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10 Surprising Things About Career Coaching as a Profession

19 October,2021  |  By Brainwonders

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The most amazing accomplishments are the result of unrivalled decisions. Have you made your decision yet?

It's no secret that the job market is still tough—both for those who are unemployed and for those who have jobs but are not satisfied with their current careers. It would be absurd to suppose that working professionals do not consider their 'Professional development,' 'Upskilling,' 'Job Satisfaction,' 'Giving back to society,' or 'Better Guidance for the Next Generation.' Even if you are a stay-at-home parent, you have a huge effect on the people around you and may return to work whenever and wherever you want.

If there is one job that beautifully integrates all of the aforementioned characteristics, it has to be Career Coaching. Career coaching helps with any professional's routine, whether you're an educator, parent, psychologist, HR professional, private tutor, or any other expert planning method to assist a student's holistic growth.  While Career Coaching has recently become popular, we understand if you are still unsure about taking career coaching as a profession. So read on to understand this exciting field better!

What is the definition of career coaching?

Career coaching focuses on their clients’ conditions in order to develop action plans and goals for career advancement. Rather than wasting time on what doesn't work, coaches consider where their clients want to go in life and how they might help them get there.

They help and inform everyone who needs career assistance by taking a solution-oriented approach. To put it another way, they assist people in defining, redefining, and achieving their professional and other work-related objectives.

Coaching for your career will provide you with a variety of benefits.

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So, to help you make your decision, here are ten mind-blowing facts regarding Career Coaching as a Profession!

Truth no.1: The Golden Rule - Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction

Career coaching provides the ultimate feeling of purpose for enthusiastic individuals who appreciate assisting students in untangling their brains from career uncertainty. In career coaching, you are supporting the successful futures of many others and making a difference in leading the youth to a better, more rewarding profession. Guiding students through the critical years of their career development, assisting them in developing their profiles, adhering to optimal roadmaps, and eventually becoming accomplished professionals of the future are; the factors of career coaching.

Truth no. 2: International Competence

International Competence

Career development is a life-long process in which people consider adopting numerous career goals relevant both within and outside their own nation. Effective career coaching necessitates an understanding of the global labour market as well as the development of capabilities. Vigorous studying, research, and practise on varied foreign education and labour market exposure assist career coaches in expanding their services and scaling their business.

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Truth no.3: Regional Versatility

There is no region on Earth where kids are not perplexed by the plethora of job possibilities- and this confusion is now commonly plaguing the adults as well. Every 14-21-year-old requires career coaching on where to seek information in order to make an educated decision and complete their professional objectives. A career coach’s abilities and expertise are broadly relevant to all parts of the world. Obstacles are easily addressed by technology, and in career coaching, a coach may even guide a student from the comfort of their own home via video conferencing.

Truth no.4: Adaptations in Technology

Adaption of Technologies

Digitalization has been a benefit to our lives, and career coaches may now improve their approach to coaching students with technology advancements. Brainwonders partner platform has updated the old pen-and-paper technique of ability tests by creating a completely automated Psychometric Testing platform driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Career coaching now employs tools and strategies developed by technology to educate their tech-savvy pupils.

Truth no.5: High demand for career coaching.

Career Coaching

While schools, universities, and parents have taken disruptive steps to make education more available to kids at this period, the need for career coaching has multiplied to refocus students' attention on job-oriented practices.

Truth no.6: Ample Opportunities

As a professional at the decision-making level of such companies, career coaching allows you to connect your staff members with your goal of building and enhancing a revolutionary career counselling ecosystem within the business.

Truth no.7: Colourful Network

The ever-expanding network of professionals from various areas of life is one of the finest subcategories of career coaching. A career coach gets to know kids' parents, instructors, school officials, community leaders, and the students themselves who go on to become professionals in a variety of sectors. Networking is a positive source of opportunity, and you may easily begin networking with others who share your interests by enrolling in an upskilling and certification programme.

Organizational Types: Care Centers, Coaching Institutes, CSR Bodies, NGO's, Colleges, and Schools Opportunities include Entrepreneurship, full-time career coaching, in-house, and freelancing.

Truth no.8: Create a Career Plan Together

While career coaching is continually updated with a multitude of vocations, colleges/universities, examinations, and so on, their competence is in working with the students. Career Coaching assists students in clarifying their options, discovering their greatest qualities, and prioritising their interests in order to co-create appropriate Action Plans. This allows students to focus on their strengths and areas for improvement in order to attain their most appropriate professional objectives. So, if someone tells you that career coaches just recommend universities, you know what to tell them!

Truth no.9: Education and Work Experience

To be a career coach, one does not need to have a background in psychology. Your education and work experiences serve as catalysts for expanding your understanding of the area, as well as a variety of alternative occupations for which a student may seek your assistance. You may extend your horizons of options by combining your previous experiences with career coaching.

Truth no.10: Age/ Gender is not an issue!

Career Coaching is neither a gender-specific profession nor is there an age limit for starting a career as a professional Career Coach. Your experiences in the appropriate sector of work, on the other hand, give value to your understanding of the career. Whether you're considering a career change, restarting your career, or planning a venture after retirement, the students you'll be guiding as a career coach will rely on your helping and coaching skills, breadth of career-related knowledge, and abilities to provide them with appropriate career plans.

Are you still curious to know more beyond these facts?

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There will always be roadblocks that prevent you from taking the next best steps toward your intended professional objectives. However, being educated about the advantages and drawbacks of your job decision, as well as following the methods of augmenting your approach with trustworthy credentials, is always beneficial. Whether you're just starting out as a career coach or want to upskill and reskill your abilities as a career coach, an internationally recognised and competent curriculum will help you along the path.

Now that you know what career coaching is- it's time to get started on following this as your cherished career pathway.

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