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Top Career Options After 12th Science: What To Do After 12th Science

10 May,2023  |  By Brainwonders

 career after 12th science

Class 12th is an important stage in each student's life. After clearing 12th science, you have to make an ideal decision about your career. Because choosing the correct career option, is only going to bring futuristic opportunities. To select the right career option, you have to know your interest, markdown your potential areas, and select the best career option after 12th science, commerce, or arts. We are mainly exploring the best courses after 12th science in this post.

Why choose Science?

Science is one of the diversified fields which works on practical experiments. Science is present from medical, engineering, and computer science to business in every complex area. The field is so huge that several impeccable career opportunities are available. Even the information technology and software fields also come under science. So, science isn't just about remembering facts, theories, and formulas. It's a lot more than that. It is up to the teachers to make young people think of science as more than just a school subject. In the classroom, science should be shown as a way to learn new skills and find out the truth. In order to build a strong student community, you need to use this method. 

Science is one of the most advantageous streams where you can explore the business, management, finance, arts and the newly emerging courses. Traditionally, there were only a few courses in the science stream, but now the science stream is full of integrated courses. Because of this, students are confused about selecting the best courses after 12th science. In order to solve this confusion, you can go through steps which will alternately help you choose the best course after 12th science:

  1. Consider Brainwonders Career Counselling
  2. Make a list of preference science career options as per your interest
  3. Note down the complexities and find the detailed information about the courses
  4. Now, take a brief look and select the best course by analysing various parameters.

Depending on your interest area, these steps will help you relocate the best course for you. Now, let's talk about the top career options after 12th science.

  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Non-Medical
  • Business
  • Humanities

Lets, have a detailed look at the courses in each field:



Engineering is one of the most pursued career options after class 12th science. There are several engineering career options available. If someone wants to make his/her career in engineering, then the field itself is so huge that there are various diplomas, bachelor's and advanced engineering courses available. Let's discuss some of the engineering best courses after 12th Science:

Computer Engineering

With technological advancement, the IT field has increased. During the demanding nature of the IT field, computer engineering has been among the scalable career options. Computer engineering deals with computer programming, application development, and android and web application development.

Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering field looks after applying principles of physics and mathematics to design, develop, produce and operate machinery. Mechanical engineers constantly work towards creating new and innovative technologies to meet the requirements of the people.

Electrical Engineering


Electrical engineering is concerned with studying the design and application of devices, equipment, and systems that use electricity, electromagnetism, and electronics. With integrated skills Electrical engineers design, build and test electrical gadgets such as navigators, electric motors, communications systems, etc.

Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering field deals with constructing, designing, and developing buildings, dams, airports, water supply, sewage systems, and bridges. Thus, civil engineers are responsible for building infrastructure projects. 

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering talks about designing and developing chemical manufacturing systems. The Chemical engineers are expert problem solvers, solving problems related to producing chemicals, fuel, drugs, food and other chemical products.

Marine Engineering

Marine engineers are responsible for looking after the internal systems of ships, rigs, oils, and other overseas structures. Importing and exporting are generally taking place in India, so shipping machine engineers look after the internal systems of shipments.

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering corresponds to spacecraft and aircraft development. Job opportunities are available for aerospace engineers in the air force, aviation companies, NASA, defence, etc.


Electrical Engineering

Medical courses are pursued by the students who have chosen PCB (physics, chemistry and biology) in their class 12th science. The students who dream of becoming a doctor or professional medical experts generally pursue a medical course. If you are also looking forward to pursuing medical courses, you can also start your career in the top medical courses. Let's have a look at the best medical courses after 12th science PCB:


MBBS, also known as the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, is a medical degree pursued by students who have a genuine interest in the medical area or desire to pursue a career as a doctor in the future. There are five years of basic medical training included in the programme, which totals 5.5 years. Students who successfully complete the MBBS degree programme can pursue certification as doctors.

BDS (Bachelor of Dental Science)

Students interested in learning more about the area of dentistry might enrol in the BDS programme. It is considered to be one of the best courses available after 12th science. Students will understand the dental organs, as well as theoretical and practical expertise in the field of dentistry while pursuing this degree. 


In pharmacy, you can pursue a diploma or bachelor's degree. A Bachelor of Pharmacy is primarily pursued by students who want to research and study the essential aspects of pharmacy. It is one of the most popular undergraduate courses after 12th science. 


Biotechnology is the branch of medical science that uses biology to solve problems and make useful products. It studies natural science and engineering science of organisms, cells for products and services. Biotechnology experts get impeccable opportunities in the field of biology, biomedical, conducting research, etc.


Electrical Engineering

Non-medical courses include PCM (physics, chemistry and mathematics) and PCMB (physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology) subject combination courses. In this field, you will get to know some of the highly demanding courses after 12th science; let's have a look:

Computer Science

Computer Science deals with the study of computer science, computing both practical and theoretical applications. Strong programming language knowledge is essential in the field of computer science. Computer science professionals are in high demand because of the extensible growth opportunities and lucrative salaries.


One who loves designing and building the structure of the building or any infrastructure. They primarily design the habitable structures and thereby craft and construct the innovative or creative structures. One who loves designing creative crafts usually goes for a bachelor's degree in architecture. Architecture courses generally consist of 5 years. 


