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DMIT Test for Teenagers

U.S. Patented DMIT Test for Teenagers

Education and academic development caters to a big part of any human life. This where one prepares for a career while developing personally as well. Though there are several defining moments in a student’s life, high school or 8th-10th standard are clearly where things take a major turn. This is the age where the child closes towards cognitive maturity and the body develops biologically as well. Thus, the early teenage years mark a definitive period for students.

U.S. Patented DMIT Test career

This is the reason why many students and their concerned parents turn towards personality assessment and career counseling. The decisions taken during this stage impacts a lifetime.It is wise for many high school students of 8th, 9th and 10th standard across several education boards to go for U.S. Patented DMIT Tests for the children for effective career mapping based on their inborn strengths, traits and learning styles. 

Brainwonders U.S. The Patented DMIT Test is renowned for helping a student understand their innate potential, develop parents’ understanding of the same and create targets and pathways for holistic personal, social and professional development.

Here are the major challenges faced by secondary school students that are addressed via a DMIT Test career counselling process:

Subject selection
Subject selection

From 6th standard onwards, various boards including CBSE and ICSE provide students with options to choose certain subjects

Peer pressure
Peer pressure

Without career counselling, many students end up following up on wrong career paths and thus live an unsatisfied and stressful life

Academic performance
Academic performance

Clearly, 10th board results have a lot of value, and these results also depend on conceptual clarity of topics gained in 7th, 8th and 9th

Extracurricular management
Extracurricular management

This is the age where extracurricular avenues broaden while the teenager needs to balance between ademics, extra classes, friends

Stream selection
Stream selection

After 10th board exams, a student must choose their streams and subjects which lays down the foundations for future college

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SWOT analysis

Knowing their child’s personality and SWOT analysis profile helps them not only support and motivate the students in the school, but also secure their future by careful research and career planning after 12th results.

It builds a healthy parent-child relationship and enforces wholesome development of the child via identification and implementation of right parenting styles.

parent-child relationship
DMIT Career Counselling

Career Counselling engages both parents and the students to set the child on a path to their happy and flourishing future!

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We have several parents and happy students who have opted for our DMIT Test for various purposes. Here is what they have to say about their experience with our DMIT Test:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dermatoglyphics?

Dermatoglyphics is generated in the human fingers, palms, toes, and feet rose on the lines. Born in finger dermatoglyphics, called "fingerprint", and born in striae on the palm of your hand is called "palm." In the genetic counselling related to science Jieyou Description: The person's skin texture in the 13th week of embryonic development to 19 weeks of the formation of the brain are synchronous growth lines and striae. After the formation of striae, life unchanged.

Is Dermatoglyphics testing scientific or Medical basic?

Both. Dermatoglyphics is based on many scientists; medical scientists of "genetics", "Embryology", "Dermatoglyphics" "brain science" and other science-based, and the use of observation, recording, contrast, inductive learning methods, and then coupled with clinical experience, and finally concluded that: From the striae we can accurately analyze the child's multiple intelligences and potential personality.

How accurate is the dermatoglyphics multiple intelligences test?

Dermatoglyphics is a professional industry that combines neurobiology, genetics, and embryology. Fingerprint patterns are not random. They are arranged according to individual genetic makeup.<br /> Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligences tests is scientifically proven. Besides, the data acquisition process is computerized. Therefore, we can achieve an accuracy of more than 90%.striae formation and the formation of the brain are synchronized, all fetus in the mother's body in the first 13 weeks ~ the first 19 weeks. Medically clinically proven, striae, and the existence of multiple intelligences necessarily completely linked. The proponent of the multiple intelligences theory of Howard Gardner, Professor found that Multiple Intelligences exist in the brain system, and further identify the brain structures that are in charge of the intelligence area. Therefore, the sooner the child understands the situation of dermatoglyphics, we can inspire and help the child's multiple intelligence development as soon as possible.

How Will a Dermatoglyphics Assessment Benefit Me?

Every child possesses unique qualities and potential. If through scientific methods, we can understand a child's innate characteristics and aptitude, we can better teach them. If one is naturally already strong, with more clarity, the strong gets stronger. However, if one is naturally already weak and then is not developed in later life/stages, one may lose that ability. As such, it is vital to give the accurate and right stimulation as soon as possible to avoid the deterioration of precious ability.

DMIT Test Near Me

Yes, Brainwonders have 108+ franchise all over India. You can visit near Branch.

Brainwonders DMIT test Price?

The cost of DMIT is 5900/- with additional GST charges. This will not only include the test administration and report but also the interpretation of it and added guidance from the best Counselors. Since this is a onetime test, it is more of an investment than an expense.

What is DMIT?

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is a scientific method developed based on the study of fingerprints dermal ridge formations on the skin. It is rooted in the research that the patterns on our skin are correlated with innate potential and unique attributes and can provide insights into an individual's innate talents, learning style, and potential areas of strength.

How does the DMIT Analysis Work?

The DMIT test works by collecting and analysing genetically defined fingerprint patterns. These patterns are believed to be genetically linked and reflect the innate potential of any person. The analysis involves identifying various intelligences, such as logical-mathematical, linguistic, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, musical, kinesthetic, and naturalistic. The results are then used to provide insights into an individual's strengths and weaknesses, helping guide career choices and educational paths.

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