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Child Development: Encourage Your Child Enhance The Special Talent

16 August,2017  |  By Brainwonders

Child Development: Each one of us possesses some special talent. A few are gifted with special talents by birth while a few are developed when identified over the period of growing years of the child. A talent may also include obtaining good grades, getting musical skills or become a fine athlete.

However being persistent, being good listener, or being pleasant is also a part of talent. Parents and close relative play the role a vital role and observe less evident gifts and help a child to see and value their own capabilities.

A child builds a sense of self-esteem which helps them develop their talents with the help of their parents and close relatives. It also sets the foundation of being an all-time contributor of the society and to the country as well, when the uniqueness is identified at an early age.

Special talents are defined as the “outstanding ability to choose and achieve difficult goals as per one’s interest, values, abilities and contexts.”

When a child recognizes his talents, they are flexible and self disciplined, that permits them to assess multiple, challenging and competing goals to achieve and lead a successful life.

Hence, how can parents assist their talented children in developing personal talents? During the school days, children start making choices which affect their lives.

Therefore, if they develop their personal talent at an early age, there are greater possibilities that their decisions will result in fulfilling the academic goals and lead satisfying lives in the future.

Parents have very special role to play in a child’s life. They have to be a part of the growth process and the discovery of the child. Their role is to help children understand and define their talents.

Another important quality is Self-knowledge. It is about one’s abilities, values and interests that they are born with, which develops over the academic life of a child.

Parents can assist children in developing this quality by supporting them to try different activities and find out where their abilities, values and interests lie.

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Give space to your children’s talent to grow:

Children are talented, however at times; some talents go overlooked due to the hectic schedule of caregivers, teacher, parents, or relatives. At times, the talents are documented but a person that recognizes it, does very little to look after it.

Children’s talent should be nurtured so that they can grow up to a hobby that they can enjoy. It encourages them to grow up to be extraordinary and healthy beings.

Focus and take interest:

Once you find something which the child is good in, they will spend significant time on that and will wish to show everybody what they could do or whatever talent they possess. It is the parent’s prime responsibility to give continuous support and appreciation to them at a very young age.

When both the parents are busy working to provide a good education and a healthy lifestyle to their child, often it is observed that the child may feel ignored.

If your child comes to talk to you while you are busy, ask him to come back to you after sometime. So you can listen to your child without disturbances and without being judgmental about your child’s thought.

Pay attention to your child and make them realize that you care for them and wish them to be successful.

 Develop the Talent:

Take a step ahead, even before your child asks for developing a particular field of interest. For example, if your child has an inclination towards painting.

Help your child with a good paint set, if your child knows everything about a particular topic get a comprehensive book on the subject. Other option could be attending various painting workshops with your child so that you can support them develop the talent and also spend quality time with them.

Furthermore, enroll in advanced painting and drawing classes or take them to an art exhibition. Keep them engaged in the activities which will help them develop their talents.

The Don’ts:

As you are positive about developing talents apart from your child’s academics, there are a few do not’s.

Do not force your child beyond limits. A lot of parents feel overwhelmed because they have a talented child and build up expectations. Any overworked child is not a pleased child. You wish that your child enjoys the talent and not fear it.

It is fine to keep them engaged however it is not right to exhaust them. Always nurture their strengths as a leisure activity instead of making it a regular one.

For example, their lessons and homework should not be hampered; and a certain amount of time is also made for their social activities. If your child is not enjoying a balanced academic, leisure and hobbies development time it is for you to recheck and rework your expectations from them.

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Let them have fun while they study as it affects the overall personality development in the next stages of growing years of a child.

Tips to develop young talents:

  1. Give them opportunities to follow their interests and find out their distinctive capabilities. Extra-curricular activities, lessons, clubs, planned youth activities which spark talents are to be encouraged.
  2. Identify and appreciate them for their efforts. If they participate in any particular activity; appreciate their achievement and encourage in case they lose.
  3. Avoid comparing them to other people who have different talents. Respect the exclusive talent of your child.

When the child is encouraged by family, friends, teachers, community, and mentors, the overall development of the child is positive, progressive and self-motivated.

It is important to nurture talents, and it is important to let it grow and develop on its own with little support and the right supervision which will help your child grow up into emotionally strong, intelligent, successful and TALENTED human beings.

Have you identified how special is your child? Set an example for other parents.

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