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Before the British reign, Sanskrit and Bengali were the languages of instruction in Kolkata. The British, on the other hand, led the way for English as a medium of education, with the Presidency College, which opened in 1917, being the first of its kind. Kolkata has ten different educational systems to choose from. The following boards are linked with all K-12 schools:



Edexcel (International Board)

Cambridge International Board

International Baccalaureate

National Institute of Open Schooling

Rabindra Mukta Vidyalaya

West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education

West Bengal Board of Secondary Education

West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education

All of the schools are either run by the government or are privately owned.

WBBSE is linked with government-run schools. In these schools, Bengali is the primary language of instruction. The majority of them begin teaching English in Class VI. At the completion of class X, the WBBSE conducts a board exam (Madhyamik). Students who pass it are able to enroll in Class XI in one of three courses (science, arts, or commerce) and take the Uchha Madhyamik exam. Any of the aforementioned boards have private schools as members. The all-India education pattern is followed by ICSE, CBSE, Cambridge International Board, International Baccalaureate, and National Institute of Open Schooling. Students in Kolkata also have the option of becoming private students, which allows them to sit for board exams without having to enroll in a school.

In Kolkata, Brainwonders is the premier career counselling and assistance platform. Our Kolkata-based career advisors are highly skilled, experienced, and trained. Our impaneled counsellors in Kolkata have completed over 1 lac career counselling sessions with the top ratings. Our career counselling services are not limited to career counselling; we also give each candidate with a complete execution plan to help them succeed in their career.


Individuals considering a career path might choose from a variety of options. Career counselling is a tried-and-true method for students and working professionals to make better career decisions. Our lives are dependent on our careers, therefore making the appropriate and educated career selections is critical. Making the wrong career decisions can lead to professional failure, dissatisfaction, and pain. Our career counselling service in Kolkata is genuine and precise, and it will assist you in making the best professional decisions possible. Career counselling is about more than just determining the greatest career route or selecting the right subjects; it's about creating a holistic career plan that leads to a successful life. Our career counselling sessions are guided by some of Kolkata's best professional counsellors, who will provide you with the best career advice and planning in your chosen field.


There are three main universities in Kolkata. Calcutta University, Jadavpur University, and Rabindra Bharati University are some of the universities in the city. Courses in the arts, science, humanities, medicine, law, and commerce are available through the colleges linked with these universities. Jadavpur University's main goal is to provide both undergraduate and graduate education on the same site. Rabindra Bharati University is a fine arts university that focuses on dance, art, and music. The IIMK is located in the heart of the city. Kolkata has nine medical institutes in addition to many engineering colleges. The Indian Statistical Institute, the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, the Bose Institute, and the All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health are some of the most well-known research institutes.

Career Counselling is an expansive subject that spotlights helping people with their enthusiastic prosperity and flourishing. Marriage and Family Counselling, Rehabilitation Counselling, Mental Health Counselling, Substance Abuse Counselling, and Guidance and Career Counselling are a couple of kinds of professional mentoring that are related to different parts of an individual's life.

Proficient direction is a sort of career guidance in Kolkata that spotlights on supporting individuals in deciding the best professional way for them. Individuals get career counselling in Kolkata from qualified educators who give master career guidance on their choices, aptitudes, motivations, capacities, and lacks using carefully planned evaluation devices. These evaluative apparatuses are both abstract and objective. Our career counselling in Kolkata is advising to help individuals in spreading out their vocation objectives after cautiously dissecting their inclinations and aptitudes.


Systematically, career counselling advising works close by their consumers. They decide an individual's qualities, defects, learning styles, and interests. To comprehend an individual, gear, for example, remarkable imprint testing, fitness tests, IQ tests, and interest tests are ordinarily utilized. Because of the reports, the backer then, at that point, works together with the person to decide a potential vocation way. Our career counsellors in Kolkata direct the individuals in setting up the whole street to the best objective, from choosing the fitting board, course, and school to choosing the proper work.


