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ET Business Leaders Conclave- Brainwonders Rises To Glory!

29 September,2023  |  By Brainwonders

ET Business Leaders Conclave

Brainwonders Founder and CEO- Mr Manish Naidu has made his mark again. The Economic Times has been known to celebrate the leaders heralding the growth of the Indian Economy. This time they honoured the contributions of various business professionals in the Indian sector. The ET Business Leaders Conclave 2019 Edition was conducted at the Sofitel Mumbai on 23rd October 2019 was the most recent event for the same.

The Economic Times is leading national daily with more than a billion subscribers relying on it for updates and counsel regarding the business industry, finance, market and consumer trends and everything that defines the global economy. In fact, various channels combined would not be able to stand to the coverage that Economic times has.

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The whole event was a grand saga of recognising and highlighting the contribution(s) of various emerging and established founders, directors and CEOs. Known personalities like Kabir Bedi and Dilip Tahil had graced the occasion as well. 

ET Business Leaders Conclave

Over the last 3 months, the ET Business Leaders Conclave 2019 Jury has meticulously shortlisted the nominations from 3700 applicants across 30 sectors. The process also involved vetting the industry profiles, personal interactions with business heads competitive analysis and panel discussions. It is no wonder that the dedication and deliberations were able to shortlist the list of final deserving awardees.

Mr Manish Naidu and his organisation- Brainwonders has done it again by winning recognition for his ‘Contribution and Excellence in the field of Career Counselling!’ Like the head on the largest assessment and counselling network with 108+ Global Centres- Brainwonders has shined again under the influential leadership of Mr Manish Naidu.

On various National Platforms, Mr Manish Naidu and his team have brought home laurels for being the most trusted, sought after, connected and innovative counselling organisation. The Brainwonders services have been hailed as utterly comprehensive as they cater to Biometric, Genetic, Psychometric assessments followed by intensive counselling and seminars.

Under the leadership of Mr Manish Naidu, Brainwonders has grown exponentially since its inception in 2011. Its strong and effective focus on franchise development and support is what was noted to be their biggest strength for rapid expansion- especially in the last 2 years. Apart from monetary effectiveness and largest client network which keeps growing,

Brainwonders has to lead the evergreen education sector on various fronts- making it an undoubted winner and ultimate champion to receive the prestigious award at the Economic Times Business Leaders Conclave. In a time when economic development is moving at a snail’s pace- Brainwonders shines as a beacon of monetary and human resource advancement.

At the Economic Times, Business Leaders Conclave- Brainwonders’ U.S. Patented DMIT’s popularity with 700+ schools, corporates and healthcare firms had a great impact and Mr Manish Naidu’s journey served as a source of information, insight and inspiration to many.

Several industrialists flocked towards Mr Manish Naidu seeking to foster an association with Brainwonders and Mr Manish Naidu himself at the Business Leaders Conclave. He was extremely humbled by such warmth and appreciation, resolving to continue raising the standard of education and administrative function by investing his resources in developing the children youth and adults- securing the future of the Indian Business and Economy ahead.

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