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Disadvantages of DMIT Test

07 January,2024  |  By Brainwonders

Disadvantages of DMIT Test

Disadvantages of DMIT Test

Before we discuss the Disadvantages of the DMIT Test, let's understand what it is. The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) examines the patterns on our fingertips. It links these patterns to our cognitive abilities, personality traits, and strengths. The DMIT test analyses these patterns using advanced technology to reveal our intelligence and learning style.

What is DMIT Test

The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is an assessment that examines the patterns of ridges and creases on our fingertips. These unique patterns are believed to offer insights into an individual's cognitive abilities, personality traits, and potential strengths. Using advanced technology, the DMIT Test analyses these patterns and connects them to various aspects of intelligence and learning styles. This assessment aims to give individuals, parents, and educators a deeper understanding of a person's inherent qualities and potential.

U.S. Patented Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT)

U.S. Patented Dermatoglyphics pertains to the scientific field that examines the patterns of skin ridges on human fingers, toes, and soles. These patterns unveil the inherent connections between these ridges and our intrinsic qualities and talents. Typically forming during fetal development from the external ectoderm, these fingerprints emerge between the 13th and 21st week.

As a result, medical experts and scientists have ascertained that the distribution of brain cells in different brain areas offers insights into a person's multiple intelligences, innate potential, and personality traits through the U.S. Patented DMIT Test.

U.S. Patented DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) employs biometric analysis based on fingerprint study. Beneficial for all age groups, it is precious for parents and teachers seeking to comprehend a child's natural strengths and areas for development. Using purely biometric data, DMIT assessments provide actionable insights and relevant career suggestions.

Myths About DMIT

1. It is Palmistry.

Palmistry involves predicting the future by reading lines on palms, while dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of patterns in skin grains and ridges of fingerprints.

These unique fingerprint patterns are genetically identifiable, highlighting the scientific research behind dermatoglyphics.

The term "dermatoglyphics" is employed to differentiate it from the pseudo-scientific practice of palmistry.

2. Fingerprints keep changing, so it is unreliable.

Your fingerprints develop entirely by the 16th week of prenatal development, a complete 5 months before birth, and remain constant throughout your life.

As an infant, the ridge patterns of your fingerprints resemble drawing on a balloon with a ballpoint pen and later inflating it, causing the same drawing to expand uniformly in all directions.

While cuts, abrasions, acid exposure, or specific skin conditions can result in temporary loss or scarring of fingerprints, they typically regenerate within a month.

3. The Report is the same for all.

Throughout our understanding, the concept that no two sets of fingerprints are identical has been consistently reiterated.

Consider attempting to unlock your secured phone using Touch ID with an incorrect finger – it simply doesn't function. Similarly, due to the distinctiveness of fingerprints among individuals, creating a universal report applicable to everyone becomes an unfeasible task.

Avinav Seal pointed out that "Galton Calculated that the chance of 2 people having the exact same fingerprint is one in 64 billion." This figure is more significant than eightfold the current global population (7 billion people) and four times the number of individuals who have ever lived on Earth.

Psychometric analysis ensures that each generated Report is firmly rooted in an individual's inherent attributes.

4. Knowing the background of the client is necessary to be an analyst.

While being informed about a client's background undoubtedly aids psychologists in gaining a deeper understanding of the client, it's not specifically necessary in DMIT counselling. This type of counselling centres around the individual's inherent abilities, aptitudes, and potential, facilitating better self-awareness for the client.

Since a counsellor isn't embedded in your daily life, they can offer a more impartial perspective with reduced bias. Frequently, family and friends provide directive advice. Counselling fosters a distinctive relationship where you're encouraged and challenged to uncover answers that align with your unique life.

Due to the absence of prior interactions, clients can anticipate receiving an unbiased and scientifically-grounded assessment.

5. The Report only tells about a career.

Dispelling one of the prevailing misconceptions, it's important to note that DMIT's scope extends beyond solely focusing on career aspects. While teenagers often turn to DMIT for career guidance, its potential reaches far beyond that, offering a multitude of avenues to explore.

From young children to business professionals, virtually anyone can find DMIT advantageous. It empowers individuals to plan their journeys towards achieving aspirations and fulfilling dreams proactively.

For adults, comprehending their various areas of MULTIPLE intelligence aids in making informed career decisions. Enhanced self-awareness facilitates improved communication and the establishment of more meaningful connections.

Employers also harness dermatoglyphics analysis to identify their employees' strengths and weaknesses for effective role placement. This deeper understanding further contributes to adeptly managing personal relationships.

6. It is not effective for adults.

Adults, including parents, have embraced DMIT as a tool to comprehend diverse parenting approaches or evaluate the suitability of particular career paths.

By unlocking your potential, DMIT facilitates your journey to the zenith of your profession. Often, you may have dispersed your energy across various pursuits, rendering you a generalist without mastery.

DMIT guides you towards the pinnacle of your career by identifying the areas that warrant your energy investment. This strategic approach reduces extraneous commitments, allowing ample time to nurture your core strengths.

7. It is too early for a toddler/ child to proceed with this Report.

In various parts of India, numerous parents discover their child's inherent qualities even before the child communicates verbally. Each child possesses unique learning capacities that can be nurtured through tailored learning approaches.

Once parents gain insight into their child's abilities, they can precisely nurture their natural talents. During this phase, children exhibit heightened curiosity for learning, presenting a suitable time for parents to shape their child's identity.

This developmental stage offers the chance to enhance their innate intelligence and strengthen weaker aspects. The sooner parents acquire knowledge of effective child-rearing strategies, the more advantageous it becomes for the child's growth and development.

8. The traits in the Report cannot be improved.

The primary motive behind individuals seeking DMIT is to uncover their inherent potential and characteristics. The concept of multiple intelligence proposes that being multi-talented is plausible.

By identifying your foremost attributes, you simultaneously recognize areas for enhancement, paving the way for the desired path in life. Just as leveraging your strengths propels you forward, like pressing the accelerator, your weaknesses can act like the handbrake, hindering progress.

Acknowledging your weaknesses facilitates taking control of your potential trajectory. The adage goes, "Your aim isn't to surpass others; it's to become the best version of yourself."

9. It is not legit.

Like various scientific assessments, DMIT has undergone thorough research to provide credible solutions to your concerns.

The U.S. patented DMIT developed by Brainwonders serves as the gateway to unravel a child's innate attributes. Acquiring certification in 2008 from Wellgene Science Inc (Malaysia), Brainwonders has established itself as the foremost authority in Psychometric and DMIT analysis, earning the trust of many.

Discover Your Inherent Potential and shine

How will you live up to your potential if you don't know it?

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