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Top Skills of Architectural Drafters and what does Architectural Drafter do?

03 December,2021  |  By Brainwonders

 Architectural Drafters image

What exactly is an Architectural Drafter?

An architecture draftsman, also known as an architectural drafter, creates technical plans, blueprints, and drawings of architects' original designs using computer software systems. They usually do this work with the help of their extensive training and understanding of computer-aided design (CAD) tools. Architectural drafters work with architects and engineers to confirm the materials required for the project as well as the design specifications. Once these technical drawings and plans have been finalised, they are forwarded to construction or project managers for implementation in the construction of the structure. Architectural drafters design the architectural and structural elements of structures for building projects. These workers may specialise in a specific sort of construction, such as residential or commercial. They might also specialise based on the materials they utilise, such as steel, wood, or reinforced concrete.

Architectural drafting abilities

A superb architectural drafter should be well-versed in various computer and software systems, particularly computer-aided design tools. Many of them have outstanding sketching, design, and creative ability, allowing them to create captivating and inventive ideas that others may easily perceive. They should also be extremely detail-oriented to assure the accuracy of all drawings and blueprints, as well as the inclusion of all relevant requirements.

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Other common talents that architects should have include:

  1. Creativity and artistic ability are required.
  2. Paying close attention to detail
  3. Interpersonal and teamwork abilities
  4. Mathematical and numerical abilities are required.
  5. Technical and computer expertise is required.
  6. Time-management and organising skills are required.
What exactly is the job of an architectural drafter?

Architectural drafters examine the plans of engineers and architects to provide technical drawings and blueprints for construction managers to use during the construction process. They may investigate and include building codes and dimensions to provide clear guidelines for contractors and construction managers to follow. Architecture drafters also use computer-aided design to create 3-D models that help construction workers, architects, engineers, and clients comprehend their final product plans.

An architect drafter's other key roles include:
  1. Creating technical drawings from architects' ideas for a variety of constructions, including commercial buildings and dwellings
  2. Incorporating precise building codes and measurements for use as a reference for carrying out the construction project, as well as entering this data into computer-aided design systems
  3. Building drawings show clients, leadership teams, and contractors the specific calculations, measurements, codes, and more construction information.
  4. Printing schematics for architects, construction managers, and maintenance engineers to use during the planning and construction phases
  5. Using CAD software and drawing techniques to create charts and drawings for construction workers to use as a reference.

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How to Become an Architectural Drafter in 5 Steps?


Architectural drafters that are successful should have the requisite expertise, education, and experience to run the essential computer systems and offer correct specifications and drawings. To become a superb architectural drafter, follow these steps:

1. Obtain an associate's degree.

Most businesses demand at least an associate's degree in drafting, engineering graphics, or a comparable subject from an approved college for architectural drafters. You might also explore attending technical schools that provide drafting training and certification. Speciality programmes, such as computer-aided drafting, are available at some institutions. Residential architectural drawing, computer-aided design fundamentals, and drafting fundamentals are often covered in these curricula.

2. Take part in an internship

Consider participating in an internship before or after finishing your programme to obtain extra experience and understanding of the drafting industry and work environment. This can assist you in understanding the role before committing to it full-time. You can learn new abilities from current architectural drafter pros to include on your resume, which will help it stand out to companies.


3. Gain on-the-job training

Apply for entry-level positions as an architectural drafter after gaining the relevant educational experience. You may begin your career working directly under the supervision of full-time team members who may answer any questions you have about constructing technical designs or preparing plans for upcoming construction projects. After finishing your hands-on training, you should be able to complete design and layout jobs on your own.

4. Obtain certification

Consider pursuing professional certification through the American Design Drafting Association after working as a full-time architectural drafter for a few years. Most organisations and jurisdictions do not require this qualification, but it can be a valuable addition to your CV. It's also a terrific method to develop a more diverse and advanced skill set, which may qualify you for future promotions and advancement chances.

To obtain this certification, you must pass a 90-minute exam covering a wide range of drafting topics. To keep this certification current, you must renew it every five years by completing a freshly updated drafting exam.

5. Continue your education

Continuing your education in architecture is a wonderful method to earn higher pay or advance in your architectural drafter profession. By earning a bachelor's degree in architecture from a recognised institution, you can either work as a higher-level architectural drafter or become a full-time architect. If you currently have an associate's degree, you may be able to transfer some of your credits to the college, which means you might finish your degree in as little as two or three years.

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