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List of Best Diploma Courses After 10th for All Streams

10 April,2024  |  By Brainwonders

Diploma Courses After 10th

There are many types of diploma courses after 10th, after completing which you can start your career instantly. Instead of pursuing further education, many students opt for skill-development classes or training programs after 10th to secure employment in their desired fields. If you're unsure about how to embark on your career journey after 10th grade, this blog post is designed to provide you with guidance. Within this post, you will explore a diverse range of diploma courses in Arts, Commerce, and Science streams that you can pursue after completing 10th grade. Understanding Diploma Courses

Diploma courses post-10th grade provide students with the opportunity to receive education in their chosen fields, enabling them to shape their career paths. These programs typically last from one to two years. In India, diplomas can be obtained through formal or informal channels. NGOs often offer non-formal diplomas, while government-approved colleges and universities award formal diplomas. Top 10 Diploma Courses after 10th Grade

  1. Diploma in Photography
  2. Diploma in Psychology
  3. Diploma in Elementary Education
  4. Diploma in Digital Marketing
  5. Diploma in Fine Arts
  6. Diploma in Fashion Designing
  7. Diploma in Graphic Designing
  8. Diploma in Web Development
  9. Diploma in Web Designing
  10. Diploma in Travel & Tourism

Diploma courses after 10th

Diploma courses after 10th arts

  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Journalism
  • Diploma in Education
  • Diploma in Photography
  • Diploma in Psychology
  • Diploma in Elementary Education
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Fine Arts
  • Diploma in English
  • Diploma in Fashion Designing
  • Diploma in Graphic Designing
  • Diploma in Web Designing
  • Diploma in Mass Communication

Diploma courses after 10th science

  • Diploma in Computer Application
  • Diploma in IT
  • Diploma in Food Production
  • Certificate in Diesel Mechanics
  • Diploma in Dental Hygienist
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Diploma in Petroleum Engineering
  • Diploma in Hospital Assistance
  • Diploma in Rural Healthcare
  • Diploma in Pathology Lab Technician
  • Diploma in Paramedic Nursing
  • Diploma in ECG Technology
  • Diploma in X-Ray technology

Diploma courses after 10th commerce

  • Certificate courses in Tally
  • Diploma in Banking
  • Diploma in Risk and Insurance
  • Advance Diploma in Financial Accounting 
  • Diploma in e-Accounting Taxation
  • Diploma in Business Administration

Best Arts Courses After 10th

Below is the list of arts courses after 10th standard.

