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Bachelor’s of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) Course

03 January,2023  |  By Brainwonders

Bachelor’s of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery

Introduction: What is Homeopathy and its importance?

Homeopathy focuses on treating the individual person rather than looking at the disease in isolation. Homeopathic practitioners believe that symptoms manifest not just from physical problems, but also from a person’s emotional state, lifestyle, and nutritional choices. 

This holistic approach seeks to promote health rather than simply suppressing symptoms. Treatment may involve a variety of methods, including administering homeopathic remedies prepared from natural sources such as plants or minerals. 

These remedies contain only very small amounts of active ingredients, but are believed to be effective because they act upon the body’s energetic level, stimulating healing responses within the body itself. Homeopaths may also recommend dietary changes and lifestyle modifications such as exercise and stress reduction techniques to support health.

Explain what is Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)

Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) is an undergraduate degree in homeopathy which is a form of alternative medicine. This career-oriented course focuses on holistic healing and patient care that is based on the principle of 'like cures like' - or the use of substances capable of causing symptoms similar to those being treated. 

Through this five-and-a-half year program, students are trained to diagnose and treat diseases using homeopathic medicines. They gain knowledge in anatomy, pathology, physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology using modern diagnostic tools and techniques. 

Along with classroom teaching and theory courses, students pursue clinical practice in hospitals where they can interact with actual patients to develop their skills in diagnosis, prescribing medicines and providing therapeutic advice. BHMS graduates are then eligible for registration with medical councils across the country upon completion of their coursework and passing their exams.

Why should anyone go for BHMS degree?

  1. The world of holistic healing is vast and ever-evolving. Homeopathy, with its unique approach to care, lies right at its heart. By considering both naturopathic care and the healing arts, homeopathic practitioners can observe how an individual's lifestyle, genetics, and environment all impact their ailments.
  2. Plus, they're sure to benefit from a higher salary range than most other medical professionals—even those working in government hospitals!
  3. For students looking to dive into the practice of homeopathy, the good news is that the curriculum is easier than that of Ayurvedic studies. This is because learners just need to understand a small portion of modern science in order to be successful.
  4. To sum it up, there's no doubt that the scope of homeopathy is substantially more than many other medical practices out there. Practitioners have endless opportunities, including the chance to start up their own practice—all around the world!

Admission to BHMS is a multi-step process. To qualify, candidates must first pass the entrance exam at the national or state level, where their performance and skills are judged. Those who make it through will then be subject to a group discussion and interview round. After successful completion of all processes, candidates need to verify their documents before proceeding to the final counselling round. So, if you're looking to join a top BHMS institute, start preparing for the entrance exams now!

Eligibility Criteria
  1. To be eligible for admission to a bachelor's degree in Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) course, applicants must have completed their Higher Secondary Education (10+2) with Biology, Physics, and Chemistry as the main subjects. 
  2. They should also have secured a minimum of 50% marks in their aggregate. 
  3. Applicant should also be at-least 17 years of age to be eligible for BHMS admission.
Year 1 Year 2 
Organon of Medicine and principles of Homoeopathic Philosophy and Psychology Pathology and Microbiology including Virology and Parasitology Bacteriology
Physiology including Biochemistry Organon of Medicine and Principles of Homeopathic Philosophy
Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
Homeopathic Materia Medica Toxicology
Homeopathic Pharmacy -
The practice of Medicine and Homeo Therapeutics -
Year 3 Year 4
The Practice of Medicine and Homeo Therapeutics Repertory
Organon of Medicine Community Medicine
Surgery including ENT, Ophthalmology, Dental and Homeo Therapeutics Microbiology
Embryology  -
Year-5  -
Internship  -



Entering the world of healthcare can be a life-changing experience - especially for BHMS students. With the right job profile and relevant experience, you can earn an impressive salary of between 3 lakhs to 30 lakhs - giving you the opportunity to build a secure financial future.

Scope and Opportunities after completing BHMS

Graduates from this degree can pursue a career in multiple fields, such as homeopathy, public health, teaching, research, clinical practice or pharmaceutical industry. 

  1. Homeopathic clinic: A BHMS graduate may work in a homeopathic clinic or hospital where they diagnose and prescribe treatment for patients using natural medicines. 
  2. Public health: Public health focuses on improving population health through preventive measures like disease surveillance, health promotion and primary care. BHMS graduates can use their knowledge to provide public health services such as participating in health awareness campaigns, conducting surveys and studies related to medical issues or collaborating with other medical professionals on policy matters related to healthcare. 
  3. Teaching: Teaching is another potential career option for BHMS graduates. They may teach at universities or colleges that specialize in homeopathic studies or allied disciplines like anatomy and physiology. Alternatively, they could provide private tuition for those wishing to pursue studies in the field of homeopathy
  4. Homeopathic doctor: One of the most common job profiles is to work as a homeopathic doctor in a private practice setting. Working in this capacity allows BHMS graduates to provide homeopathic treatments, such as herbal medicine and acupuncture, to their patients. They may also specialize in certain areas, such as pediatrics or obstetrics. 
  5. Clinical Researcher: Another common job profile is that of a clinical researcher. Clinical researchers are responsible for conducting research related to various aspects of homeopathy and its applications. This could include collecting data on how different homeopathic remedies affect specific illnesses or carrying out experiments on humans or animals to determine the efficacy of a particular remedy. A BHMS graduate may also work as an educator or trainer, providing instruction and training sessions related to homeopathy for medical professionals or the general public. 


Studying BHMS can be a rewarding experience because it provides students with a comprehensive understanding of holistic health and wellness. In the program, students learn how to combine traditional medical approaches with evidence-based complementary therapies in order to create personalized treatment plans for their patients. This combination of conventional and alternative treatments allows practitioners to address both physical and mental issues, as well as spiritual and emotional needs. Students also develop strong clinical skills that are essential for providing a more complete care package to their clients. Additionally, studying BHMS opens the door to numerous job opportunities in both private practice and public health settings. For students who are passionate about holistic health and helping others, there is no better way to make a lasting impact than by studying BHMS. With this degree, you have the chance to help people live healthier lives while doing something you truly love. 

Confused about which Course to choose after 10th and 12th?

Take Brainwonders Career Test and make the right decisions for your college and course ahead



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