Faisal's commitment and acquired skills led him to a prominent chain of mental health clinics, where he serves as a counsellor, earning an annual salary of 12 lakhs. His ability to tailor counselling approaches to the cultural nuances of Kashmir has made him an invaluable asset in addressing the mental health challenges prevalent in the region as well.

4. Mein Thongpa- The Pioneer from Assam (Masters in Psychology)

Mein, a trailblazer from the lush landscapes of Assam, pursued a Masters in General Psychology from a local university. Intrigued by the prospect of merging psychology with corporate wellness, Mein enrolled in Brainwonders' CEP. With a focus on employee wellness coaching and personality profiling, Meera emerged as a pioneer in her field.

Today, Mein thrives as an employee wellness coach at a renowned MNC, commanding an impressive annual salary of 15 lakhs. Her expertise in utilizing psychometric tests for employee development has positioned her as a sought-after professional in the corporate world.

The stories of Ananya, Arjun, Faisal, and Mein exemplify the transformative power of quality education and training in psychology. Brainwonders' online CEP has not only empowered these students with valuable skills. Still, it has also positioned them as leaders in diverse sectors of the psychology landscape, contributing to the mental well-being of individuals and communities across India.

Get the right Guidance to leap through your Career

Your Brainwonders result to will help you identify the right exams you need to be ready for!

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