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Wonders of Brain now in Ambala, Chandigarh

09 February,2019  |  By Brainwonders

Brainwonders chandigarh franchise

Wonders Of Brain: Brainwonders now spreading their wings in twin cities i.e. Ambala, Chandigarh.

Also, known for its army force Brainwonders is raising the flag of career counselling in this prestigious city of Ambala.

Wonders Of Brain: Brainwonders works on the principle of counselling using the Dermatoglyphic theory and the application of DMIT. The U.S. patent DMIT is a genetic test that is acquired using the fingerprint of an individual. Therefore known as the Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test.

The fingerprint is the most accurate identification of a person, it’s not only lead to identification but also say about a person capability. Brain wonders also have psychometric tests like multiple intelligence test, IQ test, online aptitude test and interest test. Besides setting its mark of accuracy in the test results, Brainwonders have also affiliated with Best Student Counselling (Indian National Award,2012), Best Counselling (4th Indian School Merit Award,2016), Best Student Counselling (5th Indian School Merit Award,2017), Outstanding Contribution To Educational Counselling(Maharashtra Merit Award,2017), and Best In Educational Guidance(North School Merit Award 2018).

To the recent franchise development of Brainwonders in associating with Aayushi Goyal and Abhishek to Springdale’s public School, Ambala-Chandigarh.

Brainwonders is always looking forward to guiding and embracing the value of education by strengthening the determination of children for their bright future.

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