Course Duration Eligibility Course Details Admission Process Career after 10th
Diploma in Hotel Management 1 year 10th/12th Standard Subject includes English, communication skills, meeting management, event preparation, hotel operation, etc. Merit-based Hotel Manager, Restaurant Manager, Maintenance Manager, Front Office Manager, Hotel Assistant
Diploma in Journalism 1-4 years 10th/12th Standard Journalism is one such field that has seen increased career opportunities which is a result of the introduction of radio, television, and the internet. Merit-based/ Entrance exam Media Researcher, Journalist, Reporter, Content Developer
Diploma in Education 1-2 years 10th/12th Standard Subjects include educational psychology, curriculum and pedagogy, understanding language, and early literacy. Entrance exam Teacher, Author, Home Tutor, Education Coordinator,
Diploma in Photography 1 year 10th/12th Standard Several specialist sessions in interdisciplinary photographic topics are included in the training and education. Merit-based Wildlife Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Cinematographer, Videographer
Diploma in Psychology 1-2 years 10th/12th Standard This diploma program can help you get a foundational grasp of any profession. Moreover, this will allow you to explore deeper into what it comprises. Merit-based Community Worker, Counselor, Social Worker, etc.
Diploma in Elementary Education 2 years 10th/12th Standard You will get practical training involving internships with classroom training. Merit-based/ Entrance exam Government Teachers, Nursery Teachers, Private Schools
Diploma in Digital Marketing 1 year 10th/12th Standard Subjects include SEO fundamentals, keyword search, on-site and off-site SEO, organic search ranking, Google Analytics tools, and web analytics tools. Merit-based/ Entrance exam Content Manager, SEO, VR Developer, Digital Marketing Manager & Director
Diploma in Fine Arts 1-2 years 10th/12th Standard Fine Arts encompasses the study of Visual Arts such as printmaking, painting, drawing, digital media, photography, etc. Merit-based Creative Designer, Game Artist, 3-D artists
Diploma in English 1 year 10th/12th Standard The curriculum focuses on teaching students the principles and essentials of the English language. Merit-based Digital Copywriter, Lexicographer, Magazine Journalist
Diploma in Fashion Designing 2 years 10th/12th Standard Subjects include an introduction to fashion designing, textile science, fashion illustration, management and merchandising. Merit-based/ Entrance exam Fashion Designer, Fashion Illustrator, Stylist, Fashion Consultant
Diploma in Graphic Designing 1 year 10th/12th Standard This course focuses on improving the talent or art of a certain mix of text and images. In addition, it assists students in creating new practical abilities and creative approaches. Merit-based Graphic Designer, Exhibiting Artist, Concept Artist, Creative Director
Diploma in Web Development 1 year 10th/12th Standard Subjects include the basics of web designing, web technologies, web design and applications, HTML, and CSS. Merit-based Front End Developer, Back End Developer, Full Stack Developer
Diploma in Web Designing 1-2 years 10th/12th Standard Subjects include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe, Illustrator. Merit-based Web Designer, Web Application developer

Diploma in Mass Communication

1 year 10th/12th Standard Subjects include visual communication, camera use, feature writing, news reporting and editing. Merit-based PR Manager, News Reporter, Anchor, Event Manager


Best Commerce Courses after 10th

Below is the list of commerce courses after 10th standard.

Course Duration Eligibility Subjects Admission Process Career after 10th
Certificate Course in Tally 1 year 10th/12th Standard Basic Accounting Principles
Introduction to Tally Software
Ledger Creation and Management
Voucher Entry
Financial Statements Generation
Merit-based Bookkeeper, Operation Manager, Finance Manager, Account Executive
Diploma in Banking 1 year 10th/12th Standard Banking Principles and Practices
Financial Accounting
Banking Law and Regulations
Credit Management
Risk Management
Merit-based Bank Collection Agent, Market Analyst, Administrative Assistant, Process Analyst
Diploma in Risk and Insurance 1 year 10th/12th Standard Risk Management Principles
Insurance Fundamentals
Insurance Law and Regulations
Actuarial Science
Underwriting Practices

Risk Manager, Surveyor,

Adviser, Risk Analyst

Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting 1-2 years 10th/12th Standard Advanced Financial Accounting
Management Accounting
Financial Reporting Standards
Taxation Principles
Auditing and Assurance
Merit-based Finance Analyst, Financial Controller, Advisor, Finance Manager
Diploma in e-Accounting Taxation 1 year 10th/12th Standard Accounting Software (e.g., Tally, QuickBooks)
Taxation Laws and Regulations
Goods and Services Tax (GST)
Income Tax
Electronic Filing Procedures
Merit-based E-Accounting and Banking, Consultants, Advisors, CA, CS
Diploma in Business Administration 2 years 10th/12th Standard Business Management Principles
Marketing Management
Financial Accounting
Managerial Economics
Business Communication
Merit-based Business Development Manager, Consultant, Business Planner, Sales Manager

Best Science Diploma Courses after 10th List

Below is the list of science courses after 10th standard.

