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Benefits of DMIT test - 10 Essential Benefits

22 March,2022  |  By Brainwonders

What is DMIT?

The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is a scientifically and medically proven method of determining intelligence, innate abilities, talents, and potential. Dermatoglyphics, dermatoglyphics comes from the root word derma, which means "skin." it mentions that any individual can test the differential patterns of fingerprints, palms and toes to determine their significant potentials and weaknesses of humans and is one of the critical benefits of DMIT test. 

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is the assessment test based on the scientific study of human fingerprint patterns. This scientific test gives complete information about one's inborn potential by simply studying the intrinsic patterns through biometric assessment.

According to medical professionals and scientists, the volume of brain cells dispersed in different sections of the brain helps us comprehend a person's numerous intelligences and innate potential capabilities and Personality through the DMIT Test. One can study and nurture all the strengths and weaknesses by simply conducting a DMIT test. 

DMIT test will help in knowing the individuals 

  • Hereditary 
  • Uniqueness
  • Invariance 
Who can test the DMIT?
10 Excellent Benefits of DMIT
Brain analysis

At every human development stage, some moderate changes happen in our brains. So to know the insights of your brain, you can quickly go for DMIT. It will provide you with a complete idea about your brain functioning and its impact on your cognitive skills.

Using dermatoglyphics, psychologists can study the details of your both right and left brain. The right brain will give you an exact idea about your learning, thinking, verbal ability, problem-solving skills, etc. The left brain will depict your communication, planning, visual ability, physical recognition, etc.  

Learning styles

Learning styles is also one of the significant benefits of the DMIT test. We all human beings develop in the different upbringings of our parents, so hierarchical changes are mostly happening that affect our behaviour and learning patterns. Listed below are a few learning styles which determine our learning and recognition skills 

  • Visual (Spatial)
  • Aural (Auditory-Musical)
  • Verbal (Linguistic)
  • Physical (Kinesthetic)
  • Logical (Mathematical)
  • Social (Interpersonal)
  • Solitary (Intrapersonal)

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Innate characteristics

By testing the DMIT test, you get a clear picture of your innate attributes, which will tell about which career option you should choose. I suppose an individual goes for a DMIT assessment. He found out that he is sharp in linguistic skills, and then the psychologist career counsellor will suggest different career options, which will help him decide which career path he should choose. This characteristic is the reliable benefit of the DMIT test.

Find out the hidden talents.

Even if we have a brief idea about our key areas, we are somehow in a dilemma about our Personality or interest. So through DMIT, it is possible to demonstrate our hidden talents, which will alternately help us know our potential interests that will bring more beneficial changes in our future. 

Most parents usually decide to go for the DMIT test when their children are between 2 to 6 years old because it helps them know their child's interests early. They will try to improve their children's strengths and capabilities initially.

Help students in knowing their career path

Adults are mainly in a dilemma about which career path they should choose. DMIT tests are recommended to determine the best career options depending on the particular area of expertise. 

After completing their 10th, they are recommended to go for career counselling because this will acknowledge them to know which stream they should go for or which career path they should go for. 

Help corporates in Recruitment

Finding the right candidate for a specific job profile can be the crucial benefit of the DMIT test in organisations. There are many parameters in the Corporate DMIT report particular to this segment. HR mostly are not at the stage where they can determine which candidate they should hire. Recruiters generally conduct the DMIT to know whether the candidates have the critical potentials that the organisation requires.

Corporate Counselling

DMIT can boost an employee's energy levels by showing them the right path and catering to their comfort zones by determining what makes them happy in life. DMIT-based counselling aids in the reduction of employee disputes in an organisation. It aids in reducing employee dissatisfaction and increasing job satisfaction and, as a result, output in terms of work.

Improve Family relations

Disputes are mostly happening in families. These disputes are mostly because families do not know the nature and Personality of their people. Through DMIT, all the family members can understand each other's Personality and weak areas, which help them build and improve cordial and friendly relations.

Career Planning

Taking the DMIT test will be beneficial if someone is at a point in their career concerned about their advancement. Many people are availing themselves of the benefit of the DMIT test. It not only helps them to achieve their career growth but also makes them confident. 

SWOT Analysis

One can efficiently work on their power by DMIT assessment. Through DMIT, SWOT Analysis stimulates the individual in determining their strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. Assessment will also allow people to know their facets, potential abilities, skills, etc., which will encourage people to explore their hidden talents. So they can cordially work on it and create more opportunities. 

Why visit Brainwonders for DMIT Assessment?

Brainwonders is India's largest DMIT assessment organisation. Brainwonders was founded on the principles of Research and Development based on Dermatoglyphic theory and application (DMIT) based on the most recent technological advances in dermatology. Our analysts can determine the inborn intelligence of each child and the most effective method of learning through the DMIT study. Furthermore, expert guidance and solutions will be provided to assist in resolving difficulties in both the short and long term.

At Brainwonders, you will get the best benefit of the DMIT test. Our team will guide you to and acknowledge your potential, unique area by analysing your DMIT reports. We assure to provide the DMIT assessment for ages between 1 to 60 years. We have helped many teenagers, students, and employees know their innate capabilities. If you are also looking forward to taking the DMIT test, get in touch with us; we promise to provide the best DMIT test assessment.

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