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Don’t Let Your 10th/12th Results Decide Your Future

29 September,2023  |  By Brainwonders

10 and 12 results image

10th Results - 12th Results Out Now

10th Results – 12th Results Out Now – Confused as to how to select a stream, Do marks matter?, What stream to choose? We got you covered at Brainwonders

Once the results are out, everyone starts with a celebration. however, this celebration lasts only for a while when panic regarding the future creeps in. What next? Which subject? Which stream? Will this help me in achieving my career goals- so many questions plague the students irrespective of what their marks are. Marks do stir competition among children and this has been prevailing for generations. Your 10th and 12th marks are not a testament to your intelligence. This is the very misconception that everyone has. It just enables the level to which the student has studied.

10th Results – 12th Results Out Now !!

Usually, we assume that there is always stress upon the ones who do not score well but that is not the case all the time, students who even score well go through the same crisis. What you score is just an indicator of your academic performance and hence, cannot really decide your career graphs just by themselves. There are many aspects where one must always take into consideration apart from grades, they are:

  • Abilities- Abilities are basically your capacity to do work, be it in any field. If you have the knowledge in that particular field but you lack the ability then you would face a lot of difficulties to be able to accomplish the task at hand.
  • Strengths- You need to identify your strengths as well as your weaknesses as it is this that separates you from the crowd
  • Experience- Experiences are very important, they can be in the form of internships as well, so you know what are the demands of particular fields and also know what are the abilities needed in the respective field.

Your marks do not justify the above mentioned and though they do carry a lot of significance, a lot of other factors should be considered for the same.

Results, once received, you must try and look out for the different streams that are available. Do not just push yourself to the streams that society may find to be brilliant, you will be at loss. Let me explain this scenario with an example: A girl who was brilliant in science and maths decided to choose a field of acting which was against the choice of her parents and society. Nevertheless, she knew what her abilities were and she knew what she had in her and so today she is known to be the Kangana Ranaut who holds many prestigious awards – one being the National film award.

career counselling Brainwonders

10th Results – 12th Results Out Now

It is often seen that just because one has scored above 80% in their board exams, they should not let go of the opportunity to study sciences. However, individually they might have scored extremely high on languages and social studies but relatively lesser in maths and sciences. This could also indicate that this child will be more successful in specialising in subjects like history and political sciences and contribute to national development as an administrator. Thus, humanities or arts would be a more ideal stream.

Similarly, just because someone scored 55%, it would reflect by limiting this person’s options after the board exams. However, instead of demotivating them about certain scores in the past- it would be much more fruitful to understand their potential, interests and skills to enhance them in the future. maybe this person had done fairly well in Maths but lost out the marks on other subjects. After an expert consultation with a career counsellor, this person can be groomed as a business analyst and planner based on their traits.

Do not hesitate to explore and see new fields and options that are available now in many colleges. If your marks did not lead you to get into the course and college that you set your heart on, it is not the end of the road, start discovering your abilities, your talent, your strength and that can enable you to achieve great heights.

Broaden your thought and look out, there are several other courses and colleges, explore them. If you still find it difficult, do not hesitate to get or take help from your mentors, teachers, career counsellors, clinical psychologists and anyone who has a broader knowledge for the same. Have an insight about yourself and do not lose yourself in social disparity. This will ultimately help you a great deal. You will fairway better on the field than you may have even thought of.

As the saying goes- it is the social disparity that beholds the eye of an individual, it is left up to you to succumb to it or do what brings you happiness and satisfaction. Meet with a career counsellor, like Brainwonders to understand what you can achieve and how. This will ensure that you don’t get lost in the crowd, but actually, lead with your unique traits!

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