Course Duration Eligibility Course Details Admission Process Career after 10th
Diploma in Computer Application 1 year 10th/12th Standard This course is for students aspiring for a Diploma in IT. It provides a solid understanding of computer foundations and programming. Merit-based Computer Operator, Web Designer, Software Developer, Web Developer
Diploma in Information Technology 1 year 10th/12th Standard Diploma in Information technology covers topics including applied mathematics, physics, chemistry, C programming, system analysis, digital electronics, and much more. Merit-based/ Entrance exam IT Programmer, IT Specialist, Technical Consultant, Computer Network Professional.
Diploma in Food Production 1-2 years 10th/12th Standard This is a one-and-a-half-year certificate program in the specialized trade of Food Production. Merit-based Food Manager, Consultant, Food Supplier, Purchasing Manager
Certificate in Diesel Mechanics 1-2 years 10th/12th Standard This is a one-year diploma-level vocational course in vehicle engineering with a concentration in diesel engine mechanics. Merit-based Engine Mechanic, Pump Operator, Machine Operator
Diploma in Dental Hygienist 1 year 10th/12th Standard The curriculum emphasizes preventative dentistry, oral hygiene, dental radiography, and periodontal therapy. It also focuses on basic restorations and deciduous tooth extraction. Merit-based/ Entrance exam Healthcare Assistant, Dental Hygienist
Diploma in Electrical Engineering 1 year 10th/12th Standard This course includes electricity utilized for lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration, and controlling household appliances, and control systems. Merit-based Electrical Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Plant Executive
Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering 1 year 10th/12th Standard This course will teach the fundamentals of engineering procedures, engineering mathematics, physics, chemistry, programming, computer science, operating systems, data structures, and other computer-related disciplines. Merit-based Cyber Security Specialist, Data Analyst, Full Stack Software Developer, Data Engineer
Diploma in Petroleum Engineering 1 year 10th/12th Standard A diploma in Petroleum Engineering is a course after the 10th designed to create professionals with specialized knowledge of techniques and procedures followed in the gas or petroleum industry. Merit-based Process Operator, Testing engineer, Petroleum Manager, Petroleum Geologist
Diploma in Hospital Assistance 1 year 10th/12th Standard A Diploma program in Health Assistant is available. Moreover, Health Care Assistants, also known as nursing associates, assistance attendants, or bolster workers, provide patient care in emergency rooms or other therapeutic settings. Merit-based Healthcare Assistant, Assistant Manager, Lab Assistant
Diploma in Rural Healthcare 1 year 10th/12th Standard This diploma course after the 10th aims to address rural health needs by teaching students the fundamentals of healthcare, first aid, sanitation, and patient education. Moreover, the DHRC’s main goal is to address rural India’s challenges, as the majority of the Indian population still lives in rural regions. Merit-based Nurse, Administrative Staff, Healthcare Assistant
Diploma in Pathology Lab Technician 1 year 10th/12th Standard The Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology Course is an introductory course that teaches students how to inspect, assess, and identify various disorders. Merit-based Lab Technician
Diploma in Paramedic Nursing 2 years 10th/12th Standard Paramedical courses are job-oriented medical training courses that allow students to pursue a career in the medical field. Furthermore, this course requires a short period and a reasonable cost. Merit-based Paramedical Nurse, Medical Laboratory Technician, Occupational Therapist
Diploma in ECG Technology 1 year 10th/12th Standard This course gives students a foundation in medical fields such as anatomy, physiology, and electrocardiography. Merit-based ECG Technician, Cardiologist, Assistant
Diploma in X-Ray Technology 1 year 10th/12th Standard A Diploma in X-Ray Technology teaches principles of radiography, patient care, and image interpretation. Merit-based X-Ray Technicians, Radiologists, Assistant X-ray Technician

How to Select the Optimal Diploma Course after 10th Grade

Step 1: Start by assessing your interests
Avoid succumbing to familial or peer pressure when deciding on your future course. It's crucial to introspect and identify which subjects ignite your curiosity and passion. By understanding your interests, you can effectively shortlist the best diploma courses post-10th Grade.

Step 2: Evaluate available options
Once you've pinpointed your interests, narrow down your choices based on them. Create a flowchart outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each option to facilitate decision-making.

