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16 September,2021  |  By Brainwonders

Personality Test Banner Image

Whether you are doing an online personality test to seek out what resonates with you or to get what doesn’t, it’s an excellent assessment to understand what motivates you to travel forward. From the past 3.7 billion years, when humans first walked on the earth, to the present day, we remain a mystery. The Greeks were the primary ones to explore psychometric measurements. It had been done out of a search for self-analysis, which continues even today. 

The earliest sort of personality test emerged during the 18th century, which involved the measurement of bumps on the human skull. There was nobody to ask ‘what is personality test then, nor was any need felt for it. In fact, the objective form of personality assessments began as late as in the 20th century. 

What is personality test?

A test may be a tool that assesses your interests, skills, strengths, and weaknesses. It provides you insights into who you actually are and actualizes your plans with your preferences. It helps you study your dominant personality type, while also assessing which career options are going to be compatible thereto. 

While some people take up this test out of sheer amusement, the others roll in the hay out of utter seriousness. With reference to career planning, an online personality test can provide feedback on your innate strengths, and tell you how far they’re relevant in the competitive world. It also helps you discover what is going to be your reaction during a certain situation. 

How is career choice associated with an individual’s personality?

In a recent survey, it has been found that career choices are, indeed, associated with one’s personality traits. Individuals who do jobs connected with their personality are more likely to be productive than those who don't. This is often why big companies hire employees only after doing a Personality Assessment Test since it lets them know if the candidate is fit not only for the job, but also for the company’s culture.

With the emergence of technology, it's become easier to measure your personality from the comfort of your home. Among a myriad of options available for an online personality test, it often gets difficult to settle on one option. But, an efficient online personality test is one that aligns well together with your end goal. Different tests are helpful in several environments. 

An online personality test classifies personality into four basic types: 

1. Guardians


Guardians, as the name suggests, are the know-it-all. They're palpable and scheduled. They're known to do the ‘right’ things as and once they should. They follow a selected approach to drag and are deemed to be responsible and dedicated. They shine at organizing and facilitating tasks at hand. They create up around 45% of the entire global population and are among the most trustworthy people. They perform their job dutifully and can be counted upon. 

Famous people that slot in the Guardian Personality Type: 

• George Washington

• Mother Teresa

• William Howard Taft 

Best suitable careers for guardian personality type: 

  • Interior designers
  • Bookkeeper
  • Paralegal
  • Nutritionist
  • Administrative Assistant

2. Idealists


Idealist, as a temperament, is recognized by kind-heartedness, trustworthiness, creativity, open-mindedness and authenticity. They create up to around 15% of the entire population. Idealists are intuitive and seek innovation over job security. They like being in places that help them become the best versions of themselves. 

Career options for idealists: 

  • Acting
  • Filmmaking
  • Travel Blogging 
  • Lawyer
  • Scientists 

3. Rationals


Rationals constitute the smallest population of only about 10%. They're practical and stunning problem solvers. Rationals are decisive, strategic, calculative, and passionate in their work. They function consistently with the voice of reason as against emotions and values. 

The most relevant career options for rationals are: 

  • Accountant

  • Financial Advisor
  • Business Analyst
  • Computer programmers 

4. Artisans


Artisans possess an inherent ability to excel in arts. They're exceptionally good at exploring possibilities. Artisans are always hungry for adventure; they're creative and have an impulsive attitude towards life. They resist far-sightedness, obligations and confinements. They wish to live and relish in the present, for there's no tomorrow. 

The best career options for artisans are: 






Famous artisans include: 

• Ernest Hemingway

• Franklin D. Roosevelt

• John F. Kennedy



1. To know your strengths and weaknesses


Taking an online personality test enables you to find out about yourself and encourages self-awareness. It provides a deeper understanding of your reaction to certain situations. A web test does a SWOT analysis to spot your threats, weaknesses, strengths and opportunities and helps you to use your positive traits to your best advantage while overcoming the negative aspects effectively. This is often especially helpful once you are making a career choice since it helps you to shortlist the fields which can be right for you and cross off those which aren’t. 

2. To settle on the most suitable career option

A lot of folks don’t know what they want to become once they grow up. So as to make sure you land exactly where you would like to be, you would like great discernment of your abilities. Taking an online personality test helps you ascertain which areas you excel in, and be in line with the most appropriate job choices. This may prevent you from making miserable choices and having a meltdown later in life. 

3. Eradicates bias

One of the best benefits of online personality tests is that it eradicates partiality between potential candidates by effectively assessing them. It helps employers to understand whether an individual has the prerequisite skills required for a career or not. It provides transparent results to gauge them. 

4. Cost-effective

Online personality tests are economical and time-saving. While a standard pen-and-paper test may take up months to supply its full report, an online personality test can finish it within hours. 


Online personality tests are very useful due to their time-saving nature, cost-effectiveness, speedy results and efficacious assessment of strengths and weaknesses. 

Even though personality tests are different, and every online personality test is for a separate age bracket, learning that a specific trait is your strength will assist you to form informed career choices. 


• Be honest to yourself: While giving an online personality test, you shall bear in mind that your answers shall be accurate. You don’t need to second guess the solution. Also, there's no right or wrong in personality inventory tests. You ought to answer the questions carefully and respond in reference to your reaction in a working environment instead of taking it personally. 

Review the instructions carefully: Reading through the instructions is a crucial aspect of any test. Don’t assume that you simply know the paper pattern on the idea of practice tests. Every test contains a special structure. It’s sensible to counter check the answers at the top. 

• Don’t beat around the bush: 

As stated earlier, there's no right or wrong choice. You must answer honestly rather than meandering through options trying to work out the “ideal” alternative. Don’t game the test by choosing options that will present you as excellent in every field. Let your online personality test be a real measure of your persona and balanced strengths. 

We hope you found this post useful. If you aren’t yet sure of your personality type, you can determine it now: 

Personality Test

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