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Career as a Event Manager in India - How to Become, Courses, Job Profile, Salary & Scope

29 June,2022  |  By Brainwonders

Career as a Event Manager in India

In India, Event Management offers plenty of opportunities. There is a broad scope of event management as the events and activation industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in India.

India is the heart of events and festivals. Every year thousands of events are held here, which need professional management. From corporate seminars to diplomatic conferences and regionals fairs to weddings, event management companies plan and organize events of all sorts.

Who is an Event Manager?

event managementt

Event Managers plan and organize professional and other events for a particular audience. Their job involves visualizing a theme or concept, planning, budgeting, and organizing. They do many events like conferences, seminars, weddings, stage shows, concerts, exhibitions, etc. Event management is a good career choice as it offers a lot of flexibility and independence to work and does not involve huge investments. If one is passionate about organizing events and has an ability for the same, they might make a successful career in event management.

Starting a Career in Event Management

event management

To begin a career in event management, the student must pursue a specialized degree in this field to have better opportunities. They must look for the course they wish to study and check the eligibility criteria as the admission process varies for each university. Most of the entry-level jobs in Event Management could be taken up after graduating or having a diploma in the same field. However, suppose a candidate wants to take uo the managerial positin or leadership role in a large firm. In that case, they need to have an MBA or PG Diploma course from a reputed university.  

Event Management Courses

The aspirants can choose from a long list of courses available in India based on their eligibility and interest.

List of Graduate Courses:-

  • BA in Event Management
  • BBA in Event Management
  • BBA in Event Management and PR

List of Post Graduate Courses:-

  • MA in PR and Event Management
  • MBA in Event Management
  • MBA in Event Management and PR

List of Diploma Courses:-

  • Diploma in Event Management
  • PG Diploma in Event Management

Top Colleges For Event Management in India –

Several Indian institutes offer Event Management courses. Few are listed down below for your reference.

  • IIFT – New Delhi
  • Institute of Mass Communication, Film and Television – Kolkata
  • School of Film and Mass Communication – Allahabad
  • National Institute of Event Management – Pune
  • MMCC – Pune
  • Amity School of Communication – Agra
  • The Media Institute – Mumbai
  • Institute of Media, Fashion and Allied Arts – Mumbai
  • National Institute of Design (NID) – Ahmedabad
  • International Media Institute - Gurgaon

Admission Examinations:

After class 12, admission to the UG course in Event Management is merit-based, based on the score the students are considered for selection. Some universities conduct an aptitude test for admission to the PG courses in Event Management. The top entrance exam for PG courses are listed down below.

  • CAT – Common Admission Test
  • MAT – Management Aptitude Test
  • CMAT – Common Management Aptitude Test
  • SNAP – Symbiosis National Aptitude Online Test

Job Profile:

Event management is one of the latest fields that is gaining immense popularity. The field of Event Management is sometimes considered a branch of the Public Relations industry, but it has expanded the market by providing much employment. The students who are already pursuing Advertising, PR, and Corporate Communication Courses can also start their careers in Event Management.  

Despite the current economic slowdown worldwide, the event management industry flourishes and offers plenty of jobs in different job roles. Nowadays, people plan different types of events for small or big occasions, which creates a demand for more event planners.

Wedding Planner:

As a wedding planner, one is responsible for looking after every minute detail of a wedding. They help their clients plan the various wedding functions, including decoration, food and beverages, music, and other rituals related to the wedding.

Stage Decorator:

As a stage decorator, one is responsible for designing the stage layout for the Event. Depending on the type of Event, the stage might have a podium and table. Their responsibilities also include arranging props on the stage and making the stage stand out among other decorative elements of the venue.

Logistics Manager:

As a logistic manager, one is responsible for managing the transportation of equipment, guests, and other things required for the Event.

Exhibition Organiser:

As an exhibition organizer, one is primarily responsible for planning and executing fairs and exhibitions.

Salary Offered

Remuneration in event management depends on the job role and responsibility of the aspirant. In addition, factors such as the size of the organization, the profile of clientele, the experience of the professional, and the firm's location – also decide the salary of the aspirant.

However, a fresher in event management can expect a monthly salary of Rs.10,000 – Rs.15,000 per month. The compensation increases with experience and area of expertise. Working as a proficient freelancer or an event management company owner, one can earn considerable money.

Once an event manager acquires experience in the field, they can expect fees from Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 lakh or above per event, depending on their client.

Top Recruiters In India  

Various companies hire professionals experienced in event management to create large-scale and small-scale events. The candidates can apply for jobs in the entertainment, marketing, or advertising industry.

  • Wizcraft
  • Percept
  • Tafcon
  • Cineyug
  • Pegasus
  • 70 EMG
  • Encompass Events
  • Procam Running
  • Showtime Group
  • Cox and Kings

Effect Of The Covid-19 Pandemic on the Event Management Industry of India

Most of the economic sector came to a standstill after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Event Management industry was no different from this drift. According to a recent report, the events and exhibition industry is expected to face more than rupees 1 trillion loss. But if someone is wondering that the scope has become limited due to this drift, then we must say it has not. Like other economic sectors, the event management industry has also adapted itself to the new normal. They have adopted a few measures like –

  • Virtual live events
  • Using advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence
  • Modern advertising techniques

The events being organized now are either live webinars or pre-recorded events. They are efficiently handling the online mode of events. As social media consumption has increased at a higher rate, the management companies promote their events mostly on different social media platforms.

With time, the process of unlocking has started in many cities. So the local event management agencies have started conducting small gatherings, weddings, and business conferences.

Benefits of Event Management in India

  • It is a fast-growing and dynamic industry.
  • The job prospect is high.
  • Freelancing opportunities are also available.
  • It helps to increase one's creativity and lets them think out of the box.

Limitations of Event Management in India

  • Working hours are long
  • The tenure can be irregular and stressful
  • There is a lack of financial stability
  • One needs to handle diverse needs and requirements simultaneously, which can be difficult for those who are not good at multitasking.

Skills Required to be an Event Manager in India -

  1. Creativity – Being creative is the essence of event management and planning. Creativity includes the ability to innovate and invent something unique for each Event. It is not always possible to think out of the box but having the ability to change the existing ideas or models into innovative ones is the prerequisite of this job. It also includes accepting changes with a flexible outlook. Brainstorming new ideas and embracing non-traditional viewpoints help the companies grow and succeed.
  2. Leadership and Management skills – Having the skill of multitasking will help the event manager do their job smoothly. As a manager, one must motivate co-workers to develop a healthy working environment that fosters productivity and helps the company run efficiently for a more extended period. As a leader, one must be good at giving directions and inspiring people by setting high standards for themselves. Some recruiters also look for how well they organize things or events.
  3. Interpersonal skills and Networking  - Interpersonal skills are the behavioral attributes that a person uses to interact with others. Teamwork, empathy, and optimism help to cooperate with different company departments. One must share their ideas, beliefs, and problems effectively. One must also master being a good listener. Networking means developing some professional relations and contacts related to the field. It helps to find interested clients, meet supplies and arrange media coverage.
  4. Problem-Solving Skills - One gains problem-solving skills through practice and experience. To do so, one must understand a problem from different perspectives. Using efficient problem-solving skills helps to tackle all the daily issues logically. One should also ask for constructive feedback and suggestions to better understand the problem.  
  5. Passion for Planning - A student should have a knack for planning and organizing if they want to pursue event management as a career. They should learn to foster creativity and leadership skills with experience and instill a systematic approach to handling problematic tasks. It is all about forecasting every possibility and preparing for it in advance. Planning is the most crucial factor determining any event's success, and one should embrace this process to take on event management as a career.

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