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Top 9 Myths About DMIT Busted!

30 January,2024  |  By Brainwonders

Brainwonders DMIT Test

Working on DMIT for a few years, there are a lot of whispers and tittle-tattles that have come to the surface regarding DMIT Test.

1. It is Palmistry.


Palmistry is a prediction of the future through the interpretation of lines on palms whereas dermatoglyphics is the science of comparing, analysing and classifying the patterns of skin grains and ridges of fingerprints.

These fingerprint patterns are genetically distinguished and thus dermatoglyphics is a scientifically researched process.

As a term, dermatoglyphics is used to distinguish it from the superficially similar pseudoscience of palmistry.

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2. Fingerprints keep changing, so it is unreliable.


Your fingerprints are fully formed 16 weeks into the prenatal stage, a full 5 months before you enter the world, and they will never change.

After formation, an infant’s growing fingerprint ridges are much like drawing a face on a balloon with a ballpoint pen and then inflating the balloon to see the same face expand uniformly in all directions.

You can scar your fingerprints with a cut, or temporarily lose them through abrasion, acid or certain skin conditions, but fingerprints lost in this way will grow back within a month.

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3. The report is the same for all.


As far as we can go, we would always get to hear that no two sets of fingerprints are the same.

Just try to open your locked Phone with Touch ID with the wrong finger. It doesn’t work. Similarly, with different sets of fingerprints for different individuals, it becomes impossible to have one universal report for everyone.

Avinav Seal said, Galton Calculated that the chance of 2 people having the exact same fingerprint is one in 64 billion ”, more than 8 times as many people who currently live on this planet (There are 7 billion people on this earth) and 4 times as many as have ever lived on earth.

The psychometric analysis makes sure of the fact, that every report generated is based on a person’s innate qualities.

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4. Without knowing the background of the client, there cannot be any analysis.

While knowing about a client’s background would no doubt help the psychologist with understanding the client better, there isn’t a specific need for a client’s background as the counselling with DMIT is based on his/her inborn abilities, their aptitude and potential which helps the client in knowing themselves better.

Since a counsellor is not a part of your day to day life, they are capable of being more impartial with less bias. Oftentimes, family and friends tell you what you should do. Counselling involves a unique relationship where you are encouraged and challenged to find the answers that are right for your life.

As there is no prior interaction with, the client can expect unbiased and scientific opinion.

5. The report only tells about a career.

One of the most common myths, “DMIT focuses just on career”. Although teenagers seek help from DMIT for career counselling, there are a lot more avenues where DMIT opens pathways for you.

From toddlers to businessmen, almost anyone and everyone would consider DMIT a boon. You can plan ahead to achieve your goals and live your dreams.

Understanding one’s areas of MULTIPLE intelligence helps an adult make decisions on careers. Understanding more about self can help adults communicate better and thus build better relationships.

The employer also applies dermatoglyphics analysis to find out the strength and weaknesses of their employees for position placement. You can manage your personal relationships well through better understanding.

6. It is not effective for adults.

Adults, including parents, have been going for DMIT for understanding different parenting styles or how specific fields would work out for them.

DMIT can help you reach the pinnacle of your career. All this while, you kept trying to focus your energy in different directions making you a jack of all trades but master of none.

DMIT can help you reach the pinnacle of your career by providing you with the skills that you should be investing your energy in. It would minimize unsolicited commitments, providing you with ample time to focus on your key strengths.

7. It is too early for a toddler/ child to go ahead with this report.

Several parents across India are finding out a child’s innate qualities much before he or she even starts talking. Every individual child has their own learning abilities which can be taken care of by specific learning styles.

Once parents are enlightened about their child’s abilities, they can accurately focus on their natural prowess. At this age, the child is the most curious to learn and it is easier for the parents to build their child’s persona.

This is the time when you can alter their inborn intelligence and improve the weaker intelligence. The earlier you are aware of the child-parenting tools, the more beneficial it becomes for your child

8. The traits in the report cannot be improved.

The primary reason people approach DMIT is to know their innate potential and traits. The theory of multiple intelligence suggests that you can be multi-talented.

As you come to know what are your best qualities, you also come to know where you can improve to acquire the walk of life you want. If growing and using your strengths is like pressing the gas pedal, your weaknesses are like having the hand brake pulled while the car is trying to accelerate.

No forward progress! Owning up to your weaknesses makes it easier to take possession of where you can be.

As it is said, “You aren’t supposed to be better than them, You are supposed to be a better you.”

9. It is not legit.

Like all other scientific tests, DMIT has been researched to provide you with an authentic solution to your problems.

The U.S. patented DMIT by Brainwonders is the key that unleashes the intrinsic traits of the child. Since the certification in 2008 from Wellgene Science Inc, (Malaysia), Brainwonders has been the most trusted for Psychometric and DMIT analysis.

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Know your strengths, grow your strengths, and live in your strengths. Then, search and find the weaknesses that hijack your strengths and relentlessly improve them.

How will you live up to your potential if you don't know it?

Get your U.S. Patented DMIT analysis and lead the way to a happy and successful career

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