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Best career options in India

29 September,2023  |  By Brainwonders

Best career options in India

Are you also facing the same issue and not able to decide the best career options for you?

One of the most difficult decisions you might make in your life is choosing amongst different career options. You never know where you are going to stand in the future.

We are here to provide you with the best career options you can opt for. It is obvious that many students get confused about their career selection after their intermediate exam or graduation exams are over. Some of them might have wished to become a doctor in their childhood but now the interest and perspective of the student have changed. These types of situations arise very often and leave you with tons of questions.

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The major issue here is that most of the students are unaware of the number of career options they have.

It won’t be wrong to say that most of the students these days desire to become doctor or engineer but is that all you have? Aren’t there any other better career options?

Off-course there is, the only issue is that you are unaware of them while planning your career.

Here in this blog, students can select the best career option based on their preferences and academics level. Undoubtedly this is the most important phase of your life. Choosing among the best career options becomes a very difficult job because you have so many things to choose from.

Why do we call it the most important phase of your life? Because the decision you take here may impact you throughout your life. A change in career at a later stage in life is always possible but it is always better and recommended that such decisions are taken at an early and initial phase of life, which would in fact lead to impactful career life.



Medical Professional

Medical professionals could be Doctors, Dentists, Ayurvedic Doctors, BHMS Doctors, or even Physiotherapists. Among the roles mentioned above, Doctors who have done MBBS and followed it up with a PG course and super specialty course earns the most


Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy suits those, who have an interest in leading an adventurous life and seafaring. One must be willing to travel extensively and adapt to different situations quickly. For all this trouble, Shipping Industry will reward you with a good salary package!



It is a heavily saturated field. Still, depending upon the Branch that one chooses and the quality of the Institute from which one pursues the course, one may still end up landing a high paying job! In the case of students Graduating from Institutes such as IITs, NITs, and other prominent ones like BITS, Nirma University, etc, irrespective of the branch, the salary package will be good.



The education sector is booming in India. Teachers play an important role in Nation building. They teach and train students. Colleges offering Professional courses are sprouting all over India. These Colleges need Lecturers. They are willing to rope in talented teaching professionals by offering lucrative salary packages to them.



Chartered Accountants’ the task is to keep track of the financial affairs of businesses big and small. Corporate houses have in-house CAs. Some Business houses even hire CAs for auditing and similar accounts related tasks. Chartered Accountancy is generally considered to be meant for Commerce stream students. But the 12th Science stream, as well as Arts stream students, may also pursue this course and venture into the Chartered Accountancy career field!

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People who have pursued Business and Management oriented courses and working in relevant Managerial and Administrative roles are called Management professionals. Some well-known Management and Business courses are- BBA, MBA (online MBA and regular MBA), and BMS.


Creative and skilled Architects will always be in demand! With the change in trends, the field of Architecture also keeps on evolving. Architects who are up to date with such latest trends often find themselves pretty busy, planning and designing homes and other structures for their clients!


The Research and Development sector of our Country is poorly equipped. There aren’t enough qualified Scientists working for the Government at the moment. So bad is the situation that State Governments are offering all cost-covering Scholarships for students (the meritorious ones) who are willing to pursue  B.Sc., M.Sc., and take up research jobs!


Aviation sector is home to a number of high paying jobs! The job of a Commercial Pilot is the highest paying one. This is one such job that we all used to dream about while we were kids. The mere thought of flying makes this job a dream one. And this career is financially rewarding too.


Civil Service and Administration related jobs like- IAS, IRS, IFS, IPS, etc are glamorous as well as high paying at the same time. But to land those jobs, one must crack the tough Civil Services Examination! These jobs play an integral part in Nation building! Only the best minds should be involved in this process. Thus, due to this very reason, the selection process in the case of these jobs is extremely tough.


We all know how well paid prominent Indian Actors are. Regional film Industries are also quite promising and Actors are well paid by them too! There are other Entertainment sector-related jobs like- Video Jockeying, Radio Jockeying, Anchoring, Art Director, etc, which are high paying ones.


Fashion Industry is not just glitzy and glamorous. It is also full of potential, promise, and money! There are many high paying jobs present within this Industry. Experience is much valued here, so are factors like looks (when it comes to modeling)


This is a profession where you can make changes to society in a direct and significant way. It can also be misused too, at the same time! The fact is- skilled Journalists and Mass Communication professionals are valued and are paid well. You will also find professionals working in the same field, who are not paid well. This points out the fact that one can make it big in this field only if he/she has skills such as- communication skills, confidence, investigative skills, quest for knowledge


Skilled and talented Lawyers are in demand, well respected, and are also well paid by clients! After completing Integrated Law courses like- B.A, L.L.B./B.Com, L.L.B. or L.L.B. After Graduation (3 or 4 years long Degree course), one may start working for Legal firms or may even start Private practice!


They are not your normal Bankers working for Private or Nationalized Banks! Folks who have Degrees related to Accounting, Business, Finance, Economics, Maths, Statistics, Engineering (Software and Analytics side jobs) may take up this profession.

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It is important to note that there are a variety of career options that one can take up to realize their dreams. However, each one demands its own preparation. Thus, taking up a career test like an online aptitude test or DMIT test is important to define one’s paths and efforts for results. Career Counselling helps one understand their profile vis-a-vis the suitable career(s) and allows one to pursue their dreams with clarity and determination.

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