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Which Career Path to Choose After HSC or 12th?

28 May,2019  |  By Brainwonders


You may be going through a phase where you are confused as to what career path has to be chosen or worried about not being able to take the right decision about your future. Well, it is something that almost every individual goes through after their SSC results are out. There may be instances where you may expect a high score in one particular subject but turns out that the scores are on the lower end than you have expected.

For example, you may have expected a score of above 90 say in whichever subject you thought you are good at or rather knew you are good at that particular subject and then the result does not show the same, bringing in a sense of doubt.

career planning

However, this should be a matter of concern. When you are not aware about your ability and potentials or when a sense of doubt arises about self it is essential to get help or guidance. Getting help or guidance is of utmost importance and individuals must not shy away for the same.Now, getting career guidance can be done in any which way, what individuals do when they get confused is seek help from their immediate peers and parents who do guide them based on what has been observed by them.

  • The best medium nevertheless, is through counselling, counselling in essence through professional counsellors.
  • They help unravel the individual’s skills and talents and that leads to both the parties (the counsellor and the counselee) having an in-depth knowledge of the counselee’s potentials.
  • This in turn can prove to be beneficial as they then would be able to achieve goals they either dreamt of thought of.
  • Through the process of counselling- suggestions followed by actions would be implicated.
  • Counseling is now being considered to be one of the essential aspects for not only helping the individual in deciding the future but also bring about self awareness.

career assessment

All this leads to help the student overcome their confusion.

Counselling may not be profusely available in rural areas but due to enhanced technology counselling can be done through different mediums through internet, one being through skype / or any forms video call.

There are cases where there is an increased change of jobs by the individual. This happens because they are either unhappy of what they are doing or not satisfied. Thus, it is very important to start or choose the career path at the initial stages itself.

Counselling enables to give a self reflection to the individual through:

  1. Self evaluation
  2. Knowing skills and talents
  3. Determining preferences

Hence, choosing a career path and a related course after 12th will ultimately boost the confidence of the individual.

Have you heard about a unique Genetic test called DMIT?

Well, Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is a test that helps to determine the innate potentials that lie within an individual through a finger print which directs the individual to choose a career path. Followed by the test a proper counselling is done where an insight is given to the individual focusing on their strengths which ultimately determines the careers that the individual will fare well in. This particular test is available at Brainwonders.

The process followed in this particular test are-

  • Taking a biometric test of your finger prints.
  • Sending the print to the lab for a detailed report
  • Analysing the report by the Professional counsellor
  • Counselling the individual about their innate potentials and characteristics and giving them an insight about their report.
  • Introspecting the career.


  • The test is 95% accurate which is high.
  • The test is scientifically proven by Professor Lin
  • The test brings in a sense of self awareness about their innate strengths.
  • Detailed counselling is provided

This boosts the individual and motivates them to do better as they become more aware than they initially were. There will be an increased confidence of the choice of career. It is an overall and best stop to for helping you choose a course related to your career.

We at Brainwonders, our analysts are able to discover the inborn intelligence of each child and the best way to learn with the DMIT analysis. Moreover, professional advices and suggestions will also be given to help solve  problems in both short and long term.

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