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Career Options in Humanities (With Salaries and Duties)

02 November,2023  |  By Brainwonders

Career After Stream

Students who opt for the humanities stream have a set of aptitude with great career options in humanities too as they learn human philosophy, fine arts, literature and liberal arts like political science, geography, history, economics and psychology.

The very obvious questions that students hear after appearing for SSC/HSC is “What next?” or “What have you decided about your career?” These questions just add unnecessary pressure on the kids and the parents. With thousands of career options available, choosing one is not as difficult as it is rendered by everyone around you. It is necessary that your career must entirely be related to your choice, skills, personality, etc.

All this could be understood by certain self-assessment tools, like the Aptitude TestDMIT Test, IQ Test, etc. These help you to understand your talents, strengths and weaknesses and accordingly suggest suitable career options to you.

There are many who decide to go for the Humanities Stream

The usual perception of people in our country is that “those who can’t do anything else go for arts!” This is absolutely not true. So here are a few career options for students with class 12th Humanities.

1. Mass Communication and Journalism


Students with Humanities stream in class 12 can study Journalism or mass communication if they aspire for a career as a News reporter, TV Anchor, Editor, Copywriter, Investigative Journalist, or Public Relations, Sports Journalism or even entertainment industry through TV Show hosting, VJ, RJ etc. An aptitude for language and communication comes in handy to pursue the same.

2. Hotel Management

Hotel Management

If you aspire to become a hospitality industry including hotels and Restaurants, Catering Management, Airline and cabin services, Tourism Services etc. then Hotel Management is the right career option for you. It is the perfect fit for those whose managerial aptitude blends with creativity. The Hotel Management study offers various jobs such as – Front Office Manager, Food and Beverages Manager, Food Service Manager, and Chef, Housekeeping Supervisor.

3. Law


If one has a social aptitude, Law is the most promising career option for students with class 12 in Humanities as there are various streams offering a career in Criminal Law, IPC, Taxation, Corporate Law, Legal Journalist, and Legal Advisor to Firms and Government Lawyer/Judge.

4. Fashion Designing/Interior Designing/Jewellery Designing

Interior/Jewellery/Fashion Designing

If you have a creative streak in you then you can opt for a career in designing as a Fashion Designer, Interior Decorator or even Jewellery designer. One’s visual and spatial aptitude must be honed to flourish in this field. A career in designing is guaranteed if your talent stands out. Mostly, Designers are employed in Entertainment and Film Industry as costume designer, costume jewellery designers etc.

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5. Languages
Students who have an aptitude for Languages can study literature or foreign languages as this specialisation will help them build a career as Translators at Multinational Companies, Interpreter, Public Relations for MNC, Tourism, Writer or even teacher/Trainer in Foreign Languages.

6. Psychology or Counselling
Psychology help in understanding human behaviour in certain circumstances after a psychologist probes them with communication and studying their actions. A psychologist can help in hospitals, school, colleges, Child and Family Counselling or at Mental Health Institutes.

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7. Sociology
Students studying sociology after class 12 Humanities stream, can make a career as a Social Researcher, Sociologist, Social Worker with NGO, or Government Social Worker, disaster development worker, human rights officer, urban planner, correctional counsellor, and public health educator.

8. Anthropology and Archaeology
Anthropologists and Archaeologist research Physical, social as well as cultural aspects of biological species by studying evolution and diversity over the centuries. A career in this field offers enthusiasm and adventures for students who love exploring history, cultures and biological progress on the planet.

9. A degree in Economics/History/Geography/Political Science
Students holding a degree in any of the subjects can explore career options in this field such as–
Economics– A degree in economics offers career options as Economists, Statistician, Actuarial, Analyst, or accountant.
History– Students with a degree in History can make a career as Historian, Heritage Conservator, Archaeologist, Librarian, and Museum Curator/Manager.
Political Science – Students who have studied Political Science can choose career options from Journalism, Public Relations, Professor as well as Political Consultant, Analyst and campaigner.
Geography– A degree in Geography will be helpful in making a career as a Cartographer, Climate/Environmentalist, Urban Planner, Researcher, Geologist and GIS analyst.
Besides all these career options, students can opt for a profession in writing, civil services/ public services or teaching.

As Humanities and Social Sciences study the phenomena of mankind, the emphasis of the stream is huge. Everyone has a set of aptitude. Naturally, the variation in the field may sometimes confuse the aspirants. Thus, the Brainwonders DMIT comes into the picture which provides expert career guidance that understands the unique traits of the individual and develops the needed aptitude and strengths.

Thus, a student opting for humanities need not fret about having no positive future after choosing the Humanities stream, because the fields listed above have come up in the last few years as a major field of study. And also it is the field of creativity so fresh talent is always promoted in this stream!

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