With the number of professional choices developing constantly, career counselling in Kolkata has turned into a significant piece of individuals' lives. As the number of professional choices expands constantly, career counselling in Kolkata has grown to be an essential part of individuals' lives. In the wake of completing their 10th, understudies are much of the time uncertain with regards to what to do straightaway. This reluctance could be because of winning troubles, an absence of parental direction, plenty of vocation choices, an absence of familiarity with one's latent capacity, etc; our career counsellors in Kolkata consider these variables sufficiently. Regardless of the way that career counselling is significant for individuals, all things considered, youngsters can benefit the most from it. Besides understudies, career guidance in Kolkata is additionally considered experts who have effectively picked a profession, however, are discontent with it. These people are diverted toward their objectives and provided knowledge into their master guidance. Understudies are additionally associated with experts who fill in as good examples, empowering and decidedly supporting them. Factors like life satisfaction, self-sufficiency, happiness, etc are for the most part related to work satisfaction. Thus, career counselling in Kolkata is given a great deal of weight.


Regularly, understudies select a course without completely grasping what the course involves. Understudy's excessive names, peer pressing factor and omnipresence propel them to settle on a course. However different guardians are checking the necessity for bearing and calling masterminding, there are now a couple of watchmen who power their youngsters to pick a standard and advantageous livelihood. Skilled courses are introduced in fields like arranging, frontal cortex research, trade, humanities, science and the rest of interest for unequivocal extents of limits.

Using an example

An individual hoping to seek after work as a technologist ought to have the going with the ability to be required for the certificate for the post. Thus, the work of an informational educator is to assist the understudy with picking the right course that arranges the scopes of capacities of the understudy to support satisfaction and execution.

Online Career Counselling in Kolkata is an instrument for evaluation:

There are assorted normalized gadgets for evaluation utilized by different coordinating center interests. Contingent on the customer's necessities sensible psychometric tests is picked to assess the customer's benefit, wellness, and character. Appraisal gadgets like 16PF, Big 5, DBDA, Bhatia, DAT, Wechsler Intelligence Scale, and a couple more are the most utilized in India. There are different authentic online entryways that in like way offer web planning and assessment. These online passages may in addition relate you to prevailing instructors that give online employment inciting.


In Kolkata, career counselling is acquiring prominence. As the significance of occupation advising has become all the more generally perceived among guardians, an expanding number of guardians are intentionally taking their kids for career counselling all through the city of Kolkata. Schools, colleges, and instructive establishments in and around Kolkata are additionally reassuring understudies to do career counselling. The Kolkata government likewise puts a premium on giving obligatory vocation advising and direction to understudies at the auxiliary school level to assist them with outlining a feasible professional way and settle on an educated choice. The urban areas with the most career counselling focus incorporate Mumbai, Hyderabad, Panipat, and Pune.


Brainwonders is the main DMIT association that is the United States Patented that helps with change through mind planning. The DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) is the freshest and most creative type of mental arranging and it is helping many individuals across Kolkata. In DMIT, the client's fingerprints are checked, and a report is produced that contains the entirety of the insights concerning the client's character, attributes, imperfections, and potential. This present technique's precision is assessed to be 85%. It is believed to be more fruitful than any psychometric test direction done dependent on individual market reports since it gives understudies a more clear image of expert choices dependent on their abilities and scopes of abilities. Brainwonders is India's biggest DMIT and vocation counsel focus, having 108 areas the nation over.


Individuals of Kolkata are given career counselling to help them to comprehend their capacities, limits, and potential, which is significant for picking the appropriate proficient way.

Career Counselling after 10th grade and after twelfth grade are basic since they are significant characterizing times in an understudy's life. Understudies who are uncertain with regards to which career way to take are given career counselling and counsel by qualified professional direction instructors. Brainwonders profession educators have qualified vocation guides, particularly those at the Kolkata community who are helping understudies all day every day to comprehend their innate limits and capacities through different vocation counsel tests, for example, inclination tests and interest tests, and furthermore, help understudies in picking the appropriate vocation way.

