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Brainwonders Career Guidance and Counselling in Mumbai have best Career Counsellors in Mumbai

Brainwonders Career Guidance and Counselling in Mumbai have best Career Counsellors in Mumbai which offers Best Educational Career Counselling in Mumbai after 10th, 12th, Graduation, and Post Graduation. World of work is evolving every day. Where AI is posing threat for entry level jobs, many conventional career options have come up, which never existed before. In such a scenario, is it advisable to stick to conventional career options or is it feasible to stick to a single job profile throughout your career? Definitely not! So, it is very important that you get to know the possibilities and also the way to encash them. This is where role of career counsellor in Mumbai  comes in picture.

When we talk about medicine field also, gone are the days when child used to fall ill and Grandma’s experience was sufficient for recovery of child. With so many new viruses which have come up, every mother would like to consult Pediatrician for her child at the first stage, not when things go out of control. Similar is the case with Career Guidance & Counselling in Mumbai  or any other city.

You should consult a Brainwonders Career Counsellor in Mumbai  before things move out of your hands. Stats show that number of dropouts from Colleges and Universities is ever increasing. And you need to take this step to choose a career counsellor in Mumbai  at the right time. If the first button of shirt is put in right hole, all other buttons also fall in place. Remember, there is no reverse gear in life!

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Career counselling is a type of guidance or advice-giving and support provided by career counsellors to their clients, to help the clients manage their journey through life, learning and work changes. It can include one-on-one conversations between a counsellor and a career seeker, as well as assessments, activities, and projects designed to help career seekers make the most of their strengths. 

Career counselling is a domain of counseling that focuses on helping individuals find the right career pathway. In career counselling the individuals receive guidance from professional counselors that provide expert advice on the potentials, Aptitude, motivations, skills and shortcomings with the use of carefully designed assessment tools. These assessment tools are both subjective and objective. After carefully studying the individual's Interests and Aptitude, career counselors guide individuals to set their career goals.

Groups who benefit from career counselling

and Guidance session in Mumbai

Career Counselling in India

Class 9th and 10th students

Students in the 9th and 10th grades have to make the most vital career decisions. They have to choose a specific stream so that pursuing higher education in that particular stream can benefit them the most. Seeking guidance early from one of the licensed career counselling centres Mumbai has will help them make better decisions regarding career choices.

Class 11th and 12th students

Students in their 11th and 12th grades often feel pressed to make career choices. A lot of times, they are incorrectly guided by family members, friends, and others which drive them to take wrong career decisions. All these challenges can be easily beaten if parents consider seeking help from a well-known career guidance counsellor.

College graduates/working professionals

A great percentage of the working professionals today are unsatisfied with their jobs. Only proper guidance and career counselling can help both college graduates and working professionals make a suitable career plan that complements their personality, ability and interest, helping them to grow.

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Importance of Career Counselling in Mumbai

The role of Career Counselling in Mumbai can be understood through the following points:

Helps to choose a right career

Within the realm of Career Counselling in Mumbai, individuals evaluate their aptitude, personality, interests, and other factors to derive informed recommendations for the most suitable career options from the diverse choices.

Helps to provide expert resources

Career Counselling in Mumbai opens doors to the wealth of resources and expertise that career professionals possess. This knowledge about careers, their potential, and the pathways to pursue them holds immense importance, especially for parents and children who often lack such insights.

Helps Gain Confidence and Insight

Career Counselling in Mumbai empowers individuals to comprehend the challenges along their career path. This understanding fosters the confidence needed to tackle these obstacles effectively.

Career Mapping in Mumbai Plotting a clear career trajectory through Career Guidance & Counselling in Mumbai enables individuals to stay updated on developments and shifts within their chosen career domain.

Career Mapping in Mumbai

The guidance received from Career Counselling in Mumbai is instrumental in selecting an appropriate career, translating into professional triumph. Job contentment is pivotal for attaining professional success, heightened productivity, and improved quality of life.

The subsequent phase involves identifying the right organisation or individual offering the Best Career Guidance & Counselling in Mumbai, India. Upon a quick Google search, a staggering 12.4 million results appear in just 0.55 seconds for Career Counselling in Mumbai. Pinpointing the ideal career counsellor in Mumbai can pose a challenge; career selection significantly influences your life's trajectory. The direction you opt for today will inevitably determine your destination tomorrow.

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How Career Guidance & Counselling Helps to Choose a Right Career in Mumbai

Unless you discuss your career path with an expert career counsellor in Mumbai , you’d presumably fall under those vicious traps and choose courses that don’t fit your academic and private interests.

1. Career Counsellor in Mumbai  helps you in choosing a Right Career at the proper Time

Every student’s journey towards the proper career is extremely critical. Whether it’s choosing the proper subjects in school 11th and 12th, short listing the proper college or university, information about exams or the proper book to read and more, every step is vital. Just as first button of shirt should be put in right hole, to make sure that each one other buttons also fall in correct holes, the primary step towards career should be correct as there’s no possibility of reverse gear in life. A career counselor in Mumbai  is the one who has immense knowledge and skills in various aspects of education and life. Right from knowing the A-Z of K-12 industry to understanding every individual’s behavioral psychology to knowledge about various industries, a bit like the typical salary of varied fields, admission requirements by colleges in India and abroad, etc.

Well, if the role of a Best Career Counsellor in Mumbai  was to be described in today’s digital language, it might be almost like Google Maps. a bit like google maps show us the proper path or proper directions sort of a roadmap to our desired destination, a Best Career Counsellor in Mumbai  guides a student towards the proper career path to assist them achieve their career goals.

