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Applying for NEET 2019? Top 7 reasons to get Career Counseling First!

02 November,2018  |  By Brainwonders

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Today, the NEET Registrations 2019 are now open and aspiring health professionals are enrolling already to kick start their professional journey. However, enrolling in that is just the first step as there will also be dedicated preparation, strategic exam taking, choosing the right healthcare stream and then dedicated undergraduate study followed by specialisation.

Be prepared for NEET 2019, even before you submit your application.

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Thus, many aspirants are flocking for career counselling using Brainwonders U.S. Patented 1. DMIT, mainly because of the following top reasons-

  1. Identifying the best method of exam preparation based on personal learning style: Knowing the best way aligning with their method of grasping and understanding eases up the whole learning process.
  2. Stress and Anxiety management: Know what is it that makes you nervous and why, before moving on to how to deal with it so that you can focus on their performance.
  3. Understanding the specializations and undergraduate course opportunities in the healthcare industry: MBBS, Dental, Pharmacy, Microbiology and so many more options should not confuse one but instead picking the right one motivates one to be focused on the goal.
  4. Planning realistic effective timetables and study sessions: 12 hours of study may work for some but a good strategy between time and tasks helps in creating a wholesome but enjoyable study program with results.
  5. Understanding the academic and personal challenges and suitable methods to overcome them: With knowledge of limitations, one can use the right method to overcome them.
  6. Balancing the board exams along with the NEET pattern: It is often difficult to take the double pressure which compromises both the performances, but striking the right cord between them will help.
  7.  Know and utilise the strengths to the maximum: Instead of focusing on weaknesses only, comprehension of strengths helps in acing the test.

Besides U.S. Patented DMIT BRAINWONDERS also provides multiple intelligence tests,  IQ tests, online aptitude tests and psychometric tests. They have also been three-time winners of the National Education Awards. With so much on the line and so little time, time is of the essence.

Let Brainwonders help you make the most of the next 4 months!

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