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What to do after completing Class 12th in Commerce stream?

24 April,2024  |  By Brainwonders


The commerce stream is a popular choice among HSC (10+2) students in India. Opting for commerce in classes 11 and 12 opens up numerous options for undergraduate courses, providing a diverse range of professional avenues. One significant advantage commerce students have over their counterparts in the arts stream is the ability to pursue courses in both commerce and arts disciplines. Before delving into this article discussing course selection for commerce students after Class 12, let's explore some of the most favoured courses in the commerce stream available post-12th grade.

Top professional courses on Product Management

Upon completing 12th grade, students are presented with a plethora of options to choose from, such as Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS), Cost and Works Accountancy (CWA), and Bachelor of Commerce (BCom). In addition, students can pursue courses like Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Economics (B.Econ), and Master of Commerce (M.Com).

Given the fierce competition in the corporate sector, it is crucial for students to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their careers. This blog provides a comprehensive list of potential courses that students can consider, with the goal of helping them establish a strong foundation for their future careers.

Most Popular Course After 12th

The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) is a highly popular course among students in the commerce stream. It is typically offered in two formats: BCom General and BCom Honors. The core disciplines of the commerce stream are Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics, with mathematics being optional.

Based on the presence or absence of mathematics, the commerce stream can be categorized into two groups: Mathematics and Commerce and Mathematics without Commerce. The BCom Honors program is designed for students who have studied commerce with mathematics in classes 11 and 12. In contrast, the BCom General program is intended for those who have yet to pursue mathematics in their commerce education.

Top Courses After Completing 12th Commerce

Upon completing their 12th grade, students have many courses at their disposal. These programs align with the subjects covered in the Commerce stream of the CBSE Class 12 Syllabus. Below is a compilation of commerce courses available after the twelfth year to aid students in selecting their preferred option:

Bachelor of Computers (B.Com.)

A highly favoured career path in commerce is pursuing a three-year undergraduate program in business studies and commerce, resulting in a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) degree. This program encompasses a range of subjects in business and commerce, such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and information technology—the aim of the B.Com. The degree program provides students with a robust understanding of business and commerce principles and methodologies.

Bachelor of Economics (BE)

Many universities in India, Australia, and New Zealand grant the Bachelor of Economics (BE), a three-year undergraduate economics degree. Some universities in Canada, Ireland, Singapore, and the United Kingdom also offer the BE degree. The BE degree aims to give students a solid foundation in economic theory and practice. Microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, and economic history are just a few of the many economic subjects covered in the degree program. Thanks to their skills and knowledge, students who get a BE degree will be prepared to work in economics, finance, or a similar profession. One of the top employment alternatives after 12th grade in commerce is earning this degree.

Bachelor of Accounting And Finance (BAF)

A four-year undergraduate degree that combines accounting and finance curriculum is called a "Bachelor of Accounting and Finance" (BAF). The BAF is one of the professional courses available to students after they complete their 12th year of commerce. It is intended for those who want to work in accounting or finance or who want to combine their knowledge of both fields to work in business.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a four-year degree program that equips students with the abilities and knowledge required to pursue a career in business. It is a career option in the commerce stream. Courses in accounting, finance, marketing, and management are all part of the BBA curriculum. In addition to their academic requirements, BBA students must finish a professional internship to graduate.

Bachelor of Commerce in Banking And Insurance (BBI)

There are numerous employment opportunities for those studying commerce. The four-year undergraduate Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Insurance (BBI) curriculum is available. With an emphasis on the Indian context, the program's goal is to give students a solid understanding of the banking and insurance sectors. The curriculum is also designed to help pupils improve their analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Marketing (BFM)

A three-year undergraduate program leads to the Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Markets (BFM) degree. The curriculum aims to give students a thorough understanding of financial markets and how they operate. The program has an excellent track record of placing students in top-tier banks and financial institutions, making it highly sought-after by students looking to enter the financial sector. One of the top post-12th-grade career alternatives is this one.

