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Career in Interior Designing, Courses, Colleges

29 September,2023  |  By Brainwonders

Career in Interior Designing

If aesthetics please our eyes and if you have a good eye for visual appreciation then a career in Interior Designing is for you. In the present scenario, people have become quite aware in the case of their life, living, and standards and this has led to the requirement for an interior designer or professional.

Have you ever thought about why property rates fluctuate? Why does a flat with the same dimensions and measurements have different pricings, even though it’s in the same area? That’s because there are people who add value to our houses and make it our homes. To make the living and working space more comfortable, practical, and beautiful, we have Interior designers.

It has been observed for quite some time now that a big group of students basically those having an eye for aesthetics and creativity are more attracted to this field. With an increasing demand for decorators and designers, we have lots of educational programs and professional degrees in Interior designing in India- thanks to our education system and government.

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What are the interior designing courses available in this field?

This field is all about gaining knowledge in art effects, design, and exclusive furniture apart from the managerial skills in interior design.

Numerous institutions in India are offering study courses in the field of interior design. Besides this, some of the polytechnics offer interior design. There are plenty of diploma courses and some certificate courses with specialization. To get admissions in bachelor courses, you must have completed the 10+2 or equivalent exam in any stream from any recognized board.

Also, not to forget that there are few entrance exams as well both for UG and PG courses. You have NID (National Institute of Design) conducting the DAT (Design Aptitude Test). There are colleges that give admission on the basis of the merit list of the entrance examination.

There is a provision of entrance tests before admission to interior design. Candidates must have to collect the portfolio to represent at the time of admission. It will allow the opportunity to get admission. Some of them are UCEEDCEED, and NIFT Exam.

You will be taught about fine art, design, managerial skill, decoration method, skills, drawing, colouring, and sketching. You may choose one of the given specializations in your higher study. There are three types of interior design like the following:

  • Business design- for workspace
  • Residential design- for housing
  • Landscape design- for exteriors

Now that you have made your mind for selecting a particular course, it’s time to check out some good colleges.

Interior Designing Colleges

  • National Institute of Design (NID), 
  • Delhi, Pearl Academy, Delhi, 
  • Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD), New Delhi, 
  • Indian Institute of Fashion and Design (IIFD), Chandigarh, 
  • National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, 
  • International School of Design, Delhi, and 
  • International Institute of Fashion Design, New Delhi.

If we talk about the success rate in this career- there is a great demand for professional interior designers in India and abroad. All you need to focus is on your love and commitment to this field.

There is an ample amount of career opportunities in Interior Designing-

Companies or working sectors

  • Public and private sector establishments
  • Work with architects and architectural firms
  • Hospitals and other medical facilities
  • Town and city planning bureaus
  • Hotels
  • Health resorts
  • Work with renowned builders
  • Design studios
  • Exhibition organizers
  • Event management companies 

There are lots of interior decoration services that you can join. There is a bright future in this field provided if you are dedicated with passion. For getting the high remuneration you must have creativity, drawing skills, problem-solving skills, client satisfaction skills, basic architecture, designing skills, home improvement product knowledge, and pleasing nature. So get yourself ready for a career that offers a space for creation and vividness.

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