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CBSE 2018 Results Out- What Next?

28 May,2018  |  By Brainwonders

CBSE 2018 Results

CBSE 2018: Congratulations to the young soldiers who conquered the examinations and are now prepping up for the next arena. We have been thinking about this for a while. So much, that suddenly this has become the reason for our existence. WHAT NOW?

With 500+ courses and millions of opinions, it becomes daunting to choose a career that complements your skills. The best way to usually go about it is to refer to someone who has the right kind of knowledge and experience, a ‘career counsellor’.

Career counselling usually involves an aptitude that determines your skillset followed by a counselling session. There are many seeking Career Counselling and Guidance usually with the assistance of Psychometric Tests and DMIT. This moves a step ahead as these tests use fingerprint analysis which shows the link between our fingers and intrinsic talents.

Brainwonders, which is the largest and most trusted organisation when it comes to Career Counselling and Assessment has been certified for DMIT.

With a vision of helping students with this crucial phase, Brainwonders puts forward the idea of using your biometrics for a confusion-free path to your future.

Using your psychometric analysis, as well as DMIT, an expert clinical psychologist looks in at your results and provides further guidance. The tests are designed to help you discover learning styles and the type of courses you should apply for. The tests are designed to assess one’s interests, values, personality and preferences surrounding your career.

Recommended Read: Psychometric Tests made Mandatory For School Employees by CBSE

For someone, who is just starting off, it is extremely essential to have in-depth knowledge of your traits which is a given with the DMIT test. DMIT is a system to help you identify your hidden talents and turn them into your strengths.

Discovering your potential helps you with opting for the right career which further moves to be a successful career option suitable to the student's aptitude, personality, interests and IQ. Playing on with your strengths, and flaunting your talents, isn’t that what all of us want? So, go on, get your DMIT done today!

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