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What are the Subjects in Commerce in CBSE Class 11 & 12?

12 April,2023  |  By Brainwonders

Commerce in CBSE Class

What exactly is commerce?

The exchange of products and services between individuals and business entities is referred to as commerce. Commerce, along with Science and the Arts, is regarded as one of the most popular academic fields. Commerce encompasses all facets of business, including trading, accounting, financial information/transactions, and merchandising. Commerce contributes significantly to the development of nations and their populations by facilitating trade between states and within nations.

Best Course Following Class 10

Choosing a career path after Class 10 is a critical step in every student's life. The stream he/she picks after 10th grade will have a significant impact on his/her career path. The bulk of students in India are drawn to these three educational courses, which are:

  • Science stream
  • Commerce stream
  • Arts stream

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In terms of domains and job roles, the Science and Arts stream is the most popular among the general public. However, everyone overlooks the fact that Commerce plays a significant part in all areas of Arts and Science. People in today's digital age are becoming more aware of how Commerce is used in every field of technology, and they have gradually begun to move toward the Commerce field.

In Mumbai alone, 2.67 lakh students choose Commerce as their track of education over Science and Arts, according to a study done by the school board in 2017. This post is an eye-opener for everyone, demonstrating that picking the Commerce stream is one of the best decisions a student can make.

Why Study Commerce After 10th Grade?

One of the key reasons that many Class 10 students choose Commerce as a major is the variety it offers.

For example, after passing the Class 12 board exams, we can contemplate B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce). This three-year undergraduate degree is similar to a basic foundation course. After completing it, one can choose from a variety of Post-Graduation professional courses and specialise in a variety of other areas.

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After completing Class 12, students can pursue a variety of professional courses through the Commerce stream. A few popular and professionally fulfilling career alternatives for Commerce experts include Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS), Cost and Management Accountant (CMA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Banking Sector, Teaching, and so on.

Subjects Available to Commerce Students

Commerce can be defined as the study of business and trade endeavours such as the exchange of products and services from the producer to the final client. Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, Statistics, Mathematics, and Informatics Practices are among the key courses taught in the Commerce stream in Class 12.

In Class 11 and 12, students can select from a variety of curriculum combinations. The following are the commerce subjects covered in Class 11 and 12:

Compulsory Commerce Subjects:

  • Accountancy 
  • Business Studies 
  • Economics 
  • English 

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Accountancy is the practice of recording, assigning and describing commercial transactions. It offers management an assessment of an establishment's financial results and rating. Accounting activities include transaction recording, classification, and reporting. The process of preparing any information as a report for persons or organisations to utilise outside the company is known as 'financial accounting.'

Business Studies

Group Studies

Business Studies is a broad social science subject that provides for in-depth study of a variety of specialities. Finance, accounting, marketing, and organisation are all examples of this. It provides a solid foundation and understanding of how a firm should be run while also improving communication, operation, strategy, and commercial activity skills.

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Economics can be explained in a variety of ways. It is the study of scarcity, the study of how individuals make the best use of resources. It enables people to comprehend how individuals, businesses, and governments make decisions about declared resources in order to satisfy needs and requirements. It also aids in determining how an individual or organisation should arrange and cooperate with one another in order to achieve the desired objective.


English is the universal language subject that exists in whichever field a student chooses. It is a global language that's why it becomes mandatory in each course or profession to be good at English. To enhance the students' verbal communication, English is present in the Commerce/ Arts/ Science field. Because the student will work in a business workplace environment in the near future, it will be mandatory for him/her to speak English.

Optional Commerce Subjects:

  • Information Practices
  • Mathematics
  • Economics Statistics
  • Computer Science
  • Psychology 
  • Physical Education

Informatics Practices

Informatics Practices is a subfield of software research. The course focuses on software, networking ideas, and coding. This field is similar to Computer Science but does not include hardware principles. It focuses on networking ideas rather than computer science.



Mathematics is a vital aspect of commerce because all economic methods rely on numbers. Individuals and organisations with a rudimentary understanding of mathematical principles will be able to comprehend where they stand financially in the present and in the future. The majority of businesses employ mathematics in inventory management, marketing, accounting, financial analysis, and sales forecasting.

Economics Statistics

Economics Statistics

Many principles in economic theory, such as the functional relationship between variables, are expressed using symbols, algebra, calculus, and so on. According to the right numbers, economic theories are better understood and studied to study numerous economic and social phenomena events. The study of numbers, commonly known as statistics, represents facts through a slew of figures. These statistics aid in factual comparison.

Computer Science

Some students have opted for the arts stream because of their marks or a general interest in the arts field. The art students who have a sound knowledge of computers opt for computer science subjects. The subjects cover necessary computer aspects, computer logic, programming languages, concepts of networking, etc.


Psychology is a bit complex yet an exciting subject. It studies the mind, psyche, brain, behaviour and mental processes of humans. The CBSE class 11th psychology syllabus includes fundamental concepts, methods used in psychology, and principles of psychology. The students who select this optional subject improve their skills like critical thinking and analytical skills.

Physical Education

Physical Education is one of the most exciting areas of study. In this subject, the students will get exposure to physical fitness. The topics covered in this subject include knowledge about various sports, physiology, yoga, physical fitness, and trends in physical education.

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Confused about which Course to choose after 10th?

Take Brainwonders Career Test and make the right decisions for your college and course ahead


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