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What to do After 10th? Know the Best Career Options after Passing Class 10th

09 May,2024  |  By Brainwonders

What to do after 10th?

After completing their 10th class, students have a wide range of exciting career options to choose from. We have compiled a list of the Top 15 Best Career Choices available to 10th pass students.

After 10th Class
Intermediate Polytechnic ITI ParaMedical Short term course
  • MPC
  • BiPC
  • HEC
  • MEC
  • CEC
  • Mechanical
  • Civil
  • EEE
  • Chemical
  • Computers
  • Automobile
  • Filtter
  • Mechanical
  • Electrician
  • Electrical
  • DMLT
  • DHFM
  • DOA
  • DOT
  • DTP
  • Tally
  • Graphics
  • PGDC

What to do after 10th: In India, parents strive to provide their children with the best education within their means. Typically, Indian parents aim for their children to complete at least the 10th grade. However, upon assessing the job market and various demands, parents and students often realize the limited opportunities and the need for awareness regarding available options. Consequently, there is a growing curiosity among individuals about the suitable steps to take "What to do after 10th?"

What to do after 10th?- Different career options after Class 10

If you are wondering, "What to do after 10th?" You have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of the best career options available to students after completing their 10th grade.

1. Engineering Technician

Pursue a diploma in engineering after 10th grade to become an engineering technician. They work alongside engineers to develop, design, and test products and equipment.

2. Medical Laboratory Technician

Become a medical laboratory technician by pursuing a diploma in medical laboratory technology after 10th grade. They collect samples and perform tests to analyze body fluids, tissues, and cells.

3. Graphic Designer

If you have a creative flair and an eye for detail, you can pursue a diploma in graphic designing after 10th grade to kickstart a career in graphic design.

4. Automobile Mechanic

Develop automobile repairing and maintenance skills by pursuing a diploma course in automobile technology after 10th grade.

5. Beautician

After 10th grade, pursue a diploma course in cosmetology to learn various makeup, hair styling, and skin care techniques.

6. Web Designer

Pursue a diploma in web designing after 10th grade to create websites and web pages.

7. Digital Marketing

With the growing importance of social media and e-commerce, you can learn digital marketing skills by pursuing a diploma course after 10th grade.

8. Fashion Designer

Pursue a diploma course in fashion designing after 10th grade to become a fashion designer.

9. Journalism

If you have a flair for writing and communication, you can pursue a diploma in journalism after 10th grade. This field offers opportunities in print, electronic, and digital media.

10. Law

If you are interested in the legal field, you can pursue a diploma in law after 10th grade. This field offers legal practice, corporate law, and social justice opportunities.

11. Entrepreneurship

If you have an innovative idea and a passion for business, you can start your venture after 10th grade. You can learn business skills by pursuing a diploma course in entrepreneurship.

12. Hospitality Industry

After 10th grade, pursue a diploma course in hospitality management to explore opportunities in the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, and related fields.

13. Animation

If you are interested in creating animation and visual effects, you can pursue a diploma in animation after 10th grade. This field offers opportunities in gaming, film, and advertising.

14. Medical

Prepare for medical entrance exams and pursue a career in the healthcare industry. This field offers diverse career options, such as a doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, or medical technician.

15. Architecture

To become an architect, pursue a diploma in architecture after 10th grade. This field offers lucrative opportunities in design, planning, and construction.

What to do after 10th- Vocational courses after Class 10th

After completing the 10th standard, a variety of vocational courses become available. Some examples are Electricians. Enrolling in a diploma course for electricians offers training in electrical circuits, wiring, and safety protocols, preparing you for roles in diverse industries.

Welding: Pursuing a diploma in welding imparts skills in welding techniques, safety measures, and quality assurance, enabling you to work as a welder in sectors like construction, shipbuilding, or automotive.

Plumbing: Undertaking a diploma course in plumbing equips you with knowledge of plumbing tools, methods, and safety standards, qualifying you for positions as a plumber across various industries.

Carpentry: Completing a diploma in carpentry provides training in carpentry tools, techniques, and safety practices, opening doors to careers as a carpenter in construction, furniture, or interior design sectors.

Beauty and Wellness: A diploma in beauty and wellness covers makeup, hair styling, and skincare, preparing you for roles as a beautician, hair stylist, or skincare specialist.

Hotel Management: A diploma in hotel management focuses on hospitality management, food service, and housekeeping, paving the way for careers as hotel managers or executives.

Web Designing: Enrolling in a diploma course for web designing teaches website development, programming, and web graphics, qualifying you for roles as a web designer, developer, or graphic designer.

Photography: Completing a diploma in photography imparts skills in-camera techniques, lighting, and photo editing, preparing you for careers as a photographer, photojournalist, or photo editor.

Automobile Repairing: Undertaking a diploma course in automobile repair provides training in vehicle maintenance, repair, and diagnostics, preparing you for roles as an automobile mechanic, technician, or service advisor.

Importance of choosing the right stream after 10th

In the 10th grade, students face the pivotal decision of selecting a stream for their 11th and 12th classes. Typically, four streams are available across various Indian education boards: Science, Commerce, Arts, and Vocational. This choice carries significant weight as it forms the bedrock of a student's future career trajectory. Each stream presents its unique blend of subjects, competencies, and career pathways.

Students must opt for a stream that resonates with their interests, strengths, and career aspirations. Selecting an ill-suited stream can result in confusion, disengagement, and underperformance academically. Therefore, thorough research and discussions with parents, educators, and career advisors are essential before making this crucial decision. Additionally, while financial considerations may factor into the decision-making process, it's worth noting that all streams offer comparable long-term financial stability.

How to select the right school/college after 10th

After completing the 10th grade, the choice of the right school or college hinges on several critical factors, including academic standing, faculty expertise, infrastructure quality, available amenities, and geographical location. Conducting thorough research and comparing various options based on these aspects is paramount.

Furthermore, considerations such as the institution's accreditation, track record in placements, and the strength of its alumni network should also be considered. Visiting the campus and engaging with current students can offer valuable insights into the institution's ethos and academic environment. Seeking guidance from parents, teachers, and counsellors can aid in making a well-informed decision.

Students must understand that regardless of their chosen institution, their diligence and commitment to their studies will ultimately determine their success.

How to prepare for competitive exams after 10th

Preparing for competitive exams post-10th requires discipline, concentration, and a methodical strategy.

Initially, grasping the exam structure, syllabus, and grading system is crucial. Utilizing past years' question papers and educational resources can serve this purpose effectively.

Subsequently, crafting a study timetable and establishing achievable objectives is essential. Consistent practice, review sessions, and simulated tests aid in enhancing speed and precision.

Furthermore, enrolling in coaching sessions, attending webinars, and engaging in digital communities provide access to expert advice and assistance.

Different government schemes for students after 10th

The Indian government has introduced several initiatives to assist students after the 10th grade. Among the prominent schemes are:

  1. National Scholarship Portal: This platform offers scholarships to economically disadvantaged students, enabling them to pursue further education.
  2. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana: Geared towards enhancing employability, this program offers vocational training to young individuals.
  3. National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme: This initiative provides apprenticeship training across diverse industries, enhancing skill sets and employment prospects.
  4. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana: Tailored for rural youth, this scheme provides training and placement opportunities, broadening their livelihood options.
  5. Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan: Aimed at elevating the standard of higher education, this scheme allocates funds to universities and colleges for quality enhancement.

Confused about which Course to choose after 10th?

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