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DMIT Test for Toddler

U.S. Patented DMIT Test for Toddlers

U.S. Patented DMIT Test for toddler and infant is widely accepted. Infancy and toddlerhood- which is basically the age of 0-2 years and 3-5 years; respectively is where 60% of the brain development happens. Several medical and statistical studies also states that early identification of suitable learning styles and innate traits can maximise effective development by 80%.

DMIT Test for Toddlers

When a baby is born- a parents joy knows no bounds. There are several ways in which any parent can always recount how they are always putting the best interests of their baby forward. But when a child can barely even understand the parents’ speech- how can one decide on what is the best for a baby or a toddler?

Obviously every parent wants to help their child get ahead in life. It is not easy though to do that when does not have any direction. To add to it, this is the time when the toddler is learning everything. It is like a tabula rasa - a fresh blank slate with all kinds of learning opportunities thrown at them. It is highly unlikely that the first things that the parents write on this blank slate will be a masterstroke. Hence, one has no option but to move forward without a clue.

But Brainwonders US Patented DMIT Test is here to use biometric analysis to map the complete inborn profile of a child. There are in fact several ways in which brainwonders DMIT Test assist.

Our U.S patented License & Certificate.


Benefits of Dmit Test
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Knowing the innate characteristic and personality traits of a child allows one to groom it holistically.

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The learning style will help you to locate the best preschool and activity classes near you to facilitate intellectual learning.

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The left and the right brain analysis helps in drawing the general life approaches between the creative analytical mind.

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Identifying you child's best qualities with help of SWOT analysis is known to boast any knowledge/talent acquisation rapidly.

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Knowing the right parenting tips based on the child's profile assist in taking them forming healthy, supportive and lasting relationship.

It is widely known that toddlerhood or preschool age is where the lifelong foundations are laid for brain functions like memory, attention and adaptability to new information. Thus, knowing the child’s inborn potential via U.S. Patented DMIT Test allows the parents to nurture the child effectively.


You put so much effort into diligently exploring and researching into giving your child only the best. But sometimes too many choices just complicate things and we end up confused about what we as parents should do that will bring out the best in our toddlers without stressing them. Here are some challenges that parents face that we address:

Toddler Emotional Regulation


Any baby or a toddler would neither comprehend nor process thoughts and emotions concretely. This means that it is the responsibility of the parents and preschool teachers to ensure that they use the U.S. Patented DMIT Test to understand a child's feelings and behaviour and mould it in a healthy manner. From dealing with temper tantrums to the child not talking full sentences at a particular age- personality traits help in answering several queries about child development.


Understanding the child’s dynamics with people and the surroundings is important for their growth. Knowing the right learning pattern and then giving appropriate social exposure is often the key to not only academics, but even things like making friends, active learning and the child picking up self-help activities.

Toddler Socialisation
Toddler Preschool Selection


Ensuring that child gets the correct board and preschool factors to nurtured with. So, next time- before you search for the ‘best preschool near me’, it is important to know whether you should enroll your toddler in montessori preschool, reggio emilia curriculum, waldorf method or a playway setup. Preschool is the first step of any child in the world of formal education- hence it is important for a parent to do their diligence in choosing the right preschool for the kid


Often, learning is more about teaching right and tapping into child grasping potential. Thus, besides knowing the right preschool age, it is very important to map the progress of the child through nursery and kindergarten- which are further divided into lkg and ukg.

Toddler Cognitive Development
Toddler Extracurricular Growth


Creativity, communication, sports and performing arts are amongst many things required for development of all-round personality. Naturally, for a child so young, parents cannot simply google activity sheets and bombard them with it. Even though children may not be able to create a ‘my activity list’ for themselves, knowing their strengths and weaknesses allows the parents to give them suitable guidance and exposure on both fronts.

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We have several parents who have opted for our DMIT Test for various purposes. Here is what they have to say about their experience with our DMIT Test

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dermatoglyphics?

Dermatoglyphics is generated in the human fingers, palms, toes, and feet rose on the lines. Born in finger dermatoglyphics, called "fingerprint", and born in striae on the palm of your hand is called "palm." In the genetic counselling related to science Jieyou Description: The person's skin texture in the 13th week of embryonic development to 19 weeks of the formation of the brain are synchronous growth lines and striae. After the formation of striae, life unchanged.

Is Dermatoglyphics testing scientific or Medical basic?

Dermatoglyphics testing is firmly rooted in science, offering a unique perspective on your natural abilities without any medical complexities.

How accurate is the dermatoglyphics multiple intelligences test?

Rest assured, it's incredibly accurate! Our test provides deep insights into your multiple intelligences, backed by rigorous scientific analysis.

How Will a Dermatoglyphics Assessment Benefit Me?

Every child possesses unique qualities and potential. If through scientific methods, we can understand a child's innate characteristics and aptitude, we can better teach them. If one is naturally already strong, with more clarity, the strong gets stronger. However, if one is naturally already weak and then is not developed in later life/stages, one may lose that ability. As such, it is vital to give the accurate and right stimulation as soon as possible to avoid the deterioration of precious ability.

DMIT Test Near Me

Yes, Brainwonders have 108+ franchise all over India. You can visit near Branch.

Brainwonders DMIT test Cost?

The DMITcost of Brainwonders includes a lot of benefits . To get the best costing pls do connect on 9987766531.

What is DMIT?

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is a scientific method developed based on the study of fingerprints dermal ridge formations on the skin. It is rooted in the research that the patterns on our skin are correlated with innate potential and unique attributes and can provide insights into an individual's innate talents, learning style, and potential areas of strength.

How does the DMIT Analysis Work?

The DMIT test works by collecting and analysing genetically defined fingerprint patterns. These patterns are believed to be genetically linked and reflect the innate potential of any person. The analysis involves identifying various intelligences, such as logical-mathematical, linguistic, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, musical, kinesthetic, and naturalistic. The results are then used to provide insights into an individual's strengths and weaknesses, helping guide career choices and educational paths.

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