Step 3: Conduct a SWOT Analysis
Perform a comprehensive SWOT analysis of the potential options. SWOT analysis involves assessing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats associated with each course.

Step 4: Explore Career Prospects
Before finalizing your field of study, ensure it offers ample career opportunities in the future. Conduct thorough research on factors such as career growth, scope, and potential opportunities.

Step 5: Define your Objective
While numerous diploma courses are available after 10th Grade, not all may align with your aspirations and abilities. Choose a course that aligns with your long-term goals and objectives.

Step 6: Seek Guidance
Before making a decision, seek advice from experienced individuals. Consult with teachers, older siblings, counsellors, and other trusted individuals to gain valuable insights.

Step 7: Consider Career Counseling
If you're still uncertain about which diploma course to pursue after 10th Grade, consider seeking guidance from a professional career counsellor. Career counselling can provide clarity, address doubts, and offer a clearer perspective on available options.

How to Select the Ideal Stream after 10th Grade?

Consider Your Interests:
Base your stream selection on your personal interests and strengths. Decide whether the Arts, Commerce, or Science best align with your aspirations, then choose a course accordingly.

Seek Suggestions or Guidance:
If you're uncertain about which course to pursue after 10th grade, seek assistance from teachers or professionals. Consulting with a career counsellor can provide invaluable clarity and insight into various subjects.

Manage Your Finances:
Before committing to a diploma course after 10th, ensure it falls within your financial means. Always verify if the course aligns with your budgetary constraints.

Opt for Familiar Terrain:
Selecting a course aligned with your understanding and proficiency will facilitate smoother learning. Choose subjects that resonate with your strengths to ensure a fulfilling educational journey.

Pursue Your Dream Career:
Explore the myriad career options available after 10th grade and pursue the one that resonates with your aspirations. With numerous opportunities at hand, you have the freedom to carve out a path aligned with your interests.

Continue Skill Development:
Completing your education alone isn't sufficient to secure a promising career. You must continuously hone and enhance your skills to remain competitive in the job market.

Analyze Your Interests:
Avoid succumbing to external pressure when choosing a course. Analyze your interests thoroughly to identify subjects that ignite curiosity and passion within you, thereby enabling you to make an informed decision regarding the best diploma courses after 10th grade.

Explore Career Prospects:
Before finalizing your field of study, assess its future prospects and growth opportunities. Conduct extensive research on the career scope and potential advancements within your chosen field.

Define Your Objectives:
Not every diploma course post-10th will align with your goals and energy. Choose a course that aligns with your long-term aspirations and ambitions for a fulfilling career journey.

Embark on an Exciting Career after 10th:

With a clearer understanding of the best diploma courses after 10th grade, you're poised for an exciting career journey. Whether opting for part-time or full-time employment or appearing for competitive exams, there are abundant opportunities to pursue your passions and secure a rewarding future.


Q1. Which Diploma Course is the Best?
Numerous diploma courses are available after 10th grade, making it imperative to align your choice with your stream, subject preferences, dreams, and skills.

Q2. Which Diploma Offers the Highest Salary?
Computer science courses typically offer lucrative salary prospects post-diploma. For instance, a computer engineer with a diploma can earn an average salary of INR 1.8 LPA. However, expertise and skills play a pivotal role in determining earning potential across various fields.

Q3. Can I Secure Employment after Completing a Diploma Course?
Absolutely, completing a diploma course opens doors to various career opportunities. With expertise in your chosen field, you can embark on a successful career journey post-10th grade, with options ranging from project management to engineering roles.

Q4. What are the Best Colleges for Diploma Courses?
Numerous reputable institutions across the country offer diploma courses post-10th grade. Identifying the best college depends on various factors and preferences. Some noteworthy universities offering diploma courses include Jawaharlal Nehru University, the University of Delhi, Banaras Hindu University, Aligarh Muslim University, Punjab University, and Alagappa University.

Confused about which Course to choose after 10th?

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