Bachelor of Business Administration - Industrial Business (BBA-IB)

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program in International Business (BBA-IB) was created to give students the abilities and information required to succeed in the current international business environment. The program strongly emphasizes fostering intercultural competence, global business knowledge, and global business skills.

Bachelor of Business Administration - Computer Application (BBA-CA)

A common 3-year undergraduate program in India is called BBA-CA. This course will teach students about the numerous facets of computer applications in businesses. Programming, data structures, database management, systems analysis and design, and web technologies are among the subjects covered in the course syllabus.

Charted Accountancy (CA)

Following the 12th grade in commerce, becoming a Chartered Accountant (CA) is a standard professional path. A regulatory organization has conferred professional accountants with this degree and chartered status. A chartered accountant gives clients advice on money and business matters. Public accounting, business accounting, and government accounting are just a few of the fields where chartered accountants operate. Additionally, they could be employed in financial services like investment banking and insurance.

Company Secretary (CS)

A corporate secretary (CS) is a specialist who handles a corporation's secretarial and legal compliance. They are frequently in charge of keeping the company's statutory records, creating and submitting annual returns, and ensuring the business conforms to the Companies Act. In some countries, they could also be in charge of maintaining the firm's share register.

B.Com Marketing

The goal of a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing degree is to provide students with the abilities and information required to pursue a career in marketing.

B.Com Tourism And Travel Management

An undergraduate degree program in BCom Tourism and Travel Management was created to give students the information and abilities needed to seek a job in the tourism and travel sectors. Tourism marketing, destination management, event management, and tourism policy are just a few of the many topics that are covered in the course.

BA in Humanities And Social Sciences

The four-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Humanities and Social Sciences curriculum offers students a comprehensive liberal arts education.

B.Des. in Design

With a BDes in Design degree, you can hone your design abilities for settings, experiences, and products. You can also work with clients and comprehend their wants because the application offers a solid framework for the design procedure. You can enroll in a Full developer course for more information on all the key design components.


Many law schools in India offer the five-year integrated Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (BA LLB) program. Students who successfully complete the course are awarded two degrees: a BA and an LLB.

Diploma in Education (D.Ed)

A professional diploma called a diploma in education (D.Ed.) is given to people who want to become teachers in public schools. There are numerous institutions and universities in India that provide the two-year program.

Commerce Stream Opportunities

One of the most popular streams among Indian students is commerce. Students who have completed the 12th grade in commerce can enroll in programs like BCom, BBA, and BMS. Following graduation, students have the option of enrolling in post-graduate programs such as the M.Com., MBA, and CA. Students can enroll in professional programs like CA or CS after graduation. These professional courses would aid the students' success in obtaining decent positions in the corporate sector. After 12th grade, enroll in the KnowledgeHut Top Business Intelligence and Visualization Courses to enter a world of opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What opportunities does commerce offer? 

Ans: Commerce presents vast opportunities across various economic domains, including trade, finance, accounting, economics, marketing, and management. Professionals in commerce can explore diverse sectors like banking, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, and services. They play pivotal roles in financial management, market analysis, supply chain optimization, and facilitating the global exchange of goods and services. Moreover, the advent of digital technology has extended the scope of commerce to e-commerce and digital marketing, creating new pathways for career advancement and innovation.

Q2: What are the advantages of studying commerce? 

Ans: Studying commerce equips individuals with business acumen, economic insights, and financial management skills. Furthermore, it offers opportunities for international education, fostering cultural exposure and a broader perspective.

Q3: Which is better, BCom or BBA? 

Ans: If your career aspirations lean exclusively towards management roles, pursuing a BBA degree would be ideal. However, if your interests encompass management, accounting, and finance within the business sector, opting for a B.Com degree is more suitable. Your personal inclinations and career goals should guide your decision in this regard.

Confused about which Course to choose after 12th?

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