Law is the field that looks after the legal intricacies of various laws. One can pursue the 5 years integrated law course, which helps individuals understand the statutory legal concepts, legal aspects, and many more. Depending upon the interest, one can pursue a specialisation in civil law, criminal law, corporate law, etc.


One of the most prestigious and well-respected jobs in the country is the defence industry. For young people who want a career that is both exciting and challenging, there is no better place than the military to fulfil their ambitions. In India, the armed forces consist of the Indian Army, Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard, composed of members who wear uniforms.

Hospitality & Tourism

It is one hospitality management programme that focuses on management in the hospitality and tourism industries. It prepares you to be accurate and artistic in managing the hospitality and tourism sectors. You will also gain managerial, leadership, hospitality, and communication skills.



Lucrative career opportunities are available in business studies if you are willing to pursue one of the courses related to costing, accounting, management, advertising, etc. In business studies, you will have the opportunity to explore the professional best courses after 12th science. Let us discuss some of the commerce-related courses after 12th science:

Chartered Accountancy

Chartered Accountant is a professional degree that exposes you to auditing, income tax, accounting, financial statements, and various other integrated topics. The article's training will help you practice theoretical knowledge in practical training. Thus, in the end, after clearing all 3 levels and articleship training, you will have profitable career opportunities in the longer run.

Cost & Management Accountancy

Management Accountancy

Cost Accounting Management is a professional certificate course that teaches students to work in various industries and businesses. In this cover, you will know the cost and management facets essential in the business world.

Product Management

Product Management is the stimulative field that deals with the business process of planning, developing, designing, launching, and managing a product or service. In product management, the product managers have to look at the product line, packaging, pricing, product lifestyle, etc.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been a rapidly augmenting field in recent times. Advanced Digital marketing courses cover essential modules like affiliate marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, email marketing, etc. In each module, one can excel and become a speciality in a particular digital marketing module.


In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of advertising, including how advertising is done, how advertising management is done, the essential components of advertising, the management of advertising concepts, and many other essential advertising attributes.


In the Accountancy course, you will learn how to analyse financial accounts and perform accounting functions. Along with the principles of finance and accounting, you will learn about the techniques of financial analysis and accounting standards.



Science students can explore the humanities courses as diverse career options are available in humanities and arts. The humanities career options are primarily creative, which makes them unique. Here we have listed the top arts-related career options or best courses after 12th science:

Fashion Technology

The fashion industry has been extensively growing with a wide range of fashionable clothing. Fashion technology looks after creating innovative tools and equipment or any other products that will alternately be useful in the fashion industry. If you desire to be in the fashion industry, you can explore this field.


Those interested in what's happening around the world and have the sense of curiosity to discover a particular situation in-depth can pursue the undergraduate course in Media/Journalism. You need to be proficient in communicating, leadership, and persuasion skills in this field. 

Animation & Filmmaking

The bachelor's degree in Animation & Filmmaking covers cinematography, composting, sound editing, stop motion, and charter setups. In addition, the course also covers digital design, modelling, texturing, lighting, storyboarding character animation and digital dynamics.

Product Designing

Product designing is a course that deals with designing, developing, manufacturing, and producing the products around us. This course helps you prepare for a smooth career in the product designing and manufacturing industries.

Graphic Designing

Graphic design is another highly fragmented field in the field of design. You will learn about UI, UX design, canvas, adobe, and more advanced design applications in graphic design, which will help you create images, videos, pictures, GIFs, and so on. Graphic designers use typography and images to meet the user's specific needs and focus on the logic of displaying elements in interactive designs to improve the overall user experience.


If you're passionate about photography, you may want to consider taking photography-specific courses at a community college. Depending on your interests, you can also choose from a variety of specialisations within this profession. Many different types of photography fall under the umbrella of nature and landscape photography.

Video Creation and Editing

By pursuing the video creation and editing courses, you can get several opportunities in the animation, marketing, broadcasting, television and film industries. A lot of creative and innovative editing is done in order to make the video specialised. This field is also one of the best creative and innovative career options.


BA in Arts is made accessible through the science stream. One who loves teaching can explore this field and become a successful teacher. Also, one can pursue higher studies in the field of teaching, which thereby increases the chances of future possibilities.

You must now have an idea of what all career options are available after 12th science. Since students have a broad breadth of possibilities, it can seem not very comforting to pick what to study after 12th science. But with this informative post, you may discover where your passions lie and work towards a career of your choice!

FAQs about Top Career Options After 12th Science

1. What are the top career options to pursue after pursuing 12th Science?
Answer: After completing 12th Science, students have a variety of career paths to choose from. Some of the most popular options include engineering and technology, medicine, finance and accounting, law, business, and humanities. 

2. What are the advantages of pursuing a career in Engineering and Technology?
Answer: A career in Engineering and Technology offers a wide range of opportunities and potential for advancement. It provides the chance to work on cutting-edge projects which can lead to higher salaries, increased job security, and more career satisfaction.

3. Are there any specialized courses or certifications needed to pursue a career in Finance?
Answer: Yes, there are various specialized courses and certifications available to those interested in pursuing a career in Finance. Depending on the field of finance they wish to specialize in, students may be required to take additional courses or exams such as the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam or the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam.

4. Which careers might suit individuals with an affinity for the Humanities?
Answer: Individuals who possess an affinity for the Humanities may find success in careers such as teaching, research, publishing, writing, editing, librarianship, public relations, non-profit management, and museum curatorship.

Confused about which Course to choose after 12th?

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