Experiencing difficulty choosing which CAREER APTITUDE TEST to take? With the world's most developed professional evaluation, you can track down the most appropriate employment. Our Kolkata place will guarantee that your latent capacity is perceived well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clarity on career counselling in Kolkata?

Career counselling, regularly known as expert direction, is a kind of guidance that means to help a person in settling on a lifelong choice or evolving profession. An individual's work is one of the main parts of their life, and with such countless choices to pick from, it's not difficult to become confounded with regards to which one is fitting for them. People who receive career guidance in Kolkata have a better understanding of their interests and abilities, allowing them to select the most appropriate professional degree for them. A lifelong career counsellor in Kolkata can help people by portraying and assessing their usual options and professional options.

What is the job of a lifelong guide also known as a Career Counsellor in Kolkata?

A career counsellor is a specialist or life coach who is prepared in career guidance in Kolkata, tending to proficient destinations, creating suitable career plans for customers, and assessing fitness and capacity testing. People looking for vocation advising have an assortment of requests about the many occupation pathways accessible. A career counsellor in Kolkata helps people in figuring out which proficient way is best for them, just as arranging long and momentary professional objectives. Career counsellors use inclination and interest tests to decide a singular's abilities and capacities, and afterwards give professional guidance to help them in picking the best career for them.

Why is career counselling so significant in Kolkata?

Career counselling is given via a career counsellor in Kolkata who helps people in deciding the best profession for them dependent on their inclinations, abilities, and capacities. The essential reason for career counselling is to assist understudies with discovering a field that best matches their abilities and gifts. Thus, career counselling is basic since it will help understudies in choosing from an assortment of expert alternatives and choosing the professional way that is great for them, permitting them to flourish and carry on with a superior life.

In Kolkata, what amount does career counselling expense?

Career counselling is a calling that gives direction to individuals who are uncertain with regards to which profession way to pick. The career counselling focus charges somewhere in the range of Rs1500 and Rs5000 for the master profession directing by authorized career counsellors in Kolkata.

What is the meaning of career guidance?

People get career counselling to assist them with getting knowledge into their abilities and capacities, which is basic in perceiving position options and helping them in settling on a choice. Career counsellors in Kolkata give people legitimate career assistance help to help them in choosing the best professional way from the numerous choices accessible to them. Having an assortment of occupation choices to browse may make it hard for individuals to sort out which way is reasonable for them. Career guidance can assist individuals with perceiving their aptitudes and interests and pick the ideal profession way for them.

What is a lifelong career assessment?

Countless associations are utilizing career counselling as a device to assist them with tracking down the best possibility to fill open positions. Career counselling utilizations different tests to figure out what occupations and careers might fit best for an individual, and an enormous number of associations are utilizing career assessment apparatuses to assist them with tracking down the best possibility to fill open positions. A wide scope of career assessment devices are accessible, and these instruments are utilized to give professional directing. To investigate a singular's capacities and abilities, career counselling utilizes various vocation assessment instruments, for example, inclination tests, premium tests, and character tests. Following that, career counselling direct profession guiding, utilizing these career apparatuses to help people in picking the appropriate profession way.

What makes Brainwonders career counselling the most ideal choice for you?

Understudies can take a perceived inclination test, interest test, character test, or DMIT test at Brainwonders profession guiding focus in Kolkata. Career counsellors in Kolkata use these tests to evaluate understudies' innate capacities, abilities, and potential, giving them a more clear feeling of which career way is great for them. During Brainwonders' career counselling, the expert advocate all over India including an innovative cosmopolitan city like Bangalore will help understudies in understanding their qualities, shortcomings, gifts, abilities, and fitness. In this strategy, career counselling can help understudies in choosing the proper career course.

Why do we need career guidance in Mumbai?

The purpose of career guidance in Mumbai is to help individuals identify what skills and abilities they possess that are very important to identify career options and determine their career choice. Despite the variety of choices available to them, a career counsellor in Mumbai provide individuals with appropriate career guidance in Mumbai is helping them make an informed decision about their future careers. Individuals can become confused by the number of career options available, and lack of guidance can assist them in discovering their strengths and interests so that they pick the best career path for them.

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