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Education Board: 5 Steps to Selecting the Right One!

25 May,2018  |  By Brainwonders

There are several education boards in India aiming to do that. Though the availability of quality education is being realized by all of them, all of them cater to the purpose in different manners. The Indian students are the future of the nation. And there is no debate about it. It is the education system that bears the major responsibility of shaping their potentials into Indian destiny.

The Psychometric, Aptitude and D.M.I.T. are often sought by parents to select the best academic grooming for their child. CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE/ IB and SSC are among the most discussed examination boards in parental circles.

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Thus, it is of paramount importance that the parents understand the right fit for their children while enrolling their child into a particular education board.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE): It covers a huge chunk of Indian schools and being a national board, it covers many areas of the country. It is continuously evolving and keeps innovating the curriculum.

The method is usually application-based with regular evaluations. As this board conducts, national level engineering and medical entrance exams (JEE and NEET respectively), it is often sought after by Science and Technology aspirants.

The syllabus till the 10th standard is comprehensive and is good for general awareness as well. This proves to be useful even for CAT, UPSC and NDA aspirants.

Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE/ ISC): This is a private and hence non-governmental board and also has a presence in most of the Indian subcontinent.

The board is very exhaustive and with a very detailed syllabus. They pay equal emphasis on science, humanities and literature up to a certain age post which the student can choose to pursue the subjects of his/ her interest.

English language and literature are always centric to an ICSE curriculum as it was developed keeping in the overseas education patterns in perspective.

International Baccalaureate (IGCSE/ IB): The board follows an international curriculum and is suitable for students who keep shifting to different parts of the world. Most of the associated schools have a very healthy student to teacher ratio which fosters the child’s personal growth.

It emphasizes the child exploring different areas including vocational subjects. Hence, the student is guided to learn in the most interactive way while working on different aspects like social skills, radical thinking and research.

It is the right choice for students seeking to pursue higher education and career abroad. It also guides the students for GRE, TOEFL and SAT.

State Board (SSC/ HSC): It is designed to cater to the state residents and offers courses in the respective regional languages as well. It always focuses on mentoring the child in a third language and hence most of the state board students are multilingual.

It keeps one grounded in the local culture and traditions and provides interaction with all social backgrounds. It is an excellent choice for those who want to pursue state-level government opportunities.

Thus, with so many options, the parents often wonder which board is the correct fit for their child. Though there are many Psychometric Tests like Aptitude, IQ and Interest, Brainwonders DMIT has been efficient that identifies intrinsic nature and matches it to the apt education board to nurture the genetic traits.

The U.S. patented DMIT by Brainwonders is the key that unleashes the intrinsic traits of the child and helps in opting for an education board that compliments the person’s unique inborn characteristics. The test and the following counselling session discusses the following aspects:

  • Personality: The student’s behavioural and thought functions.
  • Learning Style: The primary and secondary styles gives insight into the right teaching and study methods.
  • Brain Dominance: The creative or analytical approach to life.
  • Multiple Intelligence profile: Explores the ability across different skillsets and academic subjects to highlight the strengths and areas of development.
  • Career Introspection: The most suitable professional field that the child is naturally inclined towards.

Once the parent and the child are armed with the scientific, unique and unbiased report, the decision for the right education board is most appropriate keeping the child’s potential and the guidance that is required for further overall growth.

Brainwonders’ extensive connection with various educational institutes ensures expert guidance that empowers the child to realise their full potential.

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