2. Career Counsellor’s in Mumbai  advice can assist you avoid Unemployment or Underemployment

Here’s a classic scenario. Once upon a time, an individual that held a Master in Business Administration (MBA) was welcome to hitch any large corporate in India. In today’s scenario, 93 per cent of MBA graduates haven’t any employment or they sign-up jobs, which don’t pay well.

The reason is straight forward. These students opted for an MBA course without career Guidance & counselling  and planning with career counsellor. Instead, they appear to have pursued an MBA for a fake ‘prestige’ the degree holds. Hence, they did an MBA from substandard colleges and couldn’t acquire skills one would expect from the degree holder.

The same holds true for engineers. About 80 per cent of engineering graduates don’t have jobs because they don’t have proper skills. And neither is there such a high demand for engineers within the job market to justify over 1,000,000 engineering graduates per annum.

Best Career Guidance & Counselling in Mumbai  sets a roadmap for you to settle on right set of skill-set, certifications, programs etc. and helps to beat the matter of underemployment and unemployment.

3. Career Counsellor in Mumbai  provides you with Job hunting techniques

Career counselor in Mumbai  can assist you with job-hunting strategy, by providing recommendations on enhancing your resume and by enlightening you once you are undergoing job stress. Career Counsellors in Mumbai  will improve your interpersonal skills to help you more easily resolve personal conflicts which will arise at workplace. Career Counsellors in Mumbai  know the newest trainings and courses available for each field and should recommend that you simply simply enroll for what’s best for you. This will provide the required boost to your career.

4. Career Counsellor in Mumbai  guides you in making a Career Roadmap

  • Career counsellor in Mumbai   helps individuals in building career and academic paths for the brilliant way forward for the people. The simplest career counselor in Mumbai  will eventually help a student in evaluating the interests, abilities, the way to overcome challenges, obstacles and in grooming the vital skills.
  • Career Counsellors in Mumbai  guide individuals in defining their skills, interests by employing techniques like efficient planning, interviews and aptitude assessments.
  • Career Guidance & Counselling in Mumbai  enhances the soft and hard skills of the people and helps them to become individual learners.
  • Career Counsellor in Mumbai  helps people in overcoming challenges that might successively undermine their success and academic growth.
  • Career Guidance & Counselling in Mumbai   helps in building roadmap for the individuals which can help them in reaching their career objectives.

Significance of Career counselling

Educational counselling for Professional courses

Often, it has been witnessed that students enroll for a course not knowing exactly what it offerers. Their fancy names, peer pressure and popularity push the student to opt for the course. Although many parents are being aware of the need for guidance and career counselling, there are still a few parents who force their children to opt for conventional and money-making careers. Professional courses offered in fields like engineering, psychology, commerce, humanities, science and the rest demand for specific skill sets.

For example

An individual wanting to pursue a career as an engineer should have the following skills to be needed for eligible for the post.

Aptitude for Mathematics

Aptitude for Mathematics

Analytical Skills

Analytical Skills

Complex Problem Solving Skills

Complex Problem Solving Skills

Science and Computing Knowledge

Science and Computing Knowledge

Thus, the role of an educational counsellor is to assist the student in choosing the right course that matches the skillsets of the student to maximise satisfaction and performance.

Online Career counselling

tools for assessment

There are various standardized tools for assessment used by various counselling centres. Depending upon the client's needs, appropriate Psychometric tests are chosen to evaluate the client's Interest, Aptitude and Personality. Assessment tools like 16PF, Big 5, DBDA, Bhatia, DAT, Wechsler Intelligence Scale and a few more are the most used in India. Various genuine online portals also offer online counselling and assessment. These online portals may further connect you to expert counsellors who provide online career counselling.

Career counselling assessment

India's Largest Career Counselling Company

108+ Career Counselling Centres in Mumbai and India with Global Centres

Career counselling in India is gaining momentum, With the increase in awareness of the importance of career counselling amongst the parent population, there has been more and more parents voluntarily enrolling their children for career counselling. Schools, colleges and educational institutes are also encouraging students to do career counselling. The Government also lays emphasis in providing for compulsory career counselling and guidance to the students at school level in order to help them chart a proper career path and choose therewith. Mumbai, Banglore, Delhi and Pune have the highest number of career counselling centres.

Career Counselling in India


Brainwonders, is the only U.S Patented DMIT organisation which helps in transformation via brain mapping

Career Counselling Through Biometrics

DMIT Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test is the latest and most trending way of mapping a person's brain. In DMIT the fingerprints of the client are taken using a scanner, then a report is generated that gives complete details of the client's personality, strengths, weaknesses and potential. Research suggests 85% accuracy for this approach. It is considered more effective than any psychometric test. counselling done on the basis of fingerprint reports give a clearer picture to the students to choose a career options based on their abilities and skill sets. In India, Brainwonders is the largest DMIT and career counselling center with 108 branches all across the country.

How Brainwonders provide best career counselling in India?

Career Guidance by our Career Counsellors

Brainwonders is the discover in career counselling and DMIT in India since 2011. Brainwonders integrated career counselling platform is providing the widest network of 100+ senior career counsellors across India. Our Career counsellors have counselled more than 1000 plus candidates and impacting career life of more than 1 Lakhs plus students and professionals every year. In  year 2023 Brainbwonders has crossed 1 lack career counselling report mark in india.

Brainwonders career assessment is available in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Gujrathi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and many more languages. Select any language.

Students don’t need to search numerous websites for information. All the information that is published in Brainwonders portal is updated every month. Our Aim is to provide the best career counselling in India with the most affordable prices near your location and reaches to those students who need career counselling the most.

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