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Complete Details on How to Get Good Marks in the Exam

04 January,2024  |  By Brainwonders

how to get Good Marks in the Exam

Securing satisfactory grades in any examination is the primary aspiration of every student. Numerous factors require attention before any exam, whether it's a college entrance exam, a school-level test, a university-level assessment, or a job-oriented examination. The key is to approach the exam with confidence and a stress-free mindset. This blog post will explore various ways to achieve excellent marks in any examination.

How can I excel in my exams? This question often triggers your thoughts when an upcoming test is on the horizon. It's natural to feel anxious and seek simple strategies that can assist you in passing your exams. You have come to the right place if you are here to discover such a strategy. Succeeding in exams entails following a few straightforward yet effective steps. By applying them correctly, you can attain the best possible outcomes.

What does this post encompass?

We have compiled a concise guide containing all the essential information on achieving high exam scores.

Strategies for Achieving Good Exam

Results Obtaining a commendable exam score requires a well-structured study process and strategy; there are no shortcuts. This section will explore various approaches to achieving excellent exam marks. It is important to note that the perfect strategy may vary depending on an individual's personality, so creating a study plan that suits your needs is essential.

  1. Establish a Proper Schedule Creating a study schedule for the subjects and topics you need to cover for the exam is the initial step when seeking advice on how to achieve good marks. By listing the subjects and breaking them down into manageable topics, you can effectively cover the syllabus and have sufficient time for revision before the exam. A study schedule offers several advantages, including:
  • Allowing ample time to complete the syllabus, practice test papers, revise, and conduct self-assessments before the exam.
  • Enhancing understanding of challenging topics and helping grasp difficult concepts.
  1. Prioritize Time Management Creating a schedule alone is not enough; efficient time management is crucial for success. This step is the most important when it comes to learning how to achieve high grades in exams. Effective time management allows you to:
  • Plan study sessions of one to two hours each.
  • Incorporate breaks for rest and rejuvenation.
  • Strike a balance between daily activities and academic commitments to avoid last-minute exam stress.
  1. Identify Weak Areas To succeed in exams, it is essential to identify and work on areas of weakness. If, for example, you consistently procrastinate studying a difficult subject like Physics, it can lead to increased pressure as the exam approaches. Identifying your weak areas and focusing on improving them is crucial. Seek assistance from friends or teachers if needed.

  2. Create Study Notes Creating study notes is a valuable strategy for excelling in exams. It is recommended to make notes once you have a thorough understanding of a concept. Organizing your notes effectively helps summarize chapters or relevant topics, aiding retention of the information. Well-organized study notes make it difficult to forget key facts.

  3. Teach Others An effective and enjoyable study technique is explaining lessons to someone else. By adopting this approach, you can achieve good results in your exams. Whether it's a wall, a sibling, a family member, or a friend, teaching the subjects to someone else helps with revision and reinforces your understanding of the topics.

  4. Solve Sample Papers and Attempt Mock Exams Even if you perform well in exams, there is always room for improvement. It is important not to solely rely on your preparation but also engage in solving sample papers and attempting mock exams. These practice tests help you assess your knowledge and identify areas that require further attention.

  5. Identify Scoring Sections To achieve high grades, it is crucial to identify the sections of each subject that carry a higher weightage in exams. Performing well in these sections can significantly improve your overall exam percentage. While planning your study schedule, ensure you focus on scoring areas while not neglecting other sections.

  6. Regular Revision Consistent revision is a key component of achieving good marks in exams. Aim to complete the syllabus at least a month before the exam, allowing ample time for practice and revision during the final term. Regular revision helps reinforce concepts and ensures they are retained in your memory.

  7. Establish a Proper Study Space Maintaining an organized study area greatly aids exam preparation. Creating a focused and distraction-free study environment is essential for productive study sessions. Choose a room without distractions such as computers, televisions, or video games. A neat and organized study space contributes to effective studying.

  8. Utilize Textbooks While making notes and referring to additional resources is beneficial, textbooks should not be ignored. Textbooks contain valuable educational resources that are necessary for comprehensive learning and clear understanding of concepts. They provide explanations, examples, illustrations, photographs, and chapter-level tests to gauge understanding.


We trust that this blog will assist you in swiftly finding answers to the question of how to excel in tests. Voila! It only requires the correct implementation of incredibly simple procedures. You are now prepared to progress and achieve remarkable results! To avoid last-minute stress, it is advisable to commence your preparations several months before the exam.

We hope we have provided you with sufficient guidance! Do you still have questions? Why not connect with our industry experts? Yes, you heard it right! You can have your queries resolved by our Career counselors in just 60 seconds. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app now!

Brainwonders has assisted millions of young minds like yours in 9th class, 10th class, class 11, and class 12, helping them discover their true potential and stands ready to assist you too.

FAQs: Tips for Achieving Good Marks in Exams

Q1. How can I score 100 in all exams?

Ans: To achieve perfect scores, you must dedicate yourself to hard work, attentively focus on your studies, and employ effective learning strategies. Be optimistic about your potential for success and be prepared to overcome any obstacles that come your way.

Q2. What are some secret study tips?

Ans: Here are the top three study tricks:
Grasp the main idea initially, take comprehensive notes, and engage in frequent revision. By following these guidelines diligently, nothing can hinder your success in exams.

Q3. How can I study smart?
Start with smart study strategies, such as embracing technology-based learning, utilizing effective memorization techniques, and commencing your preparations several months ahead of the exam.

Q4. How do top performers study?

Ans: High-achieving students plan their notes, actively participate in class, and revise their materials to gain fresh perspectives. They also employ standard revision techniques to reinforce their knowledge.

Q5. Is studying at night beneficial?

Ans: Studying at night can be acceptable as long as it doesn't compromise your entire night's sleep. If studying during this time helps you concentrate better and recall the topics effectively, it can be a helpful practice. However, it's essential to maintain a healthy balance and prioritize sufficient rest.

Get the right Guidance to leap through your Career

Let the best team of psychologists and career counsellors help you achieve your dream career!

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