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What is DMIT, DMIT Test online, DMIT Benefits & Cost

21 March,2023  |  By Brainwonders

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Constant and consistent research is the sole of any invention and discovery. Bright and curious scientific minds are constantly inventing to help humanity. A dominant sector that has always interested scientists and researchers is the study of children's development. This field is continually evolving with the help of technology. 

The technological revolution has positively impacted the lives of millions of children, and one such invention which will continue to help students is the invention of the DMIT Test.

What is U.S. Patent DMIT TEST?

U.S. Patent Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is a biometric test conducted on students for understanding their potential. This test has successfully helped students understand their abilities all across the globe. More than a decade ago, it was introduced in India, and the results have been remarkable since then.

How is the U.S. Patent DMIT test conducted?

A conventional psychometric test like interest test, aptitude test, or a personality test involves a person answering a questionnaire or performing the directed tasks. Here the process is entirely different. DMIT test involves a biometric based profiling which uses the individual’s unique and genetically defined fingerprint patterns. They have to submit the scans of their whole set of fingerprints. DMIT is the study of fingerprints. All the fingers are scanned, and their fingerprints are recorded. We all know that fingerprints are unique and completely distinctive. Based on these fingerprints, a detailed report is generated. This report talks about a child's distinct qualities, traits, capabilities, and abilities. It helps us understand a child's inborn talents, skills, and potential.


What is the accuracy of the U.S. Patent DMIT Test?

Fingerprints of a child develop right when he is in the mother's womb. They start forming right when the foetus is 13 weeks, and by the time the foetal growth is 22 weeks, the unique fingerprints are entirely formed. These remain unchanged for a lifetime. These imprints are created based on our inner attributes. Hence the results are very accurate. It is always recommended to get a DMIT test done at a well-established counselling centre like Brainwonders. Their clients have reported a 95% and above accuracy as they use the latest equipment for conducting the test.

What is the science behind conducting a DMIT test?

Our fingerprints are connected to our brains. The imprint on every finger contributes to different qualities of a person. When a child uses his left hand to write, he uses the right side of his brain, and when he uses the right hand to write, he uses the left side. Now, the left side of the brain deals with objective attributes like intelligence, logical reasoning, and language power. In contrast, the right side of the brain deals with subjective characteristics like feelings, art, and creative thinking. In a DMIT test, every finger imprint is studied individually, which helps us understand which quality of the child is well-developed and where he requires support and guidance. Hence the DMIT test is considered scientifically advanced and on the mark.

What are the benefits of doing a DMIT test?

A DMIT test helps parents understand the calibre of the child. Genetic factors also affect fingerprints so that parents can note any genetic inability in a child. DMIT is very helpful in understanding the multiple intelligence, interests and abilities of a child. A career strategy can be designed based on this analysis. If the child takes up a stream of his choice, it is easier for him to excel in that line. Hence DMIT test forms a foundation for analysis and evaluation. Career counselling centres harness it as an effective tool for suggesting appropriate options.

Who can take this test?

The DMIT test is suitable and beneficial for all age groups. There is no age limit for self-assessment and further development. Every person wants to understand and know about themselves, and enhance their personal, social, and professional lives accordingly. So an adult working in a corporate stream for ages can do a DMIT test and decide whether their career needs a boost, change or satisfaction. It is most beneficial for children. Thus, a toddler, a teenager, and an undergraduate can undergo the test and even their parents reap the benefits.

Can we take a U.S. Patent DMIT test online?

Career counselling centres like Brainwonders understand that parents prefer online mediums from a convenience point of view. Parents willing to undergo a DMIT test for their children can now avail the opportunity online as well. The expert team has carefully developed strategies to conduct this test online. The results are accurate and precise. So get on to the website, and all information is available with a click.

What is the dmit test price? 

When we compare the benefits of the test with the cost, we realise that the amount we pay is substantially lower than the benefits we yield. The What is the dmit test price approximates at Rs 5900. There are various spectrums of conducting the test, and the charge may vary. But here, it is essential that a Parent wisely chooses the career counselling centre for getting the test done. The use of technology makes a difference. Brianwonders to use the latest technology, guaranteeing precise and error-free results. It is the only centre acclaimed to have the U.S. Patent for conducting this test. The results from these centres are reliable as they form the basis for formulating the career strategy.

What are the cons of conducting this test?

Practically, biometric analysis has no adverse effects. The scanning procedure is not going to affect the child in any way. The counsellors at Brainwonders make special efforts to disclose the reports to the parents positively. They ensure that the results do not have a negative impact. Career counsellors must maintain the accuracy and authenticity of the reports and suggest improvement remedies if required. So undergoing a U.S. Patent DMIT Test is not going to harm the child- and only unlock not only the child’s potential, but also the world of benefits and opportunities for all involved.

To sum it up
  • Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is a biometric test. It is the study of using fingerprints to map genetic intelligence and traits.
  • Just like the whole body, fingerprints are connected to the working of the brain, and hence a detailed analysis helps us understand the innate potential.
  • It gives a piece of in-depth information about the inborn strengths and weaknesses of a child. This helps in planning their career path as well.
  • It is suitable for all age groups, and anyone can undergo the test online or offline.
  • It is crucial to select an appropriate counselling centre for conducting the test as the accuracy depends on the technology used in the counselling centre.

DMIT is a revolution in this field, and every parent should take advantage of the available technology. Career counselling centres like Brainwonders have made the test very accessible and approachable. It is just a click away!

Frequently asked questions about DMIT Test.

Q.1) How does the DMIT test work?
Ans: DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) is a scientifically validated and clinically proven assessment method used to understand an individual's cognitive potential, personality traits, and learning preferences. The test analyses fingerprints to help identify personality traits, talents, strengths, and weaknesses.
The test involves capturing high-resolution images of the fingerprints, which are then analyzed using digital image processing techniques. Based on the processed data, the DMIT software compares the characteristics of the fingerprints to a database of known patterns and traits, allowing for accurate inferences about the individual being tested.
The resulting report helps identify an individual's innate abilities and areas for improvement. It also provides insight into the individual's working style and creative thinking abilities, enabling more informed career decisions.

Q.2) How accurate is the DMIT Test?
Ans: The accuracy of the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) has been extensively studied and is widely acclaimed. Its ability to assess various aspects of an individual's intellectual and emotional development has proven reliable in numerous scientific studies. Regarding accuracy, DMIT has shown a strong correlation with several psychometric tests like aptitude and personality, demonstrating its ability to provide comprehensive assessments.

Q.3) How can DMIT Test help students choose their careers?
Ans: DMIT Test is an innovative tool designed to help students make informed decisions about their future careers. Using sophisticated algorithms and data analytics, DMIT Test recognizes each student's unique aptitudes, interests, values, and personality traits and makes appropriate career recommendations. With this valuable information, students can confidently move forward in their career paths and clearly understand which jobs would best suit them based on their personal preferences and strengths. DMIT Test also supports the decision-making process by helping students explore their interests and research potential career options.

How will you live up to your potential if you don't know it?

Get your U.S. Patented DMIT analysis and lead the way to a happy and successful career

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