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Career as an Indian Economic Service (IES) Officer in India: A Comprehensive Guide

24 May,2022  |  By Brainwonders

Every Government agency requires certain specific committees, departments, employees, officials, and ministers to plan, administer, develop, and implement policies or strategies for the country. We live in a rapidly increasing country, where specific changes and amendments are taking place in the country on a daily basis. The government needs people with solid decision-making abilities who work remotely toward making policies for the country. So here Indian Economic Service (IES) officers play a prominent role. 

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Table of context

  • About Indian Economic Service
  • About Indian Economic Service Exam
  • IES Exam Highlights:
  • Roles & Responsibilities of an Indian Economic Service Officer
  • Skills Required for an Indian Economic Service Officer
  • Eligibility for the Indian Economic Service Exam
  • Future scope
  • Final Thought
About Indian Economic Service


Indian economic services are the main gateway for a Group A officer to the central service. The IES was established in 1961 to institutionalise an essential professional capacity with the Government to initiate economic analysis and render advice for developing and formulating the development policies, integrating delivery systems, monitoring and examining the public programmes. With the formation of large-scale economic reforms, the proliferation of the task of the government, such analysis and advice take place, this is how the policies started framing in certain domains.

The Indian Economic Service Officer developed the integrated economic policies for the government. Along with that, they look after other government-related tasks and duties. To know the roles of the Indian Economic Service Officer, go through the listed below roles and responsibilities.

About Indian Economic Service Exam


The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) will conduct an examination for the Junior Time Scale of Indian Economics under the instructions published in the Gazette of India by the Ministry of Statistics and Programs adopted by the Indian Government.

Aspirants who pass the Indian Economic Service Exam are sent to jobs in the ministry of economic affairs, the planning commission, the national sample survey, the planning board, and other departments and ministries that need people who know about government, economics, and statistics.

IES Exam Highlights:

Exam  Indian Economic Service Exam
Conducted by  Union Public Service Commission
Frequency  Once a year
No. of attempts 6
Exam mode Written (Offline)
Duration of the exam 3 days

Roles & Responsibilities of an Indian Economic Service Officer

  • Indian Economic Service Officer looks after planning, administering, integrating, developing, and implementing the economic policies. They also contribute to the decision-making in the social sectors that are part of the economic development sector. Thus, IES Officer is connected with all sectors of government functioning.
  • Economic advice, economic administration, economic regulations, developing policies and programs, monitoring, evaluating the areas where development is going to take palace
  • IES Officer also looks after the technical aspects related to government duties and responsibilities associated with manufacturing defence, public telecommunication work, building power, construction, roads, railways, security, etc.
  • An IES officer might have to take care of on-the-job business for workers who need extra supervision or information to send to the government. The people who want to be in the IES must have a good understanding of engineering. 
  • IES officers need to know how to run engineering-related things and how to run the organisation.
  • The Indian Economic Service Officer does handle the railway activities considering various railway departments. 
  • Central Water Corporation, where the IES Officer looks after various state and other central agencies' departments to execute power across several departments. The task in CWC departments consists of multiple departments where the Officer constantly works toward forecasting floods. 
  • All the IES Officers are interconnected and look after concerned Departments/Ministries continuously.
  • Policymaking is essential in the Government. Officers make the policies, consider the development's policy parameters, and then implement the economic and government policies.
  • They would give advice to the Ministries and Departments that deal with economic policy on a regular basis and help them make changes in the fields and sectors they work in.
  • To ensure all the policies are accurately framed by individual Departments/ Ministries is concerned with the overall direction of the economic policy contained in the Five-year plans, Union budgets, etc.

Skills Required for an Indian Economic Service Officer

  • Leadership
  • Problem-Solving
  • Moral Judgement
  • Decision Making
  • Coordination
  • Critical Thinking
  • Data Analysis

Eligibility for the Indian Economic Service Exam

  1. a) Citizen of India/ Bhutan/ Nepal or
  2. b) A Tibetian refugee who came to India before 1st January 1962, who are looking towards settling in India or
  3. c) immigrant from Pakistan/ Burma/ Sri Lanka or from Eastern African Countries who intends to settle permanently in India; or a person of Indian descent who has moved to India intending to settle permanently in India.
Educational Qualifications:

A candidate must have completed a Postgraduate Degree in Economics/ Applied Economics/ Business Economics/ Econometrics or a Master's Degree in the said economic field from an accredited university or institution. Candidates who are in the final year of the post-graduation degree are also eligible to take the IES Exam.

Age Limit:

When the exam is held, a candidate must be at least 21 and not have turned 30 years old by the first day of January of that year. The government may relax the upper age limit for certain groups of people. The government may relax the upper age limit for certain groups of people.

Future scope

Firstly, if you are into Indian Economic Service, you might expect scalability. Because of the advancement in the country, various sectors are getting affected by it. Therefore, Indian Economic Service Officers are highly demanded. Many IES aspirants are appearing for the exam and reattempting the exam several times because cracking the IES exam seems to be a challenging task. But if you have the ability and eagerness, you can indeed attempt the exam. Once you pass the exam with a good score, you have to go through a rigid interview procedure. After cracking the interview, you can expect several employment opportunities in various state departments. 

IES Promotions:
ies promotion

Final Thought

However, the Indian Economic Exam is hard to get through, so you'll have to work hard. There are still a lot of opportunities, growth, and exposure that come with passing the exam. So, it's still worth studying for.

The exposure after cracking the exam is not just about working with the ministers, but you have to do specific responsible tasks as well. One can excel to become a financial secretary of the government in India, up to the most lucrative international organisations.

Is a Career in Indian Economic Services a good choice for me?

Depending on the interest, if you have to help the country in framing the legislative government policies, and administering the task of the government, then you must apply for the IES Exam.

If you are confused about whether a career in IES is a good choice for you, you should take the Brainwonders Aptitude test. Vist Brainwonders, where proper career counselling will take place with the help of an aptitude test assessment. With the aptitude examination, you will get an exact idea of whether you should pursue your career in the Economic field. So feel free to contact us; we are ready to guide you.

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