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India, Let’s get Coronavirus Ready!

15 October,2020  |  By Brainwonders

Coronavirus Ready

As the COVID-19 pandemic gains momentum, the government is taking several initiatives to sanitize the situation, but battling Coronavirus is our responsibility too. The least that we can do is cooperate. This is one of the scenarios where being home is a forced choice, but as the largest Counselling and Assessment company.

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU- Brainwonders team has put together a list of things to take care of to ensure your safety and simultaneous growth.

Top 10 things to take care of to ensure your safety and simultaneous growth :

  1. Cooperate with health and government regulations
  2. Keep yourself and your surroundings clean, follow the precautions
  3. Eat nutritious and properly cooked food
  4. Avoid outdoor activities, try home delivery for shopping requirements
  5. Be aware but only trust verified experts, all information may not be correct
  6. In case of any flu-like- health concerns, consult a medical professional immediately
  7. Here are certain genuine online resources to keep yourself smartly updated:
  8. Respect other people’s wish to maintain physical distance
  9. Be productive, being at home should not stop you from completing some responsibilities that do not require stepping out.
  10. Keep a cautious but happy attitude!

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Whether you are a parent, a student or a working professional- Brainwonders is taking measures to ensure that your growth keeps happening- safely! Here are the steps that Brainwonders is taking to ensure safety in such trying times

dmit test











Genetic Test (DMIT):

Every Brainwonders employee carries their own biometric scanner. It is sanitized before and after every use. Even the reports and counsellings are available in an online format - DMIT Test.

Psychometric Tests (IQ, Interest-Aptitude and Personality):

Brainwonders has a popular online psychometric test series which are accessible to all age groups right at their fingertips. One can just open their phone or laptop and take the test and use the report to shape their future.

Personal and Career Development Workshops

Apart from the online personal counselling sessions, Brainwonders has launched a webinar series targeting various aspects like parenting, making work from home efficient, career guidance, occupational preparation, child development and many more topics that are relevant right now. It will also include live interactions with expert psychologists and certified counsellors who will share recommendations that can be easily implemented in the current situation.

Remember that even though you are at home- life continues. You and your housemates may take some time to figure out a new home routine with each other so be considerate and it all will work out beautifully. Brainwonders experts are here to help you out with all your needs and care for your safety as much as you. Connect with us on call or email and rest assured that your child’s future is safe with us. 

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