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8 Career Options That Are Best For Women

29 September,2023  |  By Brainwonders

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In the past, women in India were suppressed and denied the right to study and work. But not anymore! We are in an era where women have surpassed and over excelled in almost every field. Here are 8 Career options that are best for women

They have evolved, going beyond an implied limit the society put forth. From racers, boxers, cinematographers, weightlifters, politicians to astronauts women are changing history.

There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish  

– Michelle Obama 

The world’s most pre-eminent experts are also known to be women. This advancement is an outcome of a united effort of the government and educational institutions allowing a thought change in a country like India. 

The positive growth in different fields has not only empowered women but has also contributed to their economic extension and more inclusive economic growth. 

Although there is a massive change in the career growth of women in India, there is still a need to emancipate and help women break stereotypes.

Here are 8 career options that are best for women:

Women have vast potential in different fields and industries. Here are 8 career options that are best for women: 

  1. Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurship requires setting up your own business. In simple terms, an entrepreneur is an initiator, a creator and a driver of a venture. As challenging as it may sound, thousands of women out there are taking up this profession and outdoing themselves.

From small scale businesses like catering, daycare centres to large scale clothing boutique to fashion influencers. If you have the potential You too can choose to be an entrepreneur. You too, you can be the next Vandana Luthra! (founder of VLCC).

2. Teacher


Teaching is an excellent career option for women. In a  country like India, it is considered as a dignified post. The best part about being a teacher is it provides a wider scope of area for you to work in.

You could opt to teach in a kindergarten, schools, high school, college or university. If you are looking to work from home, you can also opt to be a home tutor. There are multiple courses that you could do to opt for this career.

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3. Fashion designer

Fashion designer

The fashion industry is humongous and the fastest-growing, it has thus become the next big thing.

With plenty of opportunities for you. You could design bridal outfits, open your own boutique or design clothes for a celebrity. So if you like playing with colours and experimenting with clothes, jewellery and accessories then this is what you are looking for. 

4. Content writer

Content writer

Content writing requires you to write content on a given topic for a website. You can freelance and work independently for multiple organizations or work for a single company.

So if you like writing, make your hobby a profession. Get yourself enrolled for a content writing course and write powerful content that influences millions of people in a go.

5. Counselling psychologist

Counselling psychologist

With the increase in mental illnesses, there has been a growing demand for a psychologist.

A lot of adolescents and women undergo depression. With the increase in career opportunities children and parents are often overwhelmed about what field to opt.

A lot of children end up being misguided, never to discover their true potential. Taking up psychology as a career allows you to contribute to society. You could work for career organizations, NGOs and educational institutions.

Brainwonders is one such centre that has been performing DMIT (Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test) for the past 8 years, it allows you to know your potential and weaknesses just by your fingerprints. They work with a majority of women counsellors who work dedicatedly to help others.

6. Journalist


Media today is the most powerful tool above all. If you are a confident woman with good communication skills, and like interviewing, if you are willing to dig, to call people, to show up to check out the facts and poke about in musty archives then media and journalism is just the right field for you.

Journalism is full of rich experiences. So If you love it, you are in for a ride!

7. IPS Officer

IPS Officer

Wondering how you can protect women in this country? Want to reach out to vulnerable women who are suffering?

Become an IPS officer and be an inspiration to all the women out there. Yes, this job demands physical strength but if Kiran Bedi could do it, so can you!

8. Lawyer


Lawyers work on legal matters in various cases. It is considered one of the most powerful, well known and respected professions.

Women as lawyers is thus an emblem of progress in India. So if you are assertive, dedicated and willing to stand up for justice you could become a lawyer. Lookup for courses needed to become an attorney.

Each of us has different goals and interests when it comes to finding the right career. There are several other options that you could look for. Women can do everything, for us – the sky